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The Eichel Tower

On January 26th, 2016, Jack Eichel scored his second goal of the night in a game against the Ottawa Senators. Dan Dunleavy, the radio play-by-play announcer for the Sabres called the action by saying, “Jack Eichel’s second of the game, and the Eichel Tower has put the Buffalo Sabres on top 3-2.”

A 7-year-old Sabres fan from Nashville, TN heard who was watching that game heard the call, looked at his Dad, and said “we should build an Eichel Tower.” So, they did.

Every time Jack scored a goal, the father and son would take a puck and add it to a tower of pucks that became known as the Eichel Tower. The Tower began with just 15 pucks, one for every goal Eichel had scored to that point in his career. Six years later, the Tower has grown rapidly to 139 pucks.

The Tower has been featured on the local news in Buffalo, there have been videos made about it by the Sabres, and even the man himself, Jack Eichel, learned about its existence and the story behind it when he met C.J. Gworek just a year after the Eichel Tower came into existence.

For six years, C.J. and his father John have religiously kept building the Eichel Tower and simultaneously running a Twitter account (@EichelTower615) to document the progress.

Then… the trade. Eichel’s time in Buffalo had come to an end.

The Vegas Golden Knights acquired Jack Eichel and acquired the privilege of continuing the construction of the Eichel Tower.

The Tower was mailed to Las Vegas and the honor of adding the next puck will go to the 5-year-old son of a co-founder of this site, Jason Pothier Jr.

We have launched a new Twitter profile (@EichelTower702) to continue chronicling the Eichel Tower’s growth as Jack continues his career in Las Vegas. Please follow along as we continue a tradition six years and 139 goals in the making.

Let’s keep building!


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  1. THE hockey GOD

    we shall learn in playoffs is this play/trade was for damaged goods

    • THE hockey GOD

      that is Eichel Tower or House of cards.

    • We shall learn I think as early as the EDM/CGY road trip next week or COL/LAK at home the week after. I really doubt they will save him for the postseason. As far as any chance of damaged goods, highly unlikely. The vertebrae achieve a maximum bond to the AD six weeks after the procedure–we are at 12 weeks on Friday. He’s as good as new physically.

      • But he is a toxic presence in both the locker room and on the bench, full stop. A spoiled brat who was given everything, and never had to really earn it. Did he EARN the ‘C’ in Buffalo, no, he was given it, just like everything else. He would rather sniff coke and play Playstation than be in the weight room or working out. His attitude caused O’Reilly to lose his love for the game, and that same attitude will dog his entire career.

        • Pistol Pete

          I’m sure there are disgruntled Sabres fans who will never forgive Eichel for not submitting to the spinal fusion—him being the face of the franchise. Good thing he did his homework on it. Fusion would have been a really dumb move.

          • Pistol Pete

            Blessing in disguise for Jack the BUF FO was too dumb to see the light on the ADR. It enabled him to get away from a perennial loser of a franchise. Waste of talent being stuck like that.

          • Daryl

            You can’t really say the fission would have been dumb. Its a very successful surgery with better short term success than what Eichel had. Long term, Eichel made the right decision, but from a business aspect, you have to at least understand where Buffalo was coming from

        • Blitz

          In all fairness, VGK have been taking a shit on locker room feel since year one. Firing a well liked coach and trading away all the well liked charismatic players. Sounds like Eichel will fit in perfectly. High cost, has a big name, and ruins the locker room/bench….your golden knights.

          • Pistol Pete

            Don’t agree VGK has a shit room. Is that how they made the Conference Finals three of their four seasons? As perfect a fit as Gallant was to launch the team he really messed up game seven by not taking a time-out—how could he make that blunder? Then after struggling to make first place halfway through season three he relies on the team to guide themselves forward. That resulted in four consecutive losses, the first three at home. A change was needed. Astute move by the FO—bring in someone more analytical and systems oriented.

          • THE hockey GOD

            really? Players say otherwise

            Jesse Granger
            Jan 31
            Brayden McNabb on signing his extension-

            “Being an original Misfit this organization means a lot to me. I’m happy to be sticking around. Deep down I felt like I knew I was going to be here (long term).”

            Jesse Granger
            Jan 31
            Michael Amadio on what he likes most about Las Vegas after signing an extension-

            “What’s not to like? The city is great. The weather is great. The group of guys in the locker room are great.”

            Don’t believe the media mob moes, it’ll make your hair fall out.

        • Steve street

          you are so far from the truth it’s actually funny. you sound like a jealous person who never got to be anyone but a big mouth moron. this kid plays his heart out he was working out 2 days after his surgery he carried a team in buffalo with hardly any support. reading stupid comments from people like you really makes you think of the person who made them and just feel sorry for that person. dog his career? don’t make me laugh. until you walk in someone else’s shoes maybe you should stick to playing hockey on your playstation.

          • Daryl

            There have been a few report on Eichel and his lockeroom issues. I don’t know if I really believe all them but there is some questioning to be made. It could have been he just didn’t fit in or had personality conflicts.

            As for interviewing players who just signed extentions, what do you expect them to say. I never understood why reporters would ever ask a player a question like that. Like they will ever say, I just signed an extention with the worst team in the league, but he I’m getting paid!!

    • Jeb

      wait what

  2. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    Pete DeBoer- “Nic Hague will be a game time decision, and obviously we’ve got three young guys (Miromanov, Korczak & Pachal). There’s a good chance one will play. There’s a chance two will play.”

    Probably not the Russian

  3. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    Jan 31
    Pete DeBoer on the All-Star game: “I love that we’re including the female pro players in some of these events, because in my mind there’s no bigger area for growth than on the female side of things.”

    Identity politics, BS.

    • Daryl

      I’m calling it right now, a female skater will skate the fastest and have the fastest shot

  4. Vic

    Good story, Ken. Let’s hope Jason Jr. needs to rent a storage facility to house all the future pucks for the tower.

  5. knights fan in minny

    why is roy not on the first line for chandler patrick does nothing

    • THE hockey GOD

      because Roy is doing fine just where he is now

    • Blitz

      I disagree. Patrick is getting an opportunity to play with elite guys. That is how you decide if they are worth it in your org. Look at Stephenson. Everyone was surprised when he got L1 time, everyone was crying he is a L3 center. Now people want to keep him with Stone and put Eichel elsewhere, which I can agree with in theory. Anyway, Roy showed that he can be hit or miss up and down the line up (better this year as a whole). Patrick was doing good things last week on the bottom lines, he has a high ceiling, give him a chance to prove it. If he doesn’t he won’t be around, like Kolesar (wait bad example).

      • Pistol Pete

        What about Howden? He’s shaping up to be as good as Roy.

        • Daryl

          So, who do you play, Roy or Howden? Only room for 1 of them. Do you use one for a trade?

      • Shadow James

        I like the idea of Chandler staying on the first line but Eichel won’t tolerate third and if you mess with that second line this town will crucify you

  6. Ken – one of the better articles you have written and very cool for a young kid to do something like the Eichel Tower. A great gesture by the knights would be, when Eichel finally hits the ice at play-off time, a reward trip to the youngster CJ who started it all. It is amazing even a refreshing article like this brings out the negative BS from some of the posters – actually very sad state of affairs.

  7. I was against the trade, but now that it is done we can only hope that this CAP HELL will bring a Cup to the Strip. If not, then it all likely starts to fall apart next season.

    I am happy that Eichel has been skating, but he hasn’t taken a bone rattling hit yet. He will, and when he does the entire VGK fan base will be praying that he gets back up on his skates and continues to play.

    That first big bone smashing hit will be the test.

    • Pistol Pete

      It’s my understanding the AD is no more vulnerable to a big hit than a natural disc. The disc became herniated over time after being chronically inflamed. Apparently he was hit at least once before the hit that caused it to herniate. Hopefully he knows how those hits happened and can avoid them going forward. The I would not rule out the possibility of a recurring injury—anything is possible. We’re that to happen, fusion would be the only remedy per his surgeon.

  8. Pistol Pete

    I refuse to give in to the ESPN+ model. Not just to read their articles but watch games. BS revenue model—as if ESPN is not already profitable.

  9. Just a question did any of you posters read the article as all posts would suggest you did not. In case you missed it which I would humbly suggest is the case It’s about a youngster who decided to follow a player of a different team than where he lives but his dad had lived in Buffalo. There is only one post that addressed that – no wonder you all argue with one another about the price of wheat in China versus addressing what is written to engage you all in the happening of the knights. Remind me to never ask you the time as I already know how the clock was built and works. The kid was 6 I would think you would know better. Hats off to his parents the world needs more like them especially in this country.

  10. Tim

    McNabb signing must have been a real letdown for the Silver Knights. Basically the Golden Knights defense is set for the next 3 years which leaves little opportunity for the kids. Petro, Theadore, Martinez, McNabb, Hague, Coghlan, Whitecloud are all signed for at least 3 more years except Hague which I’m sure they will sign soon. Next year do they sign Hutton or bring up a kid I hope for the latter.
    On offense if Patrick and Howden work out we get younger but again it doesn’t give a lot of opportunity for the Silver Knights. I think Jonas Rondbyerg is the next man up and will probably make the team next year.

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