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Team Name Contest Off, Fans Will Not Vote On Name

Way back in the process The Creator revealed plans to allow for fans of the team, and specifically season ticket holders, the opportunity to vote on their favorite name for the team. As the expansion process began to come to a close and Las Vegas was finally awarded a team that appeared to be less and less likely to be the case.

We can now confirm fans will NOT be given the opportunity to vote on the final name of the new Las Vegas NHL franchise.

Because of our tight timeline, we have submitted several names and potentials logos to the NHL staff for input. -Michelle Kersch, VP of Communications

This was the response we received responding directly to a question asking if the name contest has been cancelled. The team has submitted nine names to the league with a few of them expected to be variations of Knights.

In the end there’s no debating that the man who paid $500 million deserves the right to name his new franchise, however the promise to allow fans to vote was a pretty serious oversight. On the original FAQ’s on the VegasWantsHockey (now VegasIsHockey) website the naming contest was mentioned, it now says “The name of the team will be announced at a later date.”

There’s little doubt the name will eventually announced as Knights or Black Knights with a small chance of Silver Knights.

The Creator has been dropping hints for a while now that they will bypass the contest, and he ramped it up a bit since the announcement of the team.

We need to get this name, get this logo done and start selling some jerseys. -The Creator

Whether it’s timing or fear of a name such as Aces or Rat Pack winning out, they aren’t going to take the chance. The process has started and the fans aren’t involved.

In the end, team name is not even close to the most important decision that’s going to be made over the next 16 months, but this was an error and really the first thing that’s gone wrong from a PR perspective.


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  1. Michael

    I agree Foley has the “right” to name the team, but this is not necessarily the wisest course. Yes, he paid 500 million, but is he going to buy 17,500 tickets for every game too? The team needs to build a relationship with the community, and though I am fine with them ultimately choosing if they end up with a Sharks/Blades type scenario, the whole black/grey/gold ‘Black Knights’ concept feels like a chance for Foley to indulge in military school nostalgia rather than a serious attempt at building the relationship with the fans, and having a team that actually represents the city of Las Vegas.

  2. Daoloth

    I had read something early on about the season ticket holders would vote on the name… So as far as I knew they were never going to get to vote for the actual name just on a few options. Besides they have to get the site or name via copy write or whatever else. Many people often will start grabbing up domain names trying to squeeze money from teams. I’ll be shocked if they don’t use the name Knights for the team. Vultures, Aces, VIPs, there a lot of names I could see ending up. Will they bring back the Wrangles for the ECHL? I updated that wiki page making me wonder if they are defunct or coming back when Vegas gets the team. Wondering if they will want the ECHL, AHL, NHL all playing in the same state or what decisions will be.

  3. TD

    My opinion, maybe someone is listening….
    In no order of popularity.

    1. Aces, fans like it, he Foley may not, league may not approve.

    2. Black Knights, Foley likes it, fans not as much, league would likely approve.

    3.Knights, Foley may like it no way to tell, fans may like it, personally though just
    Knights is a little bland imo and kind of “corny”. Also the factor of playing KINGS, 50/50 on it. League may or may not approve because it is mah.

    4. Silver Knights, Foley should like it as it is a compromise with fans, Silver for us represent home town and Knights for him, win win and unique.

    5. Venom, Foley may not like it, fans seem to be “ok” with it but again, kind of “corny” and a snake head is a lil putting off, league may approve though.

    6. Peregrine, Foley may like, fans would like it, awesome Hawk logo, The Nest for an arena, aggressive animal yet friendly logo, league would likely approve for sure.

    7. Neon, honestly Ill stop here, really, Neon? PASS Same goes for Headliners, these are not Vegas acts like Britney Spears, a bit wussy imo. No offense to male performers I am sure many male performers on the strip are very rugged.

    8. Rat Pack, Foley said he likes, Ken likes it, league may approve.

    I cannot think of others to be honest, if it is not one of the above I think he risks pissing off the thousands of fans who are attached to one of the above, a surprise name would be a very silly idea imo.

    On a side note I always figured the coolest would be a Black/Silver combo or visa versa Silver/Black one the NHL team name the other the Farm Team, sweet combo and makes everyone included.

  4. RJ

    I prefer the Aces or the Tigers, but Silver Knights does have a nice ring to it. I don’t mind the owner picking a name he likes, it is for he whole city, but he is the owner, so he can at least name it.

  5. sparky chewbarky

    I think it’s better for the Vegas group to just come out and declare a team name,
    rather than run a shell of a contest with a set result.

    If Mr. Foley wants “Black Knights/Knights” then just make it so.

    If Mr. Foley had no preference, then “Aces” with the aviation theme is, BY FAR, the best choice. It’s a name that says Vegas, and is also a fantastic hockey name.
    Hockey is all about flying down the wings and shooting out the lights!
    Just like an Ace!
    It also gives the wink-wink reference to the gaming history of Vegas without being a “gambling” theme. It doesn’t matter that there’s a Reno Aces baseball team, or an Alaska Aces hockey team, or any other number of minor league teams with the Aces name… It doesn’t matter!! Hell, up here in Toronto there was (and still is) a Maple Leafs baseball team. As long as there’s no other NHL team with the same monicker…go for it.
    The thing is… “Aces” has won (is winning) every poll that I’ve seen on name choice (even, at the time of writing this, it’s winning this SB poll, which has had some weird patterns). It is the public’s favourite name.
    Sorry Ken..I don’t think that “Rat Pack” has much of a chance…However “RatPack” would be an awesome Fans Club name or a great name for the farm team.

    • Michael

      I agree – Aces is the best, and they should use your uniform concepts too, which are awesome, and worthy winners of that ESPN contest!

  6. vinny

    I agree with. TD, if Foley gets his choice then a Silver Knight/Black Knight combo works very well and does give him and Vegas a little something each. Aces is great too but gambling is the issue?

  7. DB

    I like Silver Knights or Peregrine if it’s an animal.

  8. I don’t know how he’s going to sell jerseys ASAP when Adidas is taking over the sweaters next season. It would be odd to have a Reebok sweater out for a year that the team never wore unless Adidas and the NHL decides Vegas will be the first team in the league with an Adidas jersey for sale.

  9. I don’t know how he’s going to sell jerseys ASAP when Adidas is taking over the sweaters following next season. It would be odd to have a Reebok sweater out for a year that the team never wore unless Adidas and the NHL decides Vegas will be the first team in the league with an Adidas jersey for sale.

  10. Michael

    It funny – it is a little like Mr Foley is saying to the fanbase “I really don’t have time to get your input on the name, because I am in a rush to sell you jerseys”…

  11. Liam Rogers

    Ok stop complaining on the name of Knights, it is sooo much better then what the fans were going to pick. Look at the London Knights and how bad-ass they look. Would you rather have a great named picked, or a potential awful name picked by the majority now and forever come 60 years from now? And say, “but hey at least we got to pick that awful name.” Im 24 but you sound like a bunch of millennials. Do you really think any of the Original 6 or early expansion team fans got a pick, nope. Sit back and just be happy you have been granted a team bud.

  12. Liam Rogers

    As a Marketing graduate I understand the point for Aces, but give me a break. Honestly I would be so tired of all the gambling comparisons and references, as well we already have the Jets as a team. Let them have a new identity that isnt built on a cheap gimick and makes them sound like a minor league baseball team in the middle of the desert.

  13. Liam Rogers

    How about a team called the AREA – 51’s, wait darn thats already a minor league baseball team in Vegas. Get what I’m saying?

  14. Michael

    Good points Liam. I don’t particularly hate Knights at all, being a Brit living in Vegas. I just think it is perilous to completely ignore a new fan base. As long as he listens to the consultant he is supposedly hiring, it should be okay. In some ways, I am more worried about the boring black/grey/gold color scheme, than the name. Silver Knights with light blue and silver would look a lot more original (and reference Nevada to boot) than the Black Knights combo.

    Either way, your point is well taken. Apart from Aces, I hate the gambling ideas anyway, and I have heard fan ideas for non-gambling names as bad as Polar Bears and Mobsters.

  15. Nevada Silver Eagles

  16. Michael rinzema

    I like the Las Vagas Yeti’s. Cold climate monster in the desert that lives on the ice. Go Yeti’s.

  17. When I think of Vegas I think state of the art laser shows and entertainment. So why not the Las Vegas Lasers? It kind of rolls off your tongue don’t it.

  18. Troy Jackson


  19. Nate Rucker

    So many other names he can use, I don’t know about the trademarks on all of them but how about:

  20. jason

    i like the name black knights

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