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“The Best Team” Resides In Vegas

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The Vegas Golden Knights are now just two wins away from scaling the mountain and claiming the Stanley Cup. After throttling the Florida Panthers in Game 2 of the Final, the complete picture of this version of this team is coming into clear view to the entire hockey world.

That picture is of a team without weakness.

For every obstacle in their way, they have a method to clear it, and for every question asked, they have an answer.

I just feel that we have the best team, from player 1 through 20. Our depth has been a strength all year. I think it is the biggest reason why we are still here and why we beat Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Dallas and we’re ahead against Florida. -Bruce Cassidy

The depth of the Golden Knights begins at the top.

Vegas is a city filled with superstars and the Golden Knights are no different. Jack Eichel, Mark Stone, Alex Pietrangelo, Shea Theodore, Jonathan Marchessault, William Karlsson, and the list goes on. Like the amazing array of performers on the Strip, it’s the collection of all of them that makes it special. If one takes a night off, there are plenty of others to pick up the slack.

Eichel hasn’t scored a goal in the last nine playoff games. Marchessault didn’t tally one until midway through the Edmonton series. Pietrangelo was suspended for a game. Stone took a while to get back up to speed after returning from the injury.

None of it has mattered.

That’s because of the depth at the top of the lineup. Whether it’s speed, scoring, defending, penalty killing, or anything else that’s needed to win the hockey game, the Golden Knights don’t need each and every one of their top players to contribute all of it every night.

(Of course, when they do, they’re capable of scoring a touchdown in the Stanley Cup Final.)

The group behind the biggest names are in many ways the same way, just with different roles. When the playoffs began and Stone found his way back into the lineup, Cassidy opted for a balanced lineup including a trio of Ivan Barbashev, Michael Amadio, and Brett Howden all playing top-nine roles. Those three together probably wouldn’t make the strongest third line, but with each of them complementing the pair of other forwards on their line, they make as deep, dangerous, and versatile a top-nine in the NHL.

Bolstered by William Carrier and Keegan Kolesar, the fourth line has succeeded at the job every coach in the league hopes his final line can do. They bring energy on the forecheck, they force opposing lines to spend tons of time in their own end, and no matchup is too big for them.

Finally, the defense. Pietrangelo’s ability as the workhorse of the group cannot be understated, but the rest of the group offers a flexibility that allows all six to be consistently deployed to their strengths. The third pair of Nic Hague and Zach Whitecloud are not only good enough to steal minutes against the likes of Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, and Jason Robertson, but they’re also capable of frustrating a player like Matthew Tkachuk, completely throwing him off his game.

It truly is a team. A group that is stronger as a whole than as a sum of each individual part.

And that’s why they’ve been able to handle all that’s been thrown at them so far in this playoff run. They can play any way, against any style, and in any building.

They may have some better players or a better penalty killer or a power play guy. I just believe (depth has) been a big strength of ours. Whether it’s overwhelming, that’s a strong word, I just think it’s been really good for us. -Cassidy

That strength is why the 2022-23 Vegas Golden Knights are on the verge of immortality.



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  1. David Thew

    VGK is playing “lights out” hockey. They were disrespected for all their accomplishments. Sportscasters around the country continuously talked up the other teams and VGK continued to roll right through them. They have unfinished business dating back to Season 1.

    • Average Joe

      I’ve been saying that all year, when ever the golden knights are on national TV the commentators always seem to talk up the other team or the opposing teams top players. That’s why I have hated watching games this year, especially if they are on ESPN, the worst commentators in the business.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    • THE hockey GOD

      Hey UTAH


      • Former season ticket holder

        Love seeing Hill dressed to the 9’s in the post game interviews…like he is channeling Mr. G.Q., the King!

  3. Jake

    Vegas is owning the center ice.

    Vegas has outstanding two/way Centers on all four lines that have frustrated all four “talented” opponents.

    Barbashev is doing Florida to Florida.

    Best, most influential player? Wil Bill, the silent assassin, his line shutting down the heart of other “talented” teams.

    • TS

      LOVE your comment! ” Barbashev is doing Florida to Florida!! Haha, so true!! Perfect analogy of the game!

  4. THE hockey GOD

    let’s not count our chickens before they hatch

    florida ice is slush fest best
    played with galoshes.

    The rest period will help VGK as much as Panthers.

  5. knights fan in minny

    roy goal was a thing of beauty panther d sucks

  6. Frank

    As long as vegas plays the way they have been, this will be over quick. However, as seen in the Boston series, the Panthers should not be taken lightly and have the ability to mount a serious comeback…. if we let them. We are firmly in control and do not need to let up! GO Knights GO!

  7. THE hockey GOD

    the rat cats are half way exterminated, need to finish the job while they are

    cautiously optimistic based upon previous history

  8. TS

    Sidenote: CBS Florida affiliate’s Samantha Rivera, while reporting in Vegas after the game, was ” interrupted” by a Vgk fan who DARED step into the shot to cheer the Knights…she literally ” checked” him out of the shot! A tweet followed, when she said she couldn’t wait to get back to the ” classy Florida fans”. Yeah, CLASSY, JUST LIKE THE PANTHER PLAYERS/ THUGS, whose total SHIT SHOW was an embarrassment to them ALL!!
    How positively RICH that is….and I let her know it!! CLASSY, MY ASS!#!#!

  9. John

    Panthers look pathetic ! And VGK are making them look Pathetic ! Panthers might have had there way with those other teams but they have run into a totally different animal with the VGK ! Panthers stupid ass penalties and them acting like the tough guys are not helping there cause one bit ! VGK ARE CAPITALIZING ON YOUR DUMB ASS GAME PLAY !

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