For the first time in a while The Creator spoke about where we stand in the expansion process as well as shedding some light on the latest season ticket deposit numbers. He sat down in an exclusive interview with News 3’s Amber Dixon on Sports Night.

I’m just trying to be patient, be responsive. We’ve given them all the information that they need in terms of vetting me as a potential owner. – The Creator

He also explained the process of how he gets his information from the league.

I really don’t talk to much of anybody. I talk to the commissioner periodically he updates me with kind of nondescript conversations. More in terms of ‘Bill you are doing great. Everything looks good, we are moving forward, but we have nothing more to tell you at this time.’

With the delay, one thing we’ve all been wondering is how many people have asked for their money back and the number is surprisingly low.

We’re over 14,000 tickets sold. The entire upper bowl is sold. We’ve only had 50 refunds.

The Creator also reiterated that we would really like to get the final announcement before June.

Finally, Amber forced the issue a bit in terms of his confidence.

On a 1-10 scale, 10 being the most confident. How confident are you that we’ll be get a team here?


Love. It.

Here’s the link to the entire interview. We will have much more on The Creator’s comments as the week rolls on.