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2020 was a year filled with boredom. Boredom often leads to wacky, ridiculous, completely superfluous ideas. One day during quarantine I become obsessed with the concept of NFLScorigami and trying to find a way to bring it to the game of hockey. Of course, since every score is pretty much somewhere between 1-0 and 10-9, there really weren’t enough scores to do that. So, I looked towards something that has a slightly larger sample size. And that’s where I came to…


Every time a player scores a goal in a hockey game, the exact time in which that goal is scored is recorded. I thought to myself, I wonder how often goals are scored at the exact same second as other goals. So, like any bored blogger would do, I went back over every single goal in Vegas Golden Knight history to find out. With it came the birth of VGK Horology.

The word “horology” means the study and measurement of time. VGK Horology is the study of when the Vegas Golden Knights score goals.

An NHL hockey game is 60 minutes long, which breaks down to 3,600 seconds. We are counting until a Golden Knight scores on exactly every single one of them. (Well, technically since 20:00, 40:00, and 60:00 are impossible and the first five seconds of each period are incredibly rare, so we have reduced the number to 3,582 seconds.)

Each time a Golden Knight scores on a unique second in the game, the goal is deemed a “Horogoal.” Horogoals are only counted in the regular season and during regulation.

We’ve set up a Twitter account that has been backlogged with every goal ever scored by the Golden Knights (in the regular season) and will be updating it with every goal scored from here on out.

So far there have been 649 Horogoals scored over the first 235 Golden Knights games. That leaves 2,933 more until VGK Horology is complete.

VGK Horology now has it’s own page on the site and will be updated monthly. The Twitter account will be updated following every goal.

Check out the VGK Horology Page for stats, season breakdowns, and the complete log of Horogoals so farVG