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The Creator Explains The Delay In Announcing Plans To Take Care Of T-Mobile Arena Employees

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Yesterday the Golden Knights became the 31st team in the NHL to commit to paying arena employees for missed games due to the pause in the season.

The Golden Knights organization, players and Vegas Golden Knights Foundation will combine resources and planning to support those employees who may miss shifts due to the pause in the NHL season and pledge a minimum of $500,000 to these efforts. Leading the player contributions is goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury,who has committed to donating $100,000. -Golden Knights press release

Previously, every other team had made an announcement except the Golden Knights. In a pair of interviews with Vegas Hockey Hotline and JT The Brick, the Creator explained exactly why it took a bit longer for his team to make their announcement.

We wanted to be very specific about what we were doing. A lot of clubs made kind of a general statement. What I personally wanted to do was to make sure we get the money to the people who need it. We’re actually distributing it to the people who work, directly. That way we know they are going to get it. -The Creator on Vegas Hockey Hotline

We wanted to make sure we dealt with this ourselves, directly with the individuals that are working, to get the money from us. We don’t want it going through a third party. We’re making the decision. We know who the people are, we’re just getting our list together. -The Creator on Fox Sports Radio with JT The Brick

The tricky part in the Golden Knights situation is that employees at T-Mobile Arena work for a variety of employers. Many work for MGM. Others work for Levy, the company that handles food and beverage in the arena. Ushers work for a company called WeServe, and there are a few other third party companies involved as well.

So, The Creator says he wanted to take the middlemen out of the process to avoid any situations where the money would be dealt with in an unsavory manner.

That way we know they are going to get it. We know that a company that it goes through is not going to put some of it in a trust fund, they’re not going to charge overhead, they are not going to charge a profit, that we get this money to the people. -The Creator on Vegas Hockey Hotline

The next step, The Creator says, is to wait and see exactly how the league proceeds.

First, we’ll see if the games are actually canceled. If they get played, obviously people will be working… and we’ll know sometime in the next 30 to 45 days what the schedule is going to be. -The Creator on Fox Sports Radio with JT The Brick

Throughout both radio conversations, there was an air of optimism in The Creator’s voice. He truly seems to believe that the league will return, the playoffs will be played, and the Stanley Cup will be awarded.

I know the commissioner is completely dedicated to having a Stanley Cup playoff series in one form or another. If we can get to the point where we can have playoff series, even if some of them are not in front of fans, I’d have to be in favor of it. Let’s get on with it. -The Creator on Vegas Hockey Hotline

And he believes if and when this does happen, his team is in a great spot to win the Cup.

I’m not going to say we have the best team in the NHL, but I believe we have the most dangerous team in the NHL. -The Creator on Fox Sports Radio with JT The Brick


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  1. Unimpressed

    A little late on the gun , and 20% of this on Flower?.
    Mr. Foley you are worth Billions. The community gave you the Knights success. Are you worried they will never come back to an 18,000 seat pitre dish?

    • RJ

      Agreed. Foley, sorry, the CREATOR (cringe), seems happy to take the credit for this, but I am not seeing anywhere exactly how much personal investment he himself is making. This is the bare minimum, at best.

  2. Unimpressed not sure you have the math correct Golden knights half a million , Flower an additional 100000. Reading the article not quite sure who and how money will be distributed but can’t imagine anyone being unhappy to receive whatever. Your attitude is pretty pathetic. Give credit where credit is do they come have done nothing are you stepping up and helping out? Foley had the $$$$ to bring a hockey team to Vegas so what’s your problem.

  3. Roberta kendall

    Flower coming up with 100,000 what about the other players. Any word

  4. EK

    Anyone criticizing Foley or the organization for this……..why don’t you step up and make a donation and organize a fundraiser and take care of all these workers instead of sitting in your recliners spewing your advice. Good grief. I knew we had a huge contingency of armchair coaches and GM’s in this fan base, now we have armchair Billionaire owners as well. Aren’t we lucky?

  5. VGH Fan in MN

    Every team at every level uses 3rd party vendors. That’s not a valid excuse. He’s trying to take credit for being the last one in line. Pathetic response.

    • VGK Shippy

      What does it matter whether they’re the first or the last. They’re doing it which is great and people acting like NHL has been on pause for months. It has been little over a week for Christs sake.

  6. vincent

    VGK should step up I work for levy( food&beverage),Flower steps up and is will to give 100,000.00 to help out us workers and then another 400,000.00 wants to follow ,great.please don’t embarrass yourself VGK. with your fans some of you guys won’t even be playing your passion.SHAME I should put this on the RANT.

  7. Michelle Knight

    I work for weserve inc. We are the ushers and ticket takers. Everyone has a family to take care of we of course will be very appreciative of any donation VGK or its players donate. They are not required to do this and in these times we are very lucky they are willing to do so..I think we have a wonderful hockey team. Go knights Go!

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