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The Bob Lowes Connection

Bob Lowes is a name that probably won’t ring a bell for most Golden Knights fans. He’s the Assistant Director of Player Personnel and was hired in 2016 among the first group of full-time front office members following George McPhee and Kelly McCrimmon. But what he really has been is a clue to who the Golden Knights might pursue at the trade deadline.

Like many in the VGK organization, Lowes began his career in Brandon, Manitoba as a scout for the Wheat Kings. He eventually worked his way to the NHL with the Ottawa Senators on a part-time basis and then became the Director of Amateur scouting for the Sens in 2014.

Maybe the most famous thing he did while running the Draft for Ottawa was select 6’3″ 180 pound Mark Stone in the 6th round of the 2010 Draft. A player that was constantly knocked for his below-average skater, Lowes’ familiarity with Stone led to the pick and he continued to stump for Stone until he broke through into the NHL full-time in 2014.

Of course, when Stone became available on the trade market at the deadline back in 2018, we can assume Lowes was once again in Stone’s corner trying to get him to Vegas. But it’s not just Stone that jumps off the page on the list of players selected by Lowes while he was in Ottawa. He’s picked the main trade target for the Golden Knights at all three deadlines.

Last season, the Golden Knights made waves by trading for goalie Robin Lehner. He was selected 46th overall by Lowes in 2009. The prior year was Stone and at VGK’s first deadline they were hot after Erik Karlsson, who was selected 15th overall by Lowes.

All of this got the wheels turning in my head as we look forward to a trade deadline where the Golden Knights may be looking for an upgrade. Who else is connected to Bob Lowes? The names are pretty plentiful.

Mika Zibanejad
Center, New York Rangers
$5.35 million AAV (Expires following 2021-22 season)
Drafted by Lowes in 2011

Zibanejad is a high-end center that probably wouldn’t be one of the first players a rebuilding Rangers team would want to move. But, where things get interesting with Zibanejad is that he is one of four players on the Rangers to hold a no-move clause. And while that should jump out as a reason why he would “not be moved,” the upcoming Expansion Draft may complicate things a bit for the Rangers. Like in the Vegas Expansion Draft, players with NMCs are forced to be protected by their current teams. With just one season left on the contract after the Expansion Draft, it’s not completely out of the question that New York would consider exposing him. Due to the NMC though, they can’t. So, maybe they try and cash in with Vegas beforehand in a place Zibanejad may consider waiving his NMC to come to. The price would be fairly massive if they did.

Nick Foligno
Center, Columbus Blue Jackets
$5.5 million AAV (Expires following 2020-21 season)
Drafted by Lowes in 2006

The captain of the drowning Blue Jackets is having a bit of a down year. But, he’s the exact type of player that could come in and dominate as a 3rd line center for Vegas. The Golden Knights love trading for/signing captains and he has proven to be a valuable asset in the playoffs. He holds a 10-team no trade clause, but it’s unlikely Vegas is on that list. The bigger challenge would be getting the Jackets to hold half of that $5.5 million number.

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Marcus Sorensen
Winger, San Jose Sharks
$1.5 million AAV (Expires following 2020-21 season)
Drafted by Lowes in 2011

Mostly a penalty kill/defensive specialist, Sorensen did put up a 17 goal season under Pete DeBoer just two years ago. He scored four times in the 2017-18 playoffs, including once against the Golden Knights too. As a pending UFA on a miserable Sharks team, they’ll be looking to cash in anywhere they can, so his time in San Jose is likely up at this deadline. He’d probably be more of a 4th line replacement, but he fits the William Karlsson, Chandler Stephenson, Erik Haula mold of a player that could possibly do more if brought to Vegas.

Jakob Silfverberg
Winger, Anaheim Ducks
$5.25 million (Expires following 2023-24 season)
Drafted by Lowes in 2009

This one is a bit of a long shot, but he’s a heck of a player so the Golden Knights would be silly not to at least inquire. Again, the Expansion Draft is the kicker with this one as there’s an outside chance the Ducks could be looking to protect four defensemen which means they only get to save four forwards. They have one NMC on the roster (Ryan Kesler), which hamstrings them even a bit further. If Vegas comes in with a sizeable offer, maybe there’s a match here for both now and the longer-term future.

Other notable Lowes draft picks: Zach Smith (CHI), Ryan Dzingel (OTT), Derek Grant (ANA), Mark Borowiecki (OTT)


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  1. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Don’t need a let-down this weekend against the hapless Kings.

    Will we get Lehner twice or just once this weekend? My guess is Sundays game?

    Lets keep rolling boys!

  2. Tim

    Obviously he has a good draft record and has done a good job with the Knights. I’m looking forward to seeing who we draft with our second round Devils pick.

  3. Pistol Pete

    Ken, thank you for another insightful analysis. Many interesting trade deadline prospects. I can see why Zibanejad is your #1. He would be a great fit here. Big body center and gets points. His career -28 is below our standards for a top nine forward although I suspect his two way game would improve under DeBoer.

  4. Tim

    I’ve thought about the trade deadline and were not looking for much and they don’t want to disrupt team chemistry. The only player I could see is Erik Haula well liked and would fit right in. His cap hit is 1,75 million which coincidentally is the same cap hit as Nick Holden. Obviously Haula would help us more then Holden but with a fresh start could he be that third line winger that can do some damage I don’t know what do you think Ken.

  5. Pistol Pete

    Zibanejad’s career -28 is probably impacted by playing on a defensively weak team the last few seasons.

  6. Jake

    I would like Vegas to pick up Milan Lucic to add to the fourth line with Reaves.

    Put Glass at center.

  7. sb

    VGK missed getting the right guy from Ottawa last season – JG Pageau. He was exactly the center Stone and Pac needed. The vital priorities at last year’s deadline were back-up goalie and 1st line center. Not Lehner. VGK would be a much better and balanced Team today with Ryan Miller backing up and Pageau centering the 1st line. Truly missed opportunities and squandered cap space.

  8. Pistol Pete

    I’m somewhat inclined to agree about Lehner although the remainder of the season will tell. Not so sure about Pageau. Not familiar with him but he’s small about like Marchy VGK’s smallest player but only around 30 pts/season, not exactly earth shattering.

    • Pistol Pete

      Marchy averaged exactly 60 points the first three VGK seasons.

      • Daryl

        I agree with you… I’m not really sure what vgk will do if anything this year. The biggest thing VGK needs is a #1 Center. I don’t see them winning the Cup without one. Beating these bottom feeders is great but there are some very strong teams outside this Division that I don’t think we can beat in a series without that Center.

        The only option is see VGK trying to improve is our pathetic 4th line. I don’t think we even make it to the Cip with our current 4th line. There should be some cheap improvement players out there. Improving our 3rd line to push someone back to the 4th is also considered improving our 4th line

  9. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Tuff news about wild bill. Hopefully it’s just a bad test and he’ll not miss much time?

    • THE hockey GOD

      another false positive and someone on twitter posted “who is administering these tests ? Dr Fauci?” LOL

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