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The Creator Gives A Rough Guide Of What VGK’s February Schedule Will Look Like

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Like every team in the NHL this season, the Golden Knights have had a number of games postponed due to the ongoing/never-ending pandemic. Luckily, Vegas is in a much better spot than most teams in this regard, needing just four games to be placed back on the schedule.

The Golden Knights were supposed to be in Calgary tonight and were scheduled to play in Edmonton last night as part of an All Alberta road back-to-back. Also, in late December, Vegas lost a pair of home games when the December 23rd game against the Kings and the December 27th matchup with Avalanche were wiped out.

NHL discussions have indicated that these games, along with most of the other postponed ones around the league, will be rescheduled during the month of February that was previously left vacant for the Olympics. With NHL and AHL players no longer going to Beijing, there are three full weeks to squeeze in these makeup games.

I believe we are going to play seven total games in February, might be eight. -The Creator

The current schedule calls for a home game against Buffalo on February 1st and then a home/road back-to-back in Arizona and against Colorado to end the month of February 25th and 26th. Assuming the four games are rescheduled, that would make for seven. However, the mention of eight leaves room for the possibility that another game from later in the season is moved up as the league rearranges the schedules for the teams needing to make up north of 10 games.

Seven games in February would be the lightest month in the Golden Knights’ five year history. They played 10 in in February last year and played at least 13 each of their first three seasons. It’s not all great news though.

Unfortunately we have two back-to-backs, because the league commands we do. We’ve gone back and we’ve tried to get some things adjusted because unfortunately we play a back-to-back then skip a day then play a game and then we have something like seven or eight days off. -The Creator

He wouldn’t give us the exact dates as they are still being finalized, but did give out a few hints.

When you come back from the All Star break you are not supposed to play on the Sunday. So you can practice on Monday but we actually have to travel for two back-to-back road games. -The Creator

This means the Golden Knights are likely headed to Alberta on February 8th and 9th to play the Oilers and Flames. The earlier comment seems to indicate that there would be a home game on the 11th (LAK or COL) and then the Golden Knights would be off most of the week before returning to action with the other home game on the 19th or 20th.

The month would wrap up with the ARI/COL back-to-back on the 25th and 26th with the possibility of another game being snuck in at some point during the month.


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  1. Back-to- back games are rough, to be sure. At this point in the season, I feel less is best. Less games with time gaps in between could give the team much-needed rest and injury recovery. We need it!


      Yeah all these extra inning games are tiresome…and my cable always cuts away and I always miss the fourth period!

      Go LVGK!

  2. sb

    This break is favorable considering the injuries. Great luck to not have to play Edmonton and Calgary this weekend.

  3. Does anyone think DeBoer, who has coached him, will consider bringing Kane in? He’s even a guy who could replace Smith (if they choose to trade him) on the Misfits line, his 200 ft. game notwithstanding. Kane is big and can score goals. Eichel also played on the Sabres with him, not sure how often on the same line.

    • God, I hope not!!! Kane and Thornton were the ugly faces of the Sharks…NOT a good look for the VGK. BAD FIT.

    • PP – just an observation but replacing Smith is not as easy as you suggest. KANE the last thing the knights need is another problem they have a drawer full now. It is really unfortunate for him he is such a bad apple in one way or another. We don’t need anymore rejects.

  4. THE hockey GOD

    LA Kings AHL Affiliate Ontario Reign dominate VGK’s HSK in back to back blow outs in recent Saturday and Friday games.

    – both games were 5-2
    – Thompson was pulled in last nite’s game after four unanswered goals were scored and “timely saves” eluded him. Patera started Friday’s game.
    – HSK emulate VGK last game performance against Toronto allowing Reign players time to set up camp, eat lunch, drink beer in front of their own net leaving Thompson with little chance to provide “timely saves”.
    – LA Kings prospects out play VGK prospects.
    – positive sign for HSK is continued scoring of Russians and play of
    no. 15 and no., 46
    – Adam Brooks still feeling effects of covid or whatever he had in his fourth conditioning game. Not dominating play as an NHL should in AHL.

    So the question was did Thompson play like RL in last game, or did HSK play like VGK did in last game. Or was it a combination of both? It really doesn’t matter. Fixes needed all around.


  5. THE hockey GOD

    Elvenes is on the Duck’s AHL affiliate the San Diego Gulls and has played for that team recently. So I guess the “going back to Sweden” was misdirection. Searching for official reason on why VGK let him go. Was it numbers game or did they give up on him ? Or did he break some hidden rule ?

  6. Tim

    I guess Logan Thompson may not be ready for prime time. My man Pavel D. scores again leading the team but can’t get a cameo appearance with the Golden Knights. They obviously don’t want to rush him but he has earned a shot but they know his limitations better then we do. Elvenes I think hit a wall and it was time for a change I can see that happening with Jack Dugan after this year he just doesn’t seem to have it. As the saying goes you win some you lose some and some are rained out.

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