As part of a year in review series looking back at the year that was in the NHL, our favorite Wyshynski, Greg Wyshynski, released his list of the Top 10 Hockey People of 2015. The list is a look at the ten most influential people off the ice this year in hockey. Coming in at #6, there’s a very familiar face to us here at

The billionaire had guided Las Vegas to the precipice of landing an NHL expansion team by doing some heavy lifting: Convincing the Board of Governors that Vegas won’t be a mistake in the desert. That included the 14,000 season ticket deposits he landed without having to tap the rich vein of the casino industry. – Greg Wyshynski

We’ll take it, but number six? Shouldn’t one of the greatest men in the history of the planet be number one?

Alright fine, Dan Carrillo, Dani Rylan, and Bryan Murray are all pretty good candidates.

Maybe next year when Gary Bettman and the NHL finally make the announcement, The Creator will take his rightful spot atop the list, like he should be on any Top 10 list about anything.

Vegas, at the moment, seems like a safe bet for an NHL team. And when the Black Knights hit the ice, Foley’s the reason they’re there.

Giddy up! But we really do still prefer Rat Pack.