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The Goalie Matchup Doesn’t Get Easier In Round Two

Expect the Golden Knights to have more Grade A chances this round, but getting them past the goalie isn’t going to be much easier. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It’s hard to face better goaltending than what the Golden Knights saw in the first round. Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick was in playoff mode from puck drop of Game One. Posting a 1.69 GAA, and allowing just seven goals in four games against Vegas, LA’s goaltender was remarkable. Next up the Golden Knights face Martin Jones. He may not have as recognizable a name as Quick, but he’s been right there with him all year long, and especially in the first round.

In the four postseason games each have played, Jones has nearly matched Marc-Andre Fleury’s numbers.

  • Fleury’s 2018 Playoff Stats
    • 4 GMs, 3 GA, 0.65 GAA, 127 SV, .977 SV%, 2 Shutouts
  • Jones’ 2018 Playoff Stats
    • 4 GMs, 4 GA, 1.00 GAA, 128 SV, .970 SV%, 1 Shutout

In his fourth postseason, Jones has 20 wins in 34 games started. In 2016, the Sharks goalie went on a tear in his first playoff as a starter. He led all goalies with 24 games started, 3 shut outs, and 631 saves.

The combination of Fleury’s experience and performance gives the slight edge to Golden Knights in net. However, scoring on Jones won’t be an easy task. In 34 postseason starts he’s only allowed 19 third period goals. In 44 games this season, Jones allowed three goals or less, but the Golden Knights have had his number. Jones allowed 11 goals on 99 shots in four games, good for a .856 SV%, and he was pulled in the 2nd period of the first ever matchup in Vegas.

Jones will have some pressure heading into the series with the Golden Knights. Over the summer San Jose extended the 28-year-old for six seasons with a $5.75M AAV, the same as Fleury’s annual salary. If the Sharks fail to advance skeptics will question if Jones is worth top dollar. Or maybe he’ll play great and lose like Quick did. At that point, critics can shut the hell up and finally tip their caps to the Golden Knights, but we all know, they probably won’t.


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  1. Brian


  2. Dan K

    Martin’s first round performance were his best 4 consecutive games of the year. Most inconsistent season since he joined the Sharks. My guess is he cools off. Aaron Dell has been a great backup this season, but has had some duds as well. I don’t see either of these guys shutting down the Knights as well as Quick did. They will get more offensive support though.

  3. Vic Telesino

    The secret is our guys need to put the puck between their legs before they shoot on Jones. That’s it.

  4. Jeff

    It gets easier trust me. I’ve been a Quick fan since he’s entered the league. I watched him have Jones and Bernier as back-up goal tenders. Neither one have the talent to steal games, series or Cups like Quick. We just saw Jonathon Quick at his very best. It doesn’t get any harder., and we were damn lucky to survive it because he’s the only reason it was so close. The Ducks are a beat-up team and San Jose exposed it. The Kings were the far superior of the remaining Pacific Division teams. The Sharks won’t just lay down but if Fleury plays as good as he did in the first round it will be a sweep.

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