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The Golden Knights Know What To Expect In Game 4 And They Believe They Know How They’ll Respond

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The Golden Knights have a second chance tonight to take a stranglehold on the Stanley Cup Final and defeat the Florida Panthers in their building. After a game in which Vegas felt they played well but just let it get away late, they are very confident in their ability to turn the page, wash away the thoughts of Game 3, and go out and win Game 4.

We’re really good at flipping the switch and getting ready for the next game, so today’s no different. We had a good day yesterday to regroup and then today we were able to look at some things technically and get our minds right. -Pietrangelo

As they have done all of the postseason when they’ve had a day in between road games, they took the day off from hitting the ice. No practice, no trip to FLA Live Arena, and very little focus on either what went wrong in Game 3 or what they need to do to correct it tonight.

Instead, the focus is on the bigger picture and remembering exactly why they are here and what they have a chance to accomplish.

We’re all acutely aware of what we’re playing for and I don’t think it’s a bad thing to feel like they need to discuss it. I’ve made my feelings known to make sure to remember what we’re playing for. Refocus on the long-term goal and then the next day it’s back to the short-term goal with a mentality of details and what it’s going to take to get there. -Cassidy

Having a host of players on the team that have been to the mountaintop helps in that aspect.

Having been here before the biggest thing for me is to not overthink it. Worry about the game when we get there tonight. You don’t want to sit there all day thinking about the game. -Pietrangelo

The Golden Knights have lost consecutive games just once this season, and they believe it’s because of their tremendous ability to refocus their energy and get back to the style of play they know has been successful thus far.

Tonight, in Game 4, they know what’s coming from the Panthers.

I expect that they’ll want to replicate the recipe they had in the 1st period trying to get on top of us and getting in on the forecheck. That’s with pressure, the D are up forcing us to make plays under duress and reloading hard. I thought we didn’t execute as well as we could have and maybe that’s from travel or the crowd or whatever but I expect us to pick up where we left off in the 2nd period and on. -Cassidy

Typically odd-numbered games are the swing games in a series, but tonight’s Game 4 will play a massive role in how everyone views the next three days. A 3-1 series lead will have thoughts and dreams of parades and winning at home running wild, a 2-2 tie would be completely different.


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  1. David Thew

    Just play disciplined hockey. Carrier needs to stop with the penalties. Focus! VGK can win, but they need to come out fast and hard. Stop playing catch up hockey.

  2. Anand

    But I’m gonna win, I’m gonna try
    I’ll never lose, I’ll never die
    You’ve seen me before, you’ll see me again
    I’ll never give up, I’ll never give in
    ‘Til I’m bloody and bruised
    ‘Til I’ve broken my bones
    ‘Til I won’t be abused
    ‘Til I’m laughing alone
    It’s hard to be charming and smart and disarming
    It’s hard to pretend you’re the best
    It’s hard to fulfill everyone’s expectations
    It’s hard to keep up with the rest
    But I’m gonna win, I’m gonna try
    I’ll never lose, I’ll never die
    You’ve seen me before, you’ll see me again
    I’ll never give up, I’ll never give in
    ‘Til I’m bloody and bruised
    ‘Til I’ve broken my bones
    ‘Til I won’t be abused
    ‘Til I’m laughing alone

  3. Tim

    We were 2 minutes from 3-0 now we lose tonight new series. We’ll see how bad the Knights want it.

  4. DeezNutz

    VGK has to win this game if they outplay the Panthers again. Can’t be losing another game you outplay your opponent like game 3. I’ll be OK with a Florida win if they flat out play better but that 6v5 play concerns me somebody needs to watch where Tkachuk is at all times don’t let him park out front of the net like last game that was brutal.

  5. Jailbird

    I feel confident about tonight’s game. I think we are simply the better team.

  6. David Thew

    I agree, JB. I too, have good thoughts about tonight. We just need to have a strong 1st Period. The 2nd Period we almost always own. The 3rd Period will be be played by the outcome if the 1st two. VGK needs a complete game. Need memories of another 6-0 like in Dallas.

  7. TS

    3-0, 2nd period– Vegas is starting to turn it on!!!!

  8. David Thew

    3-1 now. See wacha’ did, TS? Jinxed it.

    • TS

      Nope, I didn’t, David!! ( ok, i thought maybe i DID.. )YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHBHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  9. TS


  10. David Thew

    Close shave. For some strange reason, I think these 2 teams dislike each other???

    • TS

      Right?? Hill is a TOUGH GUY. Can’t recall many goalies who jump into the melee! Great motivation for the team

  11. David Thew

    Yeah, I remember when “Flowers” was our goalie and not afraid to throw down.

    • TS

      Fleury was feisty, too. Hill also has his considerable size to ” intimidate” players who venture into his space. Nice tool to have in the team toolbox!

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