Everyone who lives in Las Vegas understands the points The Creator made at the recent Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance dinner, but it’s appears the NHL still needs some convincing.

Every day we’re trying to do something to influence the league to make sure they know how serious Las Vegas is about having hockey. -Bill Foley

I wonder what more they need to see? But it is interesting that the league is actively looking into the Vegas application. They seem to want to know more about the actual city, and not the city that the rest of the world knows.

This is excellent news as the more they learn about the real Las Vegas, the more they’ll learn that what The Creator says is not just rhetoric, but it’s real.

Foley called Las Vegas a “no-brainer” for businesses looking to develop, citing health facilities like the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health and especially what he believes is an increased focus on education. – Taylor Bern, LV Sun

It’s not just the ridiculously cool melted building that the Cleveland Clinic calls home, it’s the reinvigoration of downtown, the growth of Henderson, Summerlin, and even North Vegas. This city is thriving from a business standpoint. Whether it’s the Downtown Summerlin Mall, the Pawn Plaza, or Container Park, Vegas is not just for tourists. Companies are investing big bucks in massive projects all over the valley.

It’s time we get something to show off our pride.

Hockey will change the mindset of Las Vegas. It’s a great city. It has terrific restaurants and terrific entertainment, but why don’t we give it something else to really be proud of, like a professional sports franchise. – Bill Foley

It’s a weird thought, but it really is the next step in the growth of a city. Professional sports bring people together, they create a community, and they give a certainly sense of legitimacy to a city.

We want this team. 13,500+ have already proved it, and there are hundreds of thousands more that either know it, or haven’t figured it out yet… but they will.

“We have deposits for a team that doesn’t exist for an arena that is not yet built. That’s when it all started coming together.” -Bill Foley

But The Creator is not just thinking about Las Vegas, he’s trying to focus the eyes of the NHL on something even larger.

It’s going to be talked about in China, Russia, everywhere across the world. That was a message that really resonated.” – Bill Foley

That impact cannot be understated. Just as the impact of the sportsbooks that we pointed out on this site earlier.

The Creator is doing all he can. The city has done all we can. It’s time NHL. Make the announcement and as we say on Twitter, #GiveUsOurDamnTeam.