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Team Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony For Practice Facility

There’s nothing we love more than a good photo op! And that’s exactly what we got at the official groundbreaking ceremony for the brand new NHL practice facility being built in Downtown Summerlin right across the street from the Red Rock Casino.

Look at the shovels! The smiles! The use of exclamation points in this article thus far!img_4047

Can you tell we hate these types of things yet?

Alright, enough sarcasm for one post, let’s go back over how amazing this practice facility is going to be for the Las Vegas community, cause that’s no joke. The building will house two full size sheets of ice which will be used in-season by the Something Knights for just a few hours during the day. The rest of the time the rinks will be open for community use.

It’ll also have a fully functional restaurant overlooking the ice where fans will have the opportunity to dine during practice. The facility will house the entire organizations offices and will serve as the team’s official home when they aren’t playing games at T-Mobile Arena.

Senior VP, Murray Craven, the guy in charge, says the project should take around 42 weeks with construction crews working day and night to assure it will get done by training camp in September of next year.

Ok, now some pictures! (And more exclamation points!)


Las Vegas Desert Knights Jersey Concept Redesign


Seat Selection Guide Released On Team Site


  1. James

    Gold hard hats. Does this mean anything or am I reading too much into it? A gold font Las Vegas was used at the NHL Vegas Hockey Open House at T-Mobile Arena

    Lets Go Golden Knights!

    • emily

      i thought that too, until i saw the silver hard hats also

    • Tom

      Anything but Desert Knights!

      • James

        Foley said “We registered some names dealing with ‘Hawk’ because for a period of time I thought, ‘Boy, Nighthawks that sounds kind of interesting’ and Desert Hawks. Then we started moving on to a name associated with Knights so we kind of went beyond the Hawks names.”

        I found it interesting that Foley mentioned Desert Hawks, but didn’t mention Red Hawks.

        I am 99.9% sure the name will be Desert Knights. The potential of dropping Las from Las Vegas is being underreported by the local/national media. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of many examples of this happening in the four professional North American sports leagues. I’m sure it will be a bigger story if Foley unveils the team as the ‘Vegas Desert Knights’ next month!

  2. Matt McCall

    Just saw an interview where the creator revealed the colors and an official date for the name announcement! Red rock red, grey, gold, and black! November 18th folks!

    • This has been denied by multiple people inside the organization. There’s certainly a possibility that does wind up being the date selected, however, it has not been confirmed yet and other days are still being considered.

    • James

      @Matt McCall
      Where did you hear about the colours? I heard about the Red rock red and steel mesh in the Blessing interview, but haven’t heard about the other aforementioned colours in a while. Grey, gold and black (Army Black Knights colours) were Foley’s preference from the beginning. I can’t say it surprises me.

  3. Tom

    Man I hope you’re wrong. Desert Knights is so campy. It’s not even a thing. Yeah I’m starting to believe it’s gonna be Desert Knights too, but I really hope it isn’t. We’ll be the laughing stock of the league.

  4. James

    How would you feel about Red Rock being the primary colour as a tip of the cap to Las Vegas?

    The colour is unique as RJ pointed out in the other thread.

  5. Tom

    I’m not sure how I feel about it. It kinda feels like the Coyotes color to me. Maybe it would be better as a secondary color.

  6. Tom

    So here’s a question to everybody: Does the color “Red Rock” red feel tooich like Arizona Coyotes red?? It does to me. I’m sure it won’t be exactly the same, bit I bet it’s enough to notice.

  7. Tom

    Sorry typo: does it feel too much like the Coyotes red?

  8. Tom

    Wish we could’ve had glitzy colors for our team. Our city is known for its lights, not it’s red rocks. Just my opinion.

  9. Tom

    Also, if you take a drive out around town, literally the only place you see actual red dirt is at Red Rock canyon. Everything else in the valley is the same brown color. I don’t get the fascination with Red Rock. Sure it’s pretty, but I wouldn’t build a hockey team identity around it. It’s a small color swatch compared to the rest of the valley.

  10. James

    Not sure if you have seen the Las Vegas Desert Knights Jersey Concept Redesign post, but if I didn’t know any better I would think Ken’s ‘Red Rock’ shade was Texas Longhorns burnt orange. I have never seen Red Rock in person. In the photographs I’ve seen Red Rock varies in colour. Looking back at the photographs, I can see where you got the Arizona Coyotes colour from.

    I get the impression that Foley is distancing the organization from the glitz and glamour/lights of the strip. For example, no gambling nicknames. Foley resides in Montana. It is known for it’s great outdoors. Red Rock symbolizes the natural beauty of Las Vegas. ‘Desert’ fits the bill from this organic perspective. The strip was man-made.

  11. Tom

    I don’t know that Red Rock symbolizes Vegas at all bit that’s just my opinion. The practice facility is being built on the edge of town, not far from Red Rock Canyon. Maybe that has something to do with it. Oh well, I have season tickets so I’ll have to learn to like it, but it feels like a fumble so far.

  12. berri

    Desert Knights is the best name imo and according to most polls. Silver is second and acceptable, golden the worst, girlie, unoriginal and like 10% of people polled like it. Go Desert Knights!

  13. Tom

    I’m pretty sure if you put Aces against Desert Knights in a poll, Aces would probably get 99% of the vote. My point is it doesn’t matter what the polls say, Foley is gonna pick what he wants.

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