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Same Team Email May Have Leaked Logo Outline Too

Remember that email that got us all jazzed up about the color scheme? (If not, that’s what blue text is for. Click them, it makes this site better believe me) Well that very same email may have also had another little nugget hiding in the header.

Superstar graphic designer Sparky Chewbarky, you may remember him from such designs as the Las Vegas Black Knights, Las Vegas Silver Knights, the Seattle Kraken, and the Halifax Highlanders, recognized something many others pointed out.

It appears at the very top of that same email, which is pictured below, that there’s an outline of the letter V. I’ll stop talking and just let Sparky do his magic.

v-1 v-2 v-3 v-5

He got that from a shadow in an email! Unreal.

If I had to put my money on it, I’d say that Winged V is going to make an appearance in some form or fashion on top of a red, grey, black, and tanish/beige/sand background.

But, for now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

See ya tomorrow!


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  1. others are saying the V will form the eyes in a knights helmet

  2. Tom

    I like the concept of having a big V. And I hate to say the colors are starting to grow on me. Doubt the name ever will though. Hopefully they’ll switch to just Knights down the road.

  3. James

    Do you think LV would be more appropriate? The Las Vegas 51’s have a LV hat.

    Boston – B
    Calgary – C
    Columbus – C
    Dallas – D
    Los Angeles – LA
    New Jersey – NJ
    New York Islanders – NY
    Philadelphia – P

    Ducks – D
    Avalanche – A
    Canucks – C

    Montreal Canadians – CH

  4. Tom

    I kinda like the V better than LV. I think it would look more symmetrical.

  5. James

    I agree that V would look more symmetrical and is aesthetically very pleasing, but when I see an interlocking NY logo it screams New York. I don’t think Las Vegas when I see a V.

    It would make more sense if the name was Vegas Desert Knights. Colour me unconvinced.

  6. Tom

    You already know how much I loathe Desert Knights. I’m actually skipping the announcement because I hate the name so much. Seriously I think to watch people cheer the announcement of an oxymoron of a name like Desert Knights would really put me in a bad mood. I’d rather just read about it at home and bitch to my wife about crappy our name is. The potential logo isn’t bad though.

  7. 006

    The shrouded ‘V’ has me worried that ‘Las’ has been dropped from the name as it was reported it might be, well over a month ago. That would leave the team name as Vegas Desert Knights; which is absolutely the worst combination of words from what’s been reported as (extremly poor) possibilities.

    I hate when NHL teams get their names wrong. The most annoying for me is Columbus, who fire a cannon after every home goal, prominently feature a cannon on their 3rd jersey and yet call themselves Blue Jackets. Columbus Cannons: nope, no ring to that at all (and no metaphor at all for hockey either). Instead of naming their team after an effective fighting tool during battle (Civil War here), they chose an article of clothing instead. And then they made a ridiculously indistinguishable version of the Ohio state flag as the primary logo too! And this was after an even more terrible earlier ‘CBJ’ logo. That logo, along with the name, made everyone think a Blue Jacket was something like a Yellow Jacket because their mascot was some wasp-like thing named Stinger.

    All of the Vegas Dessert Nights jokes / puns are going to get really old fast if they haven’t already.

  8. James

    I have a feeling that I will be eating crow tonight. I think Silver Knights will be named the surprise winner.

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