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The Ever Shrinking VGK Draft Cupboard

The Golden Knights have spent the last seven years making massive trades to build their roster. They’re running out of runway to keep doing it though. Let me explain…


Report: Bruins Eyeing Goucher For Open Play-By-Play Position In Boston


Draft Pick Swap Between New York And Chicago Oddly Involves Vegas


  1. Alex going to prison so I’m ok with VGK being mediocre the next few years….their goalies stink…Thompson is like Lehner and Hill was a one hit wonder.

    • ThG

      you looking for new cell mate?

    • knights fan in minny

      he is not you’re a dumb fuck the sham conviction will be overturned in appeals court once again you come on here and show your 3rd grade education get back to your porch boy

    • knights fan in minny

      being cluless as always that’s were you shine dumb shit alex

  2. ThG

    Old Mother Hubbard
    Went to the cupboard,
    To give the poor dog a bone:
    When she came there,
    The cupboard was bare,
    And so the poor dog had none.

  3. ThG

    as long NHL hands out draft picks, the VGK will trade them

  4. Emmanuel

    VGK won a Cup……worth it. And the only valuble player lost? Suzuki, and hes a one way C.

  5. magat remover

    Conventional wisdom says there will be some lean times ahead, but championships are the goal and they’ve already got one. Plenty of teams that have been around decades can’t say that.

    But it’s the off-season and the Fat Orange Fuck is 34 for 34 so far, really killing it. Hey racist dipshit in minny and The precious Snowflake, how many bites of the shit sandwich do you need to take before you realize what you’re eating? Pathetic losers.


    • knights fan in minny

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    • knights fan in minny

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    • knights fan in minny

      another clueless moron

  6. So heres a crazy thought that came to mind today, but perhaps not so crazy!!

    In my mind, and perhaps others minds as well, there is 1 player hated and reviled above all others by VGK fans.

    I will give you a moment to ponder as to who it might be…

    The answer is to follow on the next post

  7. The answer is someone who is a long time NHL veteran.

    A guy that can fill the role ably as a 3rd line right wing.

    A guy that has well over 400 goals in his career.

    A guy that has never won a Cup.

    A guy who may be willing to accept way less money to realize there is one final attempt at hoisting the Cup.

    A guy who realizes that the way to attain it is to join an organization that is forever dedicated to winning the Cup.

    If you havent pieced it together as yet, his name is Joe Pavelski and he would be a perfect veteran piece added to OUR quest next season!!

    • ThG

      he’s PDB boy and will never let him go, he failed in last two weeks to do anything of much value, no?

    • JB

      He announced yesterday that he is retiring!

  8. knights fan in minny

    interesting larry

  9. ThG

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    • Alex

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      • knights fan in minny

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      • knights fan in minny

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    • knights fan in minny

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      • ThG

        I have no idea who Trump will pick, Pence turned out to be a traitor .
        I like the governor of South Dakota, or Tulsi Gabbard, or however you spell her name !

        • knights fan in minny

          i think noem is out tulsi would be good to

        • JB

          Pence did trumps bidding, in all ways for four years. Then he did his job as the law required and you call him a traitor? This is what convinced me you actually don’t believe what you are saying. Pence had no choice and I respect him for doing his job, by law, under the BS pressure from trump!

          • knights fan in minny

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          • knights fan in minny

            how come your dumbass joey is worried about the border now because election time is coming this administration is worthless

          • ThG

            the election was stolen, six state supreme courts in 2022 reversed the unconstitutional mail in ballot harvesting , Pence could have contested the election under the constitution. Why do you think Congress changed the provisions of VP duties? Connect the dots. There were so many irregularities and massive cheating by dems. In two blue counties they boards up the windows and threw out the GOP poll watchers. In another state they double counted ballots. In Clark County Joe Gloria set the signature verification on the machines so low anyone could sign the ballots. HE didn’t even re calibrate the machines, as required by law. When sued, he avoided a process server for months.

            In 2020 there were 133 million ‘eligible’ registered voters TWO WEEKS before the election. The election had 81 million “ballots’ for creepy Joe and 70 some million for winner Trump. That is over 150 million, TWENTY MILLION MORE than 2016 election. Anyone with a BRAIN knows the DEMS cheated massively, and they are going to cheat again. They cheated in PA, WI, GA, AZ, NV, and MI. Poll watchers documented the cheating. The courts refused to hear any of the evidence.

            STOLEN ELECTION – yes.

  10. I don’t usually weigh in on the politics side, though the travesty of Trumps trial being held in virulent nyc was ridiculously unfair, the polar opposite occurring for Hunter being tried in Joe!s hometown city of Wilmington, De.. WTF!!

    Anyway, my choice of his Veep is someone that would not jump off the page, though that person should.

    It’s a person that has bitter things to say about Trump, and of course Trump has said disparaging things about that person as well.

    Biden and Harris had many nasty things said to each other during the campaign but ‘made up’ unfortunately lol.

    Anyway, I think the perfect Vice Presidential candidate should be Nikki Haley as she still has a base of supporters out there that could spell the difference come November!

    And one final note about Pavelski, his saying he will retire is even more fuel in my mind a return could be made as he tries to attain a Cup.

    • knights fan in minny

      could trump and haley get along

    • ThG

      Haley is better suited going back to her position at UN, Trumpster already said he wasn’t going to pick her. WHo knows, he may change his mind. Trump is not a very politically astute individual, he seems to always pick the wrong people for certain positions. If he picks VANCE, he’d likely lose OHIO senate seat because in special elections DEMS cheat like hell.

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