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As If A Zamboni Room Wasn’t Enough, Look What We Found Now

A few weeks ago we almost lost our minds about the Zamboni Room that was spotted at T-Mobile Arena. Well, this one may be even more exciting.

Now we know, similar to the Zamboni room, there has to be somewhere to store all this equipment even if there are only a few games at the arena, but come on.

How many more rooms do we have to find before we can truly say the folks at T-Mobile Arena believe a permanent hockey tenant is coming? Goal room? Unclaimed hat trick hats room? Rat Pack mascot gear room?

Once again, we are probably overreacting. It’s still cool though.

There’s Already A Zamboni Room At T-Mobile Arena

So check this out.

Yeah, that’s right, there’s a zamboni room at T-Mobile Arena. Now, put it back in your pants for a second and let me explain that T-Mobile Arena is already scheduled to host multiple exhibition NHL games as well as Disney on Ice, so a zamboni is necessary even if the league does not expand to Vegas.

Ok, now whip it back out and say it with me… There’s a zamboni room at T-Mobile Arena!!!

You really think they planned a specific room to house such a specialized piece of equipment for a few events a year? I don’t think so either.

Also, read Rick Arpin’s caption on the tweet again. This is a man whose Twitter profile reads, “Entertainment executive at MGM Resorts International. Proud grad from UNLV, proud native of Las Vegas.”

Here at we’ve become masters of reading between the lines, and what Mr. Arpin is trying to say is, “I can’t believe we are actually getting a hockey team, hell yes.”

We agree Rick. We agree.

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