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Thank You SinBinners

In the middle of a random night 34 months ago I woke up with a realization. For whatever reason, that night it hit me that the NHL was probably coming to Las Vegas. At that time, I was a frustrated radio producer trying to find my way into sports media, the career I’ve wanted to pursue since I was 10 years old after coming to the conclusion I’d never be a professional athlete.

I sat up in my bed and thought, what will my role be in the first major sports franchise coming to the only city I’ve ever proudly called my home? The short answer was nothing, and that wasn’t okay with me. At that moment, the idea for was born.

The next morning I brought the idea to Jason, the closest friend I had in town, my radio co-host, and the biggest hockey fan I’ve ever known. I don’t remember his exact words, but the response to the idea was luke-warm at best. I tried to explain the master plan of how we could get press passes and cover the team without the boundaries of traditional media holding us back. We could do it our way I told him. This is where I do remember his exact words, he said, “but who the heck is going to read it?”

He had a point (which is rare), I’ll never forget it, and it’s why on the night that concludes the first chapter of the Vegas Golden Knights story, I want to say thank you.

Thank you to each and every person who has ever visited this site, listened to our podcasts, or interacted with us virtually or in real life. Without all of you, we would not have been able to have had the countless unbelievable experiences we’ve had over the past three years.

Thank you SinBinners, we love ya.

We are allowed into the games because of you.

We talk to the players, coaches, management, and the owner because of you.

We’ve been there every step of the way, from before the awarding of the franchise to the Stanley Cup Final, because of you.

We do not have the backing of a newspaper, TV station, or an established media website like most covering this team. We have the backing of you and we are taken seriously, because of you.

Thank you for talking to us. Thank you for listening to us. Thank you for being there for us.

Thank you for making legitimate and thank you for allowing us to do what we love.




End Of Season Media Day Takeaways


  1. Dave Aikman

    You guys are the best, without a shadow of a doubt.

  2. Michael V. Smith

    Thanks for all the reading and listening materials. Between you guys and Sheng breaking things down, we had it all covered. Thanks

  3. Barbara &Peter Landes

    We’re grateful to have your website to follow. Real up to the minute news.

  4. Kelly Douglas

    Ty sinbin! Love seeing you guys pop up in my Twitter feed, and giving us all the low down on the team on everything! Xoxo!

  5. Kelly

    Ty sinbin! Love seeing you guys pop up in my Twitter feed, and giving us all the low down on the team on everything! Xoxo!

  6. Never stop doing what you do, Ken and Jason. You guys made this year even more special with your insights and dedication to get into the trenches and keep the fans informed. You made it, boys. Now keep it up as long as you possibly can. #VegasBorn #CupIn2

  7. Stef

    Thank you for all your news and great information! You covered this team before they had a name and before they had a roster. I appreciate you bringing the news to the fans and can’t wait for next season!

  8. Ken, for all of us out of town fans, thank you for making us feel like we are right there in the middle of everything. Congratulations on a successful year one for Sin Bin, and here’s to many more !

  9. Cody

    I can almost hear Jason’s “lukewarm” response . I don’t remember when I became aware of Sinbin, probably somewhere around when the franchise was being mulled. I wanted as much info as I could find on the new franchise and Sinbin seemed to always be the place that had the info first, and/or details no one else had. Including major media. There weren’t a lot of other people (if anyone), putting that level of effort into covering a team that didn’t exist yet, and, like the team itself, you filled a need for many rabid fans like myself when that need was not being filled, and built a connection through anticipating that there would many people looking for the same.

  10. Heather

    Thank you Ken and Jason for being for the people. It’s been a great from the start, can’t wait to see what happens next. Much respect

  11. Gigi Frieling

    In the beginning…it was just me, you, and a podcast! At least, that’s how it felt. For that reason, I will always be loyal to you. I am as proud of you both as if you were my family. Your hard work and diligence made this happen. The content you have created has been the reason that we have become better hockey fans. From #vegaswantshockey to #cupin1, you were there. This ride wouldn’t have been the same without you. So, for all this, and more, I say THANK YOU!

  12. Alan Livengood (CCI-Las Vegas)

    It’s been fun following your news posts, tweets etc. Very informative. Many more good years to come!

  13. RJ

    First of all, thank you guys so much. Before we had a name or uniforms or any players or even a coach or GM you guys were hard at work building a community.

    Second of all, what are you taking a break? I need NHL award coverage, draft analysis, trade predictions. I need someplace to refute insane hot takes in the comments then watch in disbelief as they come true.

    Ken, Jason, and all the Sinbinners reading this, keep doing what you’re doing. This season has been a wild ride and all of us are a part of it.

    • Absolutely not taking a break. We will likely go back to no articles on Sundays until the preseason gets back underway but there’s never a break for us. No way.

      Year 2 begins now.

  14. So why no Patreon yet?

  15. Doug Parks

    I don’t know why I follow you and Jason’s write ups more than Insiders and others, but there’s something there. Maybe it’s because you gave us perspective from a fans view or maybe because you both have the ability to write and be real. What ever it is I enjoy it (I didn’t enjoy losing though in fantasy this season). Well thanks boys and Ken let’s get you out to a stick & puck this summer.

  16. Pierre S Martin

    A big thanks from Reno, you guys helped keep me informed, and expanded my knowledge of hockey. Keep up the good work, take a break, but please keep us informed on the free agency and draft period.

  17. Carmine

    Nice job guys. What’s the latest on getting #91? Take a coffee break and get back at it.

  18. Holly Taylor

    Just because the first season is over, there is so much more ahead. Award ceremony, draft, pre-season training camp. It’s not over, just a short vacation and next season will be upon us. Thank you for all that you guys have done to keep the fans in the know. Let’s continue this for the next roller coaster season. Thanks again guys!

  19. Van

    Huge thanks to you and Jason! You guys are awesome, and we’ll all keep following as this very interesting offseason unfolds! Camp is only 3 months away!

  20. JV

    Thanks for all your efforts. You guys did a fantastic job with breaking news, analysis, and team info in general. Looking forward to your discussions about the offseason trades and FA signings.

  21. Donald Rehrer Jr

    I’m so looking forward to next season, the Golden Knights have brought back the fun and excitement missing from the NHL. I’m glad that you tweet during all the games to keep us posted on what’s happening. Here’s to the next successful Stanley Cup run!

    #VegasBorn #CupIn2

  22. Marko from Germany

    Hey Ken,

    I’ve been a frequent reader since October, when I fell in love with the way this team plays hockey. There’s nothing more exciting and breathtaking than a Vegas rush, a Wild Bill goal and the madness that breaks out in the stands of T-Mobile afterwards. Plus this team really seems to be a bunch of great character guys who work together and aren’t me-first divas like so many star athletes these days… That’s how I became hooked. Searching for enjoyable and informative content, I found this site and haven’t found anything that even comes close to it since. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the insight, guys!

    One day I’ll be there with all you guys in T-Mobile Arena cheering on this team, but until then, I’ll keep coming back here to read your insight on all things Golden Knights.

    PS: There are many more international Knights fans out there. The NHL is a global sport. VGK is proof of that.

  23. A Fan

    Thanks to both of you. From your beginning I’ve been a reader and once in a while write my 2 cents here and on Twitter. It was a crazy year and it almost had the storybook ending that when you started we all would have never dreamed possible. You and our Golden Knights have now got rid of your ‘ring rust,’ and next year will be an even better one.

    Oh, I want my money back on the #CupIn1 t-shirt though, it was #FakeNews! lol Will you be accepting trade-ins for your #CupIn2 t-shirt?

  24. Gaby

    Thank you both so much for everything this year. The articles, the podcasts, the tweets, the watch parties, they were all extremely appreciated. After each game, I always wanted to consume as much Golden Knights content as I could the following morning and you guys were always there. Here’s to next season!

  25. Michael

    You will always be the first guys that actually broke the expansion award news, a couple of months before it happened (if I remember). I can’t imagine anyone covering the Knights with the passion you do. Well done, good sirs!

    Cup in 2?

  26. No, thank you Ken and Jason. You guys did the perfect thing and started media franchise to get locals involved and introduced to the game. And no false pretense of unbiased opinion. I absolutely would not have fallen in love with this team or this sport without SinBin Vegas.

    This site continues to be the most reliable, outspoken, and ravenous about the Vegas Golden Knights. Even though the season is over, I’m glad you guys are here to follow and get the hype train going next season.


  27. Thank you Ken and Jason!!
    Even though I live in Niagara Falls Canada, I have felt included in the Vegas hockey experience through your writing, twitter, and podcasts.
    You even shipped your shirts to me in Canada to proudly wear. I have thoroughly enjoyed this year and look forward to what you will bring us next. Aside from the expansion draft, I was only able to attend two Knights games this season but plan on increasing that next season. With their salary cap situation and stockpile of draft picks, there are a lot of possibilities in their future and I look forward to hearing and reading your stories on them.
    As always, keep up the good work and #VivaVGK

  28. Gaston Gallant

    Thanks for the great reporting all year long. I’ve been following the Knights from here in Ottawa (Prince Edward Island born however) the coach might be my long lost cousin 🙂
    Exciting team to watch, refreshing change from some of the boring hockey we’ve seen over the years, hope it continues next year, was not ready to see the season end last night.

  29. Avacat

    Thank you for adding so much more than just commentary to the game. We have all enjoyed this wild ride of the outstanding inaugural season and I’m glad you were part of it. Hope you keep us updated on off season happenings.

  30. Cathy McGowen

    Thanks for the help to this NHL Novice Grandmom from Henderson.
    Truly enjoyed the fast track chat on Twitter and happy we’re already in year 2 of the VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS!!! ☘

  31. Cathy McGowen

    VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS, onward to 2018-19 and letting this year go. One game at a time!
    Thanks, SinBin ☘

  32. Geoff Robinson

    Thanks for the ride Sin Bin! It’s just the beginning!

  33. pfh64

    You’re welcome, continue to love the sight, and the coverage, and this isn’t my favorite team. Keep up the great work.

  34. Ashley Barber

    I come to you guys because of the trustworthy information and your honest opinion. You guys are never condescending even when I ask dumb questions and you always answer! Don’t ever change!!

  35. Joel Esrig

    Thanks you guys. Having you as my FIRST go to resource for breaking VGK news and insightful analysis was an integral part of my involvement in this team this year, and what a great year it was. Also enjoyed being a part of the conversation when my years of watching hockey gave me what I thought was a valuable contribution. Look forward to having you keep us all in the loop this offseason and accompanying us through years of Golden Knights hockey.

  36. Warren Shapiro

    Ken and the devoted Knight fans give yourself a standing ovation you all made hockey history. What a year us the fans made history as you can never predict what an expansion team can do in their first year. Only one way to go is to get the CUP .
    Upward I say. You even did better than my other favorite team NY ISLANDERS. As for the articles they were great . I felt like I was at the game in Las Vegas. I leave with one idea that will hold you for the summer and that is “Hockey will be back in September and we will do this again next June”.

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