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Team Name Unveil Date Selected, Kinda

Take out your calendars and a pencil, but not a pen, whatever you do, do not use a pen. Ok, now circle Friday, November 18th, but do it lightly, because we may need to have you erase it sometime soon.

That’s the day we are expecting Las Vegas’ first ever major professional sports team to finally get its name.

We are working hard to achieve a November 18th date for the unveil. We are still working to finalize some of the details. -The Creator

Some of those details include the location (inside or out), exact time, and there are still a few merchandising loopholes to tie up.

The date is really just the one they are aiming for more than anything else. If all goes as planned, which if you have been following this process at all you know it probably won’t, that will be the date, but if/when things change, there’s a real chance it gets delayed again.

Things get a bit hairy with the T-Mobile Arena schedule after the 18th though. The following week is Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Then in December, Friday the 16th is the only Friday or Saturday available before Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve Eve. (Double Eve, The 23rd, leave me alone!)

Personally, I love the idea of a Black Friday reveal and I have a feeling anyone who has ever been dragged along shopping is probably with me.

As for now, the 18th is the date we’ll finally learn which adjective will precede Knights and if they’re going with Vegas or Las Vegas. Fingers crossed all goes according to plans between now and then.


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  1. Michael

    The 18th is my birthday. I am hoping for a great gift from Foley!

  2. NedRyerson57

    Is ‘Vegas’ actually an option?

  3. berri

    So he’ll shock us with Desert Knights around the 18th, got it. I’ll be more shocked he followed the people’s popular choice (DesertKnights) of the three.

    • RJ

      Is Desert Knights the people’s choice? I thought Silver Knights was the popular choice among locals. I feel like Desert Knights is strictly minor league.

      • Tom

        I’m a local and I hate the Dessert Nights.

      • Tom

        Like I’ve said before, I don’t think the public’s popular opinion is being taken in consideration, which might be a good thing as it turns out. But if we were to get a say, it should only be locals, and it should only be season ticket holders in my opinion.

  4. DaveVegasNews

    Majority of polls had Desert Knights the winner, last big one the reviewjournal I think had 3700+ votes and 52% Desert Knights 38% Silver Knights and lowly Golden 10%.

    Wouldn’t be surprised by Silver though, makes as much sense as a tie to Vegas.

  5. david

    Since Foley isn’t interested in any name but Black Knights (I mean, name a Navy SEAL who named a company “Midshipman, INC”) Los Angeles Kings Fans have taken the decision from you!

    Your team shall be forever known as

    The Boogie Knights!

    every time your team missteps, on Ice on-line, IRL, we shall chant;

    ♪ ♪♫ ” BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE!” ♫♪ ♪

    You ARE Welcome!

  6. Dwayne Lucyk

    I have mentioned this suggestion before. When it comes down to unveiling a third “worded” jersey “down the road”, siLVer Knights makes the most sense because of the LV in the middle of siLVer popping out of the crest and we all know what LV stands for. Call me crazy, here I am talking about a third jersey when it’s taking so long just to unveil the inaugural home and away jerseys.

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