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The Domain Name Game, What’s The Deal With

Team names might be the favorite topic of readers, which is why we bring you jersey concepts, polls, podcasts, and much more all in relation to the possible team team of the first ever major professional in the city of Las Vegas.

It’s almost certain when the NHL awards The Creator his franchise he’ll announce shortly thereafter the name of the team will be the Black Knights, Silver Knights or just Knights.

But that hasn’t stopped the world from buying up domain names and attempting to make a quick buck. Recently the domain name was brought to our attention. Mainly because of this, but also because of where that domain forwards to currently. Look familiar?

No, we are not the owners of and no we are not the ones behind the eBay listing. So, we reached out to those who are and got quite the interesting response in return.

My wife and I have owned for a while now. We are aware of the situation out there and decided to offer the name for sale. We received plenty of offers from what appeared at first to be based on speculation then turned very serious. Yes we did receive a nice offer from a team or should I say potential team.

Was it The Creator and his “potential team?” We asked, and were met with actual laughter on the phone followed by an “absolutely not.”

In the past domain names have come up and Foley’s has even said it’s one of his biggest regrets. But I’ll have to side with the team on this one and say, they aren’t paying $150,000+ for a domain name when they haven’t yet been awarded a team officially.

What does this all mean? I have no idea. But the story about sparked my interest. We currently own after it was gifted to us early on in the website’s existence (we are willing to sell it for a home sweater, a T-Shirt, and 2 beers.)

If you own a domain name that could possibly be related to the team, let us know, maybe there is more to this story.


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  1. Jeff

    I could be wrong but I could swear there’s a law now for selling domain names for big profits?

  2. Vincent

    The law that dis-allowed capitalism was called communism.

    I do not think people realize how many millions of dollars are spent each week by businesses buying domain names.

    Take the $150,000 for example, seems like a lot of money but it is a steal. If several hundred people a day visited and a percentage each day bought merchandise (Jerseys, Hates etc) the ROI of $150,000 would be recouped in days if not a few short weeks. No physical brick and mortar store needed, several employee’s, manager’s, electric bills, insurance etc. Just a cash machine that thousands of people a year type in naturally, heck no advertisement even needed.

    $150,000 seems like a lot of money but when it naturally (that is key) brings you millions and million a year in profit…it’s cheap.

    Some businesses are smart enough to realize dot com dies that for them, others buy a crappy extension, get no natural traffic, spend continuous funds on advertising and fall short only to buy the dot com after.

  3. Jeff

    It was actually a poorly worded joke based on his “we are willing to sell it for a home sweater, a T-Shirt, and 2 beers” comment…..

    I actually own like 50 domain names…

  4. Vincent

    Oh ok lol

    Well this is no fun, no fight to be had 😉

  5. Shaun

    Am I the only one that will be VERY disappointed if the team name is not, The Nevada, (insert name here) instead of The Las Vegas, (insert name here)?

    As the first major league team in Nevada it seams only appropriate the team be representant of the state, not just one city. As someone born and raised in Nevada, that has lived in the north, south and central part of the state (currently living in Las Vegas), I identify myself as a Nevadan and would certainly hope that our first major league team be a team for the state, not just Las Vegas.

  6. TG

    @Shaun, I think you are lol It should be and will be Las Vegas, jmo.

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