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A Look Back On VGK’s Moneyline Wins And Losses From 2023-24

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights finished the regular season with 45 wins and 37 losses. There were exciting wins like the crazy three goal comeback against the Avalanche and the 6-5 win over the Canadiens, and there were tough losses like 3rd period disaster against Arizona and the outdoor drubbing of the Winter Classic.

Throughout the season here at, we track the gambling side of the game using moneylines from William Hill Race and Sports Book. You can find all of the data for the entire history of the team on our Odds Page, but today we’re focusing just on this season, and we’re using a slightly simpler style of measurement.

In the 82 games if you had bet exactly $10 on every game the Golden Knights played in, you’d have lost $44.41 this season. The 7-game series against Dallas would have cost another $6.41.

The biggest win of the season was a +140 cash-in against the New York Rangers in January. The Golden Knights thrashed the eventual Eastern Conference finalists, as Jonathan Marchessault notched a hat trick while Sheldon Rempal potted his second career goal.

The worst loss of the year was actually the last game of the season. Vegas fell to Anaheim 4-1 on that day as -400 favorites. It was one of only two times this entire season the Golden Knights lost as favorites of -250 or more, the other was to Chicago early in the year.

VGK won as home underdogs four times in five tries this year knocking off New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, and Edmonton, the last of which ended the Oilers’ historic win streak.

Here are some more facts from Season 7 including wins and losses if you bet $10 on each game.

Overall: 45-37 (-$44.41)
Home: 27-14 ($34.07)
Away: 18-23 (-$78.47)

Pacific Division: 14-12 (-$36.76)
Central Division: 16-8 ($44.76)
Atlantic Division: 6-10 (-$57.40)
Metropolitan Division: 9-7 ($4.99)

As Favorites: 32-22 (-$41.39)
As Underdogs: 11-12 ($8.80)
As Pick’em -110: 2-3 (-$11.82)
As -600 or more favorites: 1-0 ($1.67)
As -400 or more favorites: 3-1 (-$3.33)
As -300 or more favorites: 5-2 (-$7.66)
As -200 or more favorites: 14-7 (-$17.21)
As -150 or more favorites: 22-13 (-$31.59)

October: 9-1 ($42.26)
November: 6-8 (-$35.05)
December: 7-6 (-$16.04)
January: 7-6 ($16.64)
February: 4-6 (-$25.15)
March: 8-6 (-$11.50)
April: 4-4 (-$15.56)

Most Profitable Opponent: NYR $25.80
Least Profitable Opponent: ANA -$27.18

Golden Knights Largest Favorites In Franchise History Tonight Against San Jose

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights are no strangers to being heavy favorites, especially in home games. This season Vegas have been at least a -200 favorite in six of their 13 games, the most of any team in the NHL. Tonight though, it’s on another level.

At William Hill, the Golden Knights are currently -550 favorites over the San Jose Sharks. It’s the largest moneyline favorite the Golden Knights have ever been in any of their 557-game history as a franchise, and it’s not even particularly close.

The previous high was -440, a number the Golden Knights have hit twice. In 2021-22 Vegas were -440 in home games against the Sabres and Coyotes. Vegas have been at least -400 favorites on four occasions, they’ve won three of the four games.

2/1/22: -440 vs BUF (5-2 win)
4/9/22: -440 vs ARI (6-1 win)
11/17/22: -400 vs ARI (4-1 win)
3/23/19: -400 vs DET (3-2 loss)

VGK have been at least -300 favorites 15 times. Their record isn’t particularly great considering the expectation of lopsided contests. The Golden Knights are 9-6 in these games including a loss to San Jose in April of 2022.

2/12/23: -375 vs ANA (7-2 win)
10/27/23: -360 vs CHI (3-2 loss)
10/14/23: -355 vs ANA (4-1 win)
10/13/22: -355 vs CHI (1-0 win)
4/23/22: -340 vs SJS (5-4 loss)
3/1/20: -340 vs LAK (4-1 loss)
3/19/23: -335 vs CBJ (7-2 win)
1/20/22: -320 vs MTL (4-3 win)
10/17/19: -320 vs OTT (3-2 win)
4/18/22: -310 vs NJD (3-2 loss)
3/3/20: -310 vs NJD (3-0 win)
12/21/22: -305 vs ARI (5-2 win)
3/20/28: -305 vs VAN (4-1 win)
10/28/22: -300 vs ANA (4-0 win)
2/21/23: -300 at CHI (3-2 loss)

Tonight is the first foray into the land of -500 for Vegas. Next stop, -600, a place we’ve only seen a few times in NHL history, most recently when the Maple Leafs beat Chicago 5-2 in a February game in Toronto.

Best Bets On The New William Hill App For Opening Night

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

For those of you not paying attention, the new William Hill mobile sports app has been released and it is essentially the Willie Wonka of sports betting. You name it, you can bet on it using the updated app, and of course, that includes the Stanley Cup Champion Vegas Golden Knights.

For the first game alone, there are over 100 different ways to bet the game. They range from something as simple as who will win to the much more in depth options such as the exact score of the 2nd period.

Let’s try and make you some money and highlight some of my best bets for the season opening game against the Seattle Kraken.

60 minute moneyline
Best Bet: VGK -121

This is a simple one, just take the Golden Knights to win the game in regulation. They are 7-1-0 all time against the Kraken and the atmosphere at T-Mobile Arena will be electric. Yeah, we are giving up on overtime (which would have VGK at -170), but it’s worth it.

VGK total goals
Best Bet: Over 3.5 -129

If the playoffs taught us anything, when the stakes are high, the Golden Knights score goals. I expect Vegas to score early and often getting to at least four well before the Kraken’s net is empty.

Will there be OT?
Best Bet: No -479

If you want a real safe one, this is the way to go. No VGK vs SEA game has ever gone to overtime and only one of the eight has even been a one-goal game.

Goal in first 10 minutes
Best Bet: Yes -190

Think back to the playoffs, there was a goal in the first 10 minutes of just about every game, it should happen again in this one.

Goals in each period
Best Bet: No +172

Eventually, the game should settle in and the way VGK defend, I’d expect either the 2nd or 3rd period to be scoreless.

Winning Margin
Best Bet: VGK by 3 goals +525

Five of the eight games between these two teams have seen the Golden Knights win by exactly three goals. At more than 5:1, why not try for a sixth.

Race to 4 goals
Best Bet: VGK +130

If someone’s getting to four, it’ll be the Golden Knights. For plus money, it’s worth a look.

VGK will win or draw all periods
Best Bet: Yes +152

Earlier I said there’s going to be a period without a goal, which knocks off one of the three. I also like VGK to score early, so that should get them through the 1st. +152 to try and win the other one, I like the chances.

Good luck!

VGK’s William Hill Odds To Win Cup, Conference, Division, Make Playoffs, And More

William Hill, the official sportsbook of since the inception of the site, has just released massive upgrades to their app. What that means for Golden Knights fans is tons of new bets, both now, and once we get to the season with in-play and same-game parlay wagering.

Right now, the new app offers six different ways to bet on the Golden Knights from Stanley Cup future odds to moneylines on the very first game of the season.

We’ll start with the big one… will Vegas go back-to-back?

VGK come in as the 4th favorite behind a pair of Eastern Conference teams and an opponent they beat in the 2023 playoffs. Feels like the reigning champs who are returning a majority of the roster should be the favorites, but hey, maybe it’s a chance to strike while the iron is hot.

On to the next one, the season opener at T-Mobile Arena.

The Golden Knights are 7-1-0 all-time against the Kraken.

The first step for Vegas to get another parade down the Strip is to make the playoffs, and according to William Hill, that’s very likely.

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Golden Knights Betting Trends So Far This Season

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

If you bet on every Golden Knights game this season, 29 times out of the 49 games you would have cashed in as a winner. Unfortunately, the 20 losses have actually outweighed the 29 wins.

In the 29 wins the Golden Knights have been favored in 23. They were -110, or a pick ’em, in three, and were underdogs in three others. Betting on just those wins would have netted you $1,954.53, or an average win of $67.40 per game.

In the 20 losses, Vegas were favored in 14 while being underdogs in five and -110 in the opener against the Kings. Losing all 20 would mean losing exactly $100 each game, or $2,000 total. That means, after 49 games, betting $100 on every game would have you down $45.47.

However, there have been plenty of situations that have been profitable for the Golden Knights this season.

The first is road games, and more specifically, road games in which they are favored. VGK have boasted a strong 15-7 betting record on the road which would have netted an average of $22.15 profit per game on $100 bets. When favored, the Golden Knights have won 11 of the 14 for a profit of $376.35.

The next is against Eastern Conference teams. VGK are 14-7 against the East including a road record of 8-2. That’d be a $316.12 profit on all 21 and $386.70 on the road games.

High-scoring games have also suited the Golden Knights well. They are 15-5 in games with at least seven goals. $100 per game would have netted $653.81 in those 20 games.

Pick ’em games have been great too. The Golden Knights have played in three toss-up games with both sides at -110. They’ve won all three against the Penguins, Kings, and Maple Leafs.

The final scenario is the weakest, but a definite positive in how the team bounces back from setbacks. The Golden Knights are 12-7 following a loss as they will be tomorrow night in New York. That number has come down recently though as VGK started the season 8-2 following a loss and had not lost three straight until this last homestand. They gained $292.91 in those first 10, but have lost $238.05 in the final nine.

The toughest spot this season has been games against the Pacific Division. They have an overall record of 5-10 against the division including a miserable 1-5 at home. They’ve dropped $466.67 in the six home games while losing $571.56 overall.

Unsurprising to season ticket holders, the Golden Knights have struggled at home this year. They are 14-12 and have lost $532.73 in those 26 games.

Another oddity is games that finish exactly 3-2. Vegas have competed in 10 games with that final score, they’ve lost seven of the 10 and have hemorrhaged $46.60 per night in those games.

All in all, the Golden Knights still win more than they lose, so there are ways to make money betting on them. Aim for road games in which they are favored, -110’s, and games against the East, and definitely avoid Pacific Division home games.

**All odds are from William Hill Sportsbook, official partner of**

2022-23 Player Props And Two Computer Model Season Point Projections

It’s prediction season again, and while the SinBin crew will be holding ours until the next podcast, we’re starting to see some trickle in from a few of our favorite sources.

We’ll start with our absolute favorite source for prognostication, William Hill!

There’s been a bit of a shift in the overall numbers since we first highlighted them a month ago. VGK are still picked to make the playoffs and finish 3rd in the division but their point total has dipped a full point to 95.5 and the “Make the Playoffs” prop is all the way down to -220 (it was almost -300 at open).

The props on the Golden Knights to win the division have dropped too, to +380, while Vegas stands as 20:1 underdogs to win the Cup.

There are a bunch of new individual player props on the board too. Here are a few.

Jack Eichel Goals Scored
Over/Under 36.5

Jonathan Marchessault Goals Scored
Over/Under 25.5

Mark Stone Goals Scored
Over/Under 20.5

Phil Kessel Goals Scored
Over/Under 18.5

Logan Thompson Wins
Over/Under 27.5

Finally, William Hill has listed a special monthly prop on October points for the Golden Knights. Vegas play 10 games with five at home and five on the road. The only repeat opponent is Winnipeg. William Hill has the line set at 10.5 with the under as the slight favorite.

Like it or not, the oddsmakers are not expecting the Golden Knights to come flying out of the gate.

Also, a pair of excellent computerized projection models have released their first look at this season’s predicted standings.

We’ll start with the more optimistic of the two.

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Early Betting Odds Show VGK Making Playoffs, Finishing 3rd In Pacific

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Pacific Division has not exactly been a hotbed for NHL dominance the last few years. This year though, there’s been enough player movement in and out of the division that there’s a bit of a question as to how strong it will actually be.

Last year’s division champs, the Calgary Flames, lost two-thirds of their top line but were able to replace it with a couple of stellar players due to a blockbuster trade with the Florida Panthers. Edmonton, who advanced the furthest of any Pacific team, is basically bringing the band back together, and Los Angeles, Vancouver, Anaheim, and Seattle all added in the offseason.

The Golden Knights, despite an offseason of cap managing, should still be right in the mix to compete for the division title. They’ll continue to have the strongest D-corps in the division, an above-average top-six, and an excellent head coach.

With camp still a few weeks away and the regular season more than a month out, it can be tricky to find good prediction models for how the season may go. Luckily, here in Vegas, we call home to the best model in the world, betting odds.

Whether you gamble on sports or not, odds give a strong indication as to not just what sportsbooks believe is going to happen, but also what the public sees as the most likely outcome in a game or season. As bets come in on each team, sportsbooks adjust their lines to limit their likelihood of taking big wins or losses. So, what ends up happening is the odds become essentially a giant poll of public opinion with votes being cast by dollars.

William Hill posted season point totals and make or miss the playoffs lines on every team in the league a few weeks ago. As early bets came in, some of the numbers shifted giving us a better perspective on how the public views the league.

Point TotalMake PlayoffsEarned on $10 Bet
Los Angeles94.5-185$5.41
San Jose72.5+450$45

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