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Team Meetings & GM Locker Room Visits, VGK Pulling Out The Stops To Turn The Tide

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

In the world of professional sports, there are a few telltale signs that concern is seeping into a team. The Golden Knights have seen two of them in the last few days.

First is the team meeting. We hear it all the time for teams heading in the wrong direction that following a big loss they lock the doors and hash things out. Typically the captain and a few others in the leadership group step forward and make it abundantly clear that the losing must stop.

With the captain sidelined for the Golden Knights, someone else had to do it.

Marchy stood up and spoke to everyone and said some powerful words. We all need to look in the mirror here. Here and there it’s okay to lose if the effort’s there but the effort wasn’t there. -Keegan Kolesar

Following the shutout loss at home to Dallas, one of the few remaining players from the inagural season stood up and had some choice words.

After the game I was super disappointed so I said my piece and now we’ll move on and see how we respond tonight. -Jonathan Marchessault

Marchessault’s message was simple.

In a situation where Stoney is not there and we’re missing other players everybody needs to step up and I don’t think that’s what we’re doing and we’re losing because of it. I just think we need more 20-guy mentality. To win hockey games you need a full 60 minutes and a 20-guy mentality. -Marchessault

That message was seemingly received.

It’s powerful. He’s always such a positive guy, laughing and having fun, but just like the rest of us we were all pissed off and he chose the right time to speak up and speak his mind. Let’s not point fingers here, if you’re going to point one, point to yourself. -Kolesar

However, the results did not follow. Despite Bruce Cassidy feeling like the preparation and practices were good heading into the Detroit game, the Golden Knights fell again, which meant time for the next motivational moment.

Kelly McCrimmon was seen in the Vegas locker room after the Red Wings handed the Golden Knights their third consecutive loss for the first time this season.

The GM has made appearances in the room following games, including the last time I personally saw him after the win in Seattle that sent VGK to 3-0-0 on the season. It’s possible he visits following every game and the media just aren’t in a position to see him, but the timing of this one sure seems to be more than just a coincidence.

The Golden Knights are slipping down the standings and they understand the challenges of the schedule coming up. Couple that with the injuries and it’s going to be nearly impossible to block out last season from the memory bank.

The pressure is on.

Now they need to find a way to transform these off-ice gestures into on-ice ones. And, it needs to happen fast, otherwise, the next one will be even louder and more intense.


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  1. Walt

    Washington getting healthy, Wilson can skate around with no fear tonight, first game of a back-to-back for the VGK, Kemper or the other guy better than our goalies, Oshie, Ovi and others……all the reason why the Caps are favored. What does this all mean….probably the VGK wake up and play a good game?

  2. Richie-Rich

    Doubt has to be creeping in. Injuries are taking a bit of a toll, but on the other hand the VGK got off to a blazing start this year. Eichel’s a great play, but not top 5 in the league. He’s obviously been trying to find his chemistry with linemates, but that early season chemistry seems to have disappeared.

    Cassidy’s system worked well up until recently. Could it be that teams have them figured out? Sure seems like it. Is Cassidy a one dimensional coach or can he modify his system to counter what teams are doing?

    Well, one thing is for certain. We are going to find all of this out in the 2nd half of this season. Goaltending isn’t an issue. This is Logan’s first full season and he will get better over time. Hill is a good backup and we have some good prospects in Henderson.

    We’ve seen some progress in the younger players. Cotter has a bright future and there are plenty of good players under development.

    The future looks bright even if the present is looking dim.

    • gerald dombrowski

      I don’t know what these guys do when they practice or maybe they don’t practice because it seems to me they can’t hit the side of a barn door, their skating too recently fall over their own feet doesn’t look to good on t.v. might look good to the on the ice but making them look stupid, having a guy like Mark Stone out shouldn’t make this team fall apart, the owner of thevc.g.k. pays these guys a hefty paycheck it’s only fair they give their all when playing, I cannot see guys missing the net everytime they shoot especially when they’ve been playing hockey for 10 or 15 years, this crap has to stop , i think if this stuff continues the team is gonna lose a lot of their fan base tjmo, thank you

      • Richie-Rich

        The apologists for the front office and poor performance on SinBin are now leaning on the Stone injury for the free fall in goal scoring. It’s just one excuse after another after another after another. It’s always, just wait until after the break, or just wait until they get healthy. There’s never any real criticism of the front office for destroying chemistry by constantly churning coaches and the roster. None of this is McCrimmon’s fault, he’s a fucking genius.

        Get rid of McCrimmon, bring in a new GM like Weeks and let’s see him start planning for the future by making some moves before the trade deadline. Bring up Dorofeyev, Lechy, Pachal and trade Hutton, Kessell and Amadio. Shop Eichel around and see if you can get the best deal possible.

        Sure, we give this team up until the trade deadline to show us that they are a playoff team. But at the same time be prepared for a yard sale.

        If we go to a sale, no one is safe other than Thompson and Carrier.

  3. Jake

    I buy the NHL package through DirecTV.

    We watch (ed) nearly every game.

    Not now. I will start watching again, when they decide they want to start playing again, not just skating around, actual playing.

    Most of the players look like “deer in the headlights.”

    • Jerry Crowell

      They are playing so piss poor, I kinda turn the channel too. Marshy’s words better resonate!!

  4. Tim

    Talk is cheap performance is what counts. In hockey any team can beat anyone on a given knight the question is is tonight the night we turn it around? Washington will be a good test and then Arizona tomorrow and the three tough New York Area teams. If things keep going sideways for the first time we may be sellers instead of buyers. My how the mighty have fallen.

  5. Dan

    You were warned about what you were getting in Eichel and his attitudes!! But you chose to make fun of the Buffalo team and fans instead. Meanwhile, Since the trade…

    Jack Eichel:
    67 GP, 29 G, 30 A, 59 P, 0.88 P/GP

    Alex Tuch:
    94 GP, 34 G, 52 A, 86 PTS, 0.91 P/GP

    and Krebs…and Ostlund (who looks very promising)… and a 2nd rounder this year…

    • Emmanuel

      JE will be in the league and play at a higher level for WAY longer than Tuch. AT will be out of the league by 32YO. Its not a criticism, AT is entering his prime years and will be a top 6 when healthy but hes dropping off the cliff after 27YO

      • dan

        Respect what you say but totally disagree. Eichel will NOT work hard enough to stay in the game a long time, he doesn’t have the heart. Tuch defintely does have the desire, plus he brings up the entire locker room – the total opposite of Eichel. Then add the potentials of Krebb’s and Ostlund.. it was a terrible trade for VGK.

        • Dan's Dad

          Dan is a Buffalo fan who over a year later came to tell us the trade was bad lol obsessed much? This type of psociopathic behavior suggests that deep down inside Dan believes the opposite. Tuch is a decent player but Krebs is a bust!

        • Pistol Pete

          Dan do you really know Eichel has no heart? He was captain on a terrible team but he was captain. As for Tuch I love the guy but will all due respect you’re being delusional if you think he’s in Eichel’s class. One year at BU pushing 2 pts a game wins Hobey Baker scores in his first game at 18 gets 2 more before turning 19 and 56 pts as a rookie T
          (Tuch’s high season so far is 52 yes he’s having a career season and is already at 50 and I hope he keeps going). He’s way closer to a career point a game than Tuch, scored 24 to 36 goals his first five years compared to Tuch having one 20 goal season (it’s true he’s on a career season with 22 already and may keep going in upcoming seasons and I hope he does). All guys flub including Eichel but do you remember game 2 vs. the Caps when Tuch was unable to lift the puck even one inch on an open net? I do. Ouch.


      I wore #9 in college and its is a number that has a lot of star history behind it in many sports… But it is also a number that exudes effort! I am sorry but this is the problem with so called “super stars”.
      This “one” seems to have the ability… But then effort level runs at 10-20% with brief spurts of more than that. What I watch is how a player enters and leaves the ice each shift. Does he use his speed and skill just as much when he doesn’t have the puck, putting himself in positions of success? With VGK #9 I see laziness everywhere coupled with very poor decisions, effort to finish, and laziness that puts everyone a step behind.

      When your primadonna unsuccessful shift is over bust your ass to the bench so they neat player on can get to where he needs to be asap and not be chasing his tail because you got paid so much and choose to coast…

      Watch William Carrier enter the ice each shift and leaves the ice each shift… It is simple effort and team play!
      This goes out the window when some “super stars” suit up… Unfortunately we have 2!!!

      Look at the record since both of their returns… 2 huge egos that get away with lack of effort and stupid plays that would land any other player a new home!

      Having season tickets year 1 was the greatest experience because we had all hungry hard working guys that laid it out their every shift, and one “super star” that did that too, along with his heart and soul between the pipes.

      That was before chasing down every overpriced free agent that hit the market by dumbass McCrimmon.

      I didn’t use any effort to put “the curse” in place… Foley promoted him!

      Just a sad greedy organization that continues to f over good fans, players, and stuff I am sore… DISGUSTING TO WATCH

  6. Former season ticket holder

    Well, at least the F.O.made the right decision on china doll who is off again to the i.r.

  7. Tim

    Jack Eichel is a good piece is he a difference maker I don’t think so. One advantage of not going to the game is we can change the channel when the scoring is non-existent which has been often lately. The games are so boring lately you’ve got to be a hockey diehard to keep watching. Myself not being a diehard it’s easy to move on. For the Knights sake I hope they turn it around but I think when the Kraken are on your ass your in trouble.

    • Pistol Pete

      Tim I believe Eichel is a difference maker but he needs two top line wingers. He basically had that earlier with Stephenson and Stone and it went well until he got injured.

  8. Blitz

    SEA is tied, with us, for first with one game in hand. The kings are nipping at our heels, but EDM might be the one to worry about. They are on a 5 game winning streak and right on our heels as well. They look to be gaining steam. Seriously, there is concern here. Without health it is entirely possible we will be in 4th place in the blink of an eye. That comfy lead is totally gone. Man, I hope Stone can get *back* quickly. I really think the season depends on it.

  9. THE hockey GOD

    mostly people missing the point as usual, just reiterating the same old crap when the team was injured last year.

    currently the VGK do not have an NHL caliber team DUE TO INJURIES. Not the players’ fault, not the FO fault, not the Coaches’ fault, not the fans’ fault, not the rink’s fault, not the officials’ fault. It’s pretty easy to figure out, when the players get healthy again , in next couple of weeks , the team will be back to where it was before the injuries. If the players do not get healthy, and remain on LTIR the team can make adjustments due to salary cap. It’s not overly complicated situation.

    They can talk, jive, jibber jabber all they want too. But if you put a tuxedo on a goat, it’s still a goat. If you put lip stick on a pig it’s still a pig. If you hd biker on a bike, it’s still a bike.

    Patience and discipline, in the end all things will work out. Stay positive, ignore the negative waves MORIARTY !! ENOUGH WITH THE NEGATIVE WAVES. CAn’t you sAy something RIGHTEOUS and BEAUTIFUL for once, and cut out the bull shit?

    “Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?” – Sergeant Oddball, Kellys’ Heroes – actor Donald Sutherland

  10. THE hockey GOD

    the woke NHL is all fucked up, and fans across the sport have had enuf of the bulls hit.

    Here is sampling of what they are saying about the pantyhose wearing bettman

    Sort by

    2 days ago-pmwilkerson

    Who knew hockey fans might not have the same zest for the alphabet army as the NHL? Another corp failing to appeal to their base.

    1 day ago-tymanniskimmen9774
    If the NHL keeps this up they will lose a lot of revenue. Their fan base is not into queer agenda at all and they risk alienating many. I’m a life long Bruins fan and may give up on the NHL, not interested in supporting queer ideology. Support Provy 100%, he’s a man of strong faith and courage.

    1 day ago-bensonware9514
    I’m glad he stood up for his beliefs, but I’m even happier about the fact his coach defended his decision. He gets it.

    1 day ago-dac61112
    Coach Tortorella is a class act. players love the guy wherever he’s been. Tells it like it is.

  11. Sorvino

    I agree with everything the hockey HOF said.

    Bunch of whiny pussies commenting here.

    Go Knights Go

  12. Tim

    Will our first round pick come into play at the trade deadline again. The Splash Brothers are in survival mode and for them as George Allen once said in football ( The Future is Now ) and I think management has the same attitude.

    • Pistol Pete

      Depends if Stone is out for the season Tim. If he is they should do something big imo.

  13. Prodigy

    Cassidy is garbage ! why u think bruins fired him. Gallant was a players coach & got them to play hard ! This team has zero chemistry & Cassidy will be fired ! Wish Quenville could coach again cuz he’s the guy ! Off season will be ugly knights. Gangsta rap made me do it.

  14. Jack

    I stopped listening to your podcasts ever since you let Mike McKenna get away with saying the Christian owners of Hobby Lobby and Chic-Fil-A are in the axis of evil.
    Too bad you don’t stick with Knight talk.

  15. Norm

    I’ve been watching the NHL for 50 years and never have I seen as many players fall mon there own as I have this year at T-Mobile. Not just VGK but opponents too. Is there something wrong with T-Mobile ice?

  16. I live in rural Kansas having moved from Henderson midway thru 1st VGK season. I have the NHL Dish pkg and I’m very disappointed in the pkg as I don’t get the VGK announcers ! So far I only get the homers for the opponents for my listening enjoyment. I can click on our sub station # or theirs and its the same people!! Once in a while NHL Network will have bonus coverage and the VGK announcers will be there. I also used to be able to get the radio broadcasts on my phone internet but not this year for some reason. Any help would be appreciated!


    Sociopathic ownership and FO will never win it all. McCrimmon has quickly destroyed what immediately had so much promise by trying to put his ego on it. Now we are stuck with #7 and #9 and the product he created.


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