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The Creator And McNabb Talk Golf With Sirius PGA Radio

Neal might be better at golf than he is hockey, and he’s pretty good at hockey. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

As they await their next destination, the Vegas media tour continues. This time, legendary PGA golfer Fred Couples chatted with two of the Golden Knights biggest contributors.

I went to George and I said, ‘George are you going to grow a beard?’ He said, ‘You know I’ve seen a lot of coaches grow a beard and they lose the first two games. That beard comes right off.’ -The Creator on Sirius PGA Radio with Fred Couples

Couples has followed the Golden Knights success all season and is captivated by their deep playoff run. In separate interviews with The Creator and defenseman Brayden McNabb, Freddy “Boom Boom” discussed the Western Conference finals, and of course a little golf.

We knew we were contenders. We knew we could possibly go far in the playoffs and even win. We believe in that room and it’s contagious. -Brayden McNabb on Sirius PGA Radio with Fred Couples

The Sirius PGA Radio host brought up x-factor type players and mentioned Marc-Andre Fleury and his postseason performance. Naturally, the man in charge spoke of his admiration for Fleury and made it known the goaltender is a Golden Knight for life.

He’s a great individual. He’s got a great family. My goal for Flower is to have him retire in this town. I really appreciate what he’s done, his attitude, and what he’s done for this team. -The Creator

The former Masters champion admitted he is hooked on the Golden Knights and the NHL playoffs. Couples asked if McNabb planned on watching tonight’s Game 7 between Winnipeg and Nashville.

I’ll watch for sure. Playoff hockey is awesome to watch. I’m sure guys will watch the game. It doesn’t matter who we play, they’re two great teams. It’s going to be a big challenge for us no matter who it is. -McNabb

Then they started talking about golf.

Well I played with James Neal after last round and he shot a 73 or a 74. I think the most consistent is Haula. -McNabb

A former scratch golfer himself, The Creator shares the love of the links with many of his players.

This is a team of real champions. I believe every one of them plays golf, except maybe Belly. He’s French. -The Creator

It’s obvious Couples is all in on the Golden Knights. The pro golfer is planning a Cup party at The Summit in Summerlin if the Golden Knights advance to the Stanley Cup finals.

Alright Freddy, we get that you’re a fan but let’s slow the roll a little bit here with the actual planning. We don’t need anyone messing with the magic.


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