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The Eichel To Vegas Rumor Train Keeps Chugging

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The Jack Eichel to Vegas rumors may have quieted down since training camp but new television partner ESPN continues to stoke the fire. The Worldwide Leader’s NHL play-by-play announcer John Buccigross mentioned Eichel on Tuesday’s opening night broadcast of the Golden Knights and Seattle Kraken. Buccigross doubled down on his comments yesterday on ESPN’s The Point.

I think Pat Brisson is going to make this happen. I just look at Vegas with Alex Tuch who’s injured, he was a big prospect, he makes some good money. They need to match up because of their cap. I just see Vegas. -John Buccigross, ESPN’s The Point

The Cawlidge Hockey enthusiast discussed the current status of the Sabres disgruntled star with NHL reporter Emily Kaplan. From the sounds of it, Buffalo may have come close to an agreement with one of the handful of suitors.

Behind the scenes the NHL and the NHLPA have intervened, they don’t like this stalemate. Jack Eichel is now sharing his medical records with teams, and I was told as of Thursday there was serious optimism that a trade was imminent. Everyone felt really good about it, they thought it was going to happen. Then on Friday things went quiet.-Emily Kaplan, ESPN NHL reporter

There are several reasons to believe that the Golden Knights are one of the teams still in on the Jack Eichel sweepstakes. Vegas’ front office is habitually aggressive and has reportedly been interested in almost every available stud since 2018. The biggest motivation to acquire Eichel is his unique talent and ability to elevate Vegas enough to lift the Stanley Cup.

There are five teams still in on Jack Eichel. Those are teams that believe they can fit his $10M salary into their cap situation, maybe that means moving some contracts or whatever. All of those teams have agreed Jack Eichel will get the disc replacement surgery he wants. -Kaplan, ESPN

Adding the 24-year-old to the current Golden Knights roster would reasonably make them the favorite to win the Cup for several years, something Kaplan has mentioned on the show in the past.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek also discussed Vegas’ interest in Eichel on their latest episode of 32 Thoughts podcast. Friedman found it difficult to believe the Golden Knights could wiggle enough cap room to make a deal with Buffalo. Of course, unexpected injuries could create a narrow path.

We all sit here and wonder, what are they going to do down the middle? Buffalo has said unless Krebs is in the deal we’re not really interested in doing this. Vegas is a threat, they’re a Stanley Cup champion contender. -Elliotte Friedman, 32 Thoughts Podcast

Back to ESPN, Buccigross agrees with Friedman that Eichel addresses Vegas’ weakest position.

That’s what they need Barry, to plug that 26-year-old guy right in the middle of that lineup. They don’t want too young and they don’t want to old because they have enough 30-year-olds as it is. -Buccigross, ESPN

Legendary flowmaster and hockey analyst Barry Melrose chimed in to give his take on the swirling Eichel to Vegas tittle-tattle. In the end, Melrose might be making the most sense.

They can’t have everybody. -Barry Melrose, ESPN NHL Analyst

It’s hard anticipating what happens in the foreseeable future but consider the Golden Knights one of the five teams in the mix for Eichel. It will be tough to maneuver but ESPN would like it to happen.




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  1. Gary J Potter

    I appreciate the follow-up

  2. Daryl

    VGK needs to do something so why not

  3. Herby

    Team beats Talent!

    VGK did trade Team for Talent and seem to continue to go down this path.

    • Herby – interesting comment, Teams win the SC not individuals. I am certain you know the definition of insanity other wise you would never have posted as you did. Year one did so well because it was a Team not two or three overpaid superstars. The current roster lacks the intensity to go all the way and adding additional damaged goods is not the answer as that won’t change the attitude necessary across the board to achieve what they are after.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Too late. VGK FO threw the baby out with the bath water already. VGK will remain competitive but it doesn’t have the team unity or coaching that took it to the Cup Finals in year 1.

        It will take a long time to get that back, possibly after a tear down and a complete rebuild, which could take a decade.

  4. LVsc

    if it is a Stone deal, then yes

    they gave up very little for Stone. Brannstrom is too small, he has had numerous callups and send downs in Ott, and watching him play it is obvious that he will never be good in his own zone, and Chabot is the PP point man, so Brannstrom has no role but a limited one on the 3rd pair and the 2nd PP unit
    they also gave them a 2nd round pick, not a first

    so yeah, give them Patrick, who was a first rounder, second overall pick…give them a small d prospect like Cormier or similar…and give them a ’22 first round pick to clinch the deal, and then add Dadonov to make the cap hits work, both in Vegas AND in Buffalo, who would need a big contract in return to get them back over the cap floor

    keep Tuch, Krebs, Brisson… etc etc

    the biggest problem would be the injury to Eichel, the surgery, and the several months before he can play, and the team floundering in the interim while Tuch and Eichel, and possibly Stone too, are out

    I doubt that Buffalo will accept my deal, but woe to any team that gives up top talent like Zegras and Drysdale etc for an injured player

  5. THE hockey GOD

    VGK does not have enough assets to match what sabers want.

    They will not give up Krebs, sorry no story here.

    I will eat my hat if they trade for damaged goods.

    • John W

      Look Doctor – Please offer a better reason to not try to acquire a top 5 center than “damaged goods”. Is Tuch damaged goods now? Krebs suffered a serious Achilles injury, yet we won’t part with him under any circumstance? By your definition, he must be damaged goods also.

      Two of the Knights Team doctors are my personal physicians. They are top professionals. Do you really think that The FO would make an Eichel deal without the sound advice of top Medical specialists? Why would so many other teams be looking at “damaged goods”?

      Trading for Eichel is far more risky in regards to what we would give up in assets, as opposed to his medical issues.

      Finally, as of now do we know the status of Stone’s injury? I would think being able to put his 9 plus million on LTIR might make an Eichel trade MORE likely.

    • Tim

      THG do you prefer mustard or ketchup with your hat? I told you so panic has set in and your a movie guy like me and an old movie ( Go For Broke ) is a fitting title for the situation.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Rare, but we are in agreement. You do not give up a young star with so much upside potential like Krebs, which is likely a must have for Buffalo.

      But, with this FO, I could see them making the mistake.

  6. I would think by now Vegas has learned a lesson or two – send us you injured, weak, and unhealthy players we will provide a great contract and money for retirement- that plan is not working except for the recipients. Foley didn’t accumulate his money by surrounding himself with the current jokers running the show and think they will soon be looking for employment to ruin another team. They need another liability like they need another hole in the head

  7. Richard Santomauro

    I have been firmly against this move, but hell why not? With the injuries and the lack of power play and offense so far, it just makes sense to roll the dice on Eichel.

    The question is how to get it done.

    Personally, you retain the services of Alex Tuch. He’s young and has a lot of upside. Reilly Smith will be UFA and he makes a lot of sense.

    The next game will be very interesting!

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