We’ve been hoping that this would be the case, but now, in a radio interview here in Vegas, The Creator has said that he’s expecting to be awarded a team at the next Board of Governors meeting.

I have to say, I love the confidence, but I can’t say I share it with The Creator. The NHL has been pussyfooting (can I say that?) around with this process and there’s no reason to believe that will change come December 7th.

If you want an NHL team, you’ve got to follow the rules. If you start acting cocky or overconfident, you’re likely shooting yourself in the foot. –David Pagnotta

Let’s hope this is not the case.

There’s not a person in the valley that has anything negative to say about The Creator’s tactics in trying to bring a team here. If the reason we don’t get a team is because of his overconfidence, then shame on the NHL. But Gary Bettman is a funny little man and there’s really no telling what may or may not tick him off. Pagnotta added this interesting quote on Twitter as well.

In the end though, it will almost certainly come down to one very simply concept. $$$.

If that is indeed the case, then maybe December 7th is the day.


**If anyone has a link to the audio (I think it was on Sportsbook Radio w/ Brian Blessing) please let us know so we can link it**