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Team Name Announcement Delayed Again, Novemeber Now Likely

First we thought they may have a name when the team was awarded at the end of last June. Then we were told it should be announced in September “when it cools off.” After that we all kind of just assumed Frozen Fury weekend would make sense. Last we heard it was scheduled for mid-October.

Well now, The Creator told us via the RJ that the announcement is likely to occur at the end of October or even November.

We had a webinar (Thursday) with Adidas and the NHL and we’re still tweaking the logo and the use of the colors. It probably means we’re going to have to push back the big announcement because it’s going to take time to get everything printed on the shirts and hats. The jerseys will take a little longer to produce. -The Creator

Eye-yey-eye! Just tell us already.

The Creator also mentioned the fact that getting the time on Toshiba Plaza was a bit of a challenge. Based on that comment we have to assume they are shooting for a Friday or Saturday unveiling. In October, the only Friday or Saturday open on the Plaza is October 14th, which may even be unavailable as it falls between two Los Angeles Lakers games. In November the 11th, 12th, 18th, and 25th are all available.

We’re getting real close. But we want it to be perfect. -The Creator

Unfortunately it’s not going be perfect… he already ruled out the name Rat Pack.

Oh yeah, and by the way, while you wait, buy a Las Vegas NHL T-Shirt!


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  1. Cappy

    Eh. Just give the damn name already. Every NHL team has changed the logo, and some the colors, many times

  2. Ron Murphy

    When San Jose announced that they would be the Sharks, the first things out were caps that just had a scripted ” San Jose Sharks” on them as they had no logon design yet…and they sold thousands of them. We just want to associate with something!

  3. DaveVegasNews

    Let me guess, the polls all show Las Vegas Desert Knights wins time and time again, his tweaking really means oh crap I picked Golden Knights which is a dog because I have no taste and now need to change it again.

    100% it has to be Desert Knights, _saying it in slow mo_ Desert Knights wins every freakin poll of the three options over and over again. There should be no shock when revealed if he listens to fans.

    • Tom

      Hope you’re wrong because Desert Knights sucks balls. It makes zero sense. Two words that have dick to do with eachother. Might as well call ourselves the Tropical Eskimos. Makes about as much sense.

  4. JP

    “But we want it to be perfect.”

    “Damn it.. I really wanted Golden Knights but a large majority hate it. Maybe if I push back the unveiling a month, it will get people so tired of the process that they’ll embrace it by default.”

    People have in mass been against the (Adjective) Knights monikers from the moment it became well known public knowledge he had a boner for Black Knights. When that got shot down, it almost was as though he had no second option. Yet despise having these Adjective Knight names crammed down their throats and really seem against them, they began to embrace the Desert Knights moniker because its the lesser of three evils. Yet, he still remains dragging his feet.

    I really believe if it was going to be Desert Knights, he’d come out and announce it as the moniker and say a logo is coming soon.

  5. A Fan

    The only way Mr. Foley can make this wait “perfect” is if he really isn’t going to use any of those damn Knights names and surprises us with a name like Mustangs or Scorpions or Aces. Even Peregrines is better than any of the Knights names. But if it is Knights, I think he’ll (hopefully) at least go with Desert Knights.

  6. James

    @Ron Murphy
    I’ve got my tinfoil hat on. Perhaps Mr. Foley did a complete 180 after the negative feedback regarding dropping Las from Las Vegas?

  7. James

    ‘I really believe if it was going to be Desert Knights, he’d come out and announce it as the moniker and say a logo is coming soon.’

    I don’t believe that. I really believe the logo and the colours are needed for the pomp and pageantry of the unveiling – Here’s the Toronto Raptors Unveil Name and Logo

  8. Murrayyyyy

    I heard mid-November before the announcement yesterday so I’d probably rule out any hopes for October. Plaza part just seems like a convenient excuse.

  9. Tom

    It’s not really a surprise when we already know it’s one of three lackluster names, so why not just announce it. You’re gonna have pissed off people no matter what. I’ll take Golden or Silver over Desert. Golden Knights and Silver Knights aren’t that great, but Desert Knights is unimaginative and just plain stupid. I think Foley feels the same way. Time will tell..

  10. ralphy

    Desert Knights makes perfect sense to me and the majority of voters. Golden is last by a long ways… to pick that would be suicide. Piss us off by putting it off then again by picking least liked name, no way he is that stupid.

  11. berri

    Desert Knights! Sorry Tom but only 1 in 10 like golden, truth hurts.

  12. Tom

    Lol I dont like any of them, I just feel Desert Knights is the stupidest sounding of the 3. Someone wanna tell me what a Desert Knight is even supposed to be? Sounds moronic. “Hey look at me! I’m running around the Mojave Desert in a metal suit giving myself heat stroke!” I really dont see what people like in it. A desert knight isn’t even a thing. At least the other 2 are just a certain color slash knight. Desert is a pretty shitty descriptive word for Knight. But apparently it’s the favorite. It’s cheesy people, but then again this town is kinda built on cheesy with our Elvis impersonators and all that. I still think Desert Knights is a misdirection name. I truly don’t think he ever considered it. I think he came up with it when he came up with Sand Knights, because it’s literally just as stupid.

  13. Tom

    Ok I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot today, all jokes and my disdain for Desert Knights aside, if you people that want Desert Knights think Mr. Foley won’t dare go against your wishes and overwhelming support for the name Desert Knights, prepare to have your heart broken. Remember the name that almost everybody wanted, Las Vegas Aces? He acknowledged that people really liked it but he wanted to go in a different direction. And remember Las Vegas Scorpions? It was waaay more popular than Desert Knights, but well, it’s a defensive animal, so as much as you guys loved it we just couldn’t do that either. I mean, it’s defensive, that’s a deal breaker, right? Or maybe it was awesome but not what Mr. Foley wanted and therefore forget it. See where I’m going with this? Two AMAZING names nixed for non-reasons, other than its not what he wanted. Please don’t for a second think this name decision has ANYTHING to do with what WE want. It’ll be Silver or Golden, mark my words..and not because I want it because I don’t, but because I think HE wants it. Aces wouldve been perfect.

    • Ron Murphy

      Never have understood the “Scorpion is a defensive animal”…if you saw an 8” scorpion coming towards you, you’d be as careful to get around it or you’d run the other way as fast as you could

      • Tom

        @Ron Murphy,
        Yeah it wasnt a very good reason to not use the name Scorpions. I think the real reason was because he had his heart set on _____ Knights. Notice he didn’t even attempt to give a reason for not going with Aces other than he wanted to go in a different direction. In hindsight I wish he hadn’t said a damn thing about what he wanted to name the team, because now we’re sitting here waiting for a gift we know we won’t like and we’re supposed to be excited for it.

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