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Golden Knights Are Here To Help Community Heal, Again

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Days before the Golden Knights stepped foot on a hockey rink as a team for the first time, they were tasked with something much larger than outscoring another NHL team. Despite still being relatively unknown to many in Las Vegas, the Golden Knights knew they needed to be a part of helping their community heal from the greatest tragedy the city had ever seen.

This is when the team really proved they are Vegas Born. It’s also the same moment the city realized this team is not just some new fad. The Golden Knights became a massive part of the fabric of Las Vegas and they’ve never stopped since.

Yesterday, horror struck our home again, and again, the Golden Knights were there to do whatever they could to help.

The team was 1600 miles away, but their impact could be felt. They rallied together to bring joy to many fans watching the game at home and then they expressed the same message they’ve been expressing since they first came into existence, that they are here and will always be here for Las Vegas.

We are VegasStrong. We are going to help the community heal as much as possible. Vegas is our home and it’s really sad that we have to go through this again but we will be there for everyone who needs help. -Jonathan Marchessault

The city means everything. We were all heartbroken about it. The moment of silence before the game was a class act by (the Blues) to acknowledge that. Just like we have in the past we’re going to rally around the city, try to give back as much as we can, and try to heal it as much as we can. -Keegan Kolesar

First and foremost we’re a family in Las Vegas. Obviously the city has been through a lot in the past and it’s a city that sticks together. No matter where you are from or how long you have lived there it’s a community that always sticks together and comes together to support one another. This team feels the support of the community every single night for the past seven years so we’re always there for our community. It’s a difficult day but we’re here to support our community and stand together with Las Vegas all the time. -Zach Whitecloud

Our hearts go out to the people in Las Vegas. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery for everybody. Our staff, players, and entire organization are thinking about everyone back home. -Bruce Cassidy

Just another example of why the Golden Knights are the greatest hockey team in the world.

Forever Vegas Strong

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

One year ago today was the worst day the city of Las Vegas has ever experienced. 58 lives were senselessly taken, thousands of memories were forever tarnished, and millions of lives were affected. It was, is, and always will be, in a word, horrendous.

However, that day taught the world a lot about the greatest city in it. That day showed what a tremendous community we have. That day showed how we rally for our own and for our visitors. That day broke down a lot of the barriers and stigmas about what Las Vegas really is and who actually lives here.

That day showed that we are Vegas Strong.

Today, the Golden Knights will make their way around the city participating in a number of community visits that will touch the lives of hundreds who were affected by 1 October. The Golden Knights are Las Vegas’ team. They are beloved in a way that every sports franchise in the world dreams of, but very few have. They have become heroes after their awe-inspiring first season and today they will use that status to hopefully bring joy to the real heroes of this city.

at the T-Mobile Arena on October 10, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. (Photo by Brandon Andreasen)

But today they will be seen much differently than they were this time last year. At that time, they had never played a game. Aside from Fleury, individual players were relatively unknown. They hadn’t yet connected with the city like they were about to a few days later and over the course of the next 12 months. They were not beloved sports icons. The words Wild Bill, Marchy, and Belly meant nothing to anyone. They were really just millionaire athletes who were dropped here, involuntarily in most cases, and were told to go help the city heal the worst tragedy it has ever seen.

Looking back, it was a ridiculous ask, and yet, somehow, they pulled it off, and they’ve been pulling it off ever since.

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Deryk Engelland’s Speech And Goal Will Forever Live In Vegas Lore

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Like all of you I am proud to call Las Vegas home. I met my wife here, my kids were born here, and I know how special this city is. To all the brave first responders that have worked timelessly and courageously throughout this whole tragedy, we thank you. To the families and friends of the victims, know we will do everything we can to help you and our city heal. We are Vegas Strong. -Deryk Engelland

Prior to last night’s game, Deryk Engelland went from being “the guy on the team who lives in Vegas,” to an immortal figure in Las Vegas history as the voice of the city’s first team during one of the worst moments any city has ever endured.

Then, the game started, and this happened…

It’s a moment that can only happen in sports because if it happened anywhere else, we wouldn’t believe it.

The speech… the goal… the win.

They are going to be tough to top. This team may go on to make the playoffs at some point. They may even eventually lift the Stanley Cup and carry it down the Las Vegas Strip. But there may never be another moment like that in the history of the Vegas Golden Knights.

It was probably one of the more emotional times in my life, going out there with the first responders and seeing them out there. With all that they have been through over the past week. It was a little nerve-racking to speak in front of that many people, but the response from the crowd was phenomenal. It was the least we can do for the people that went through that. -Deryk Engelland

I thought it was unbelievable. He was very nervous, but he looked like he was calm, cool and collected. He scored a goal…pretty amazing. -The Creator

It gave me some goosebumps. He’s always talks about this city and how much he loves it. I know he cares a lot. I’m happy he got to do it and he’s such a gentleman. He got a big goal for us too right away, which was nice. -Marc-Andre Fleury

It was great. That’s tough to do especially before a game. I’m sure he was nervous even just for the first game here, and then for him to do that, I don’t know how he focused on playing hockey, but he did, and he played great, and he got a huge goal for us, which was awesome. -James Neal

He made a great speech out on the ice and for us to come out the way that we played the first 7 or 8 minutes was incredible. It was the perfect script for us and it’s the way things should have went. A lot of times it doesn’t go that way, but tonight was the perfect night for our group. -Gerard Gallant

What a moment. What a night. What a person.

And as if it couldn’t get any better, the speech lasted exactly 58 seconds. The same amount of time as the moment of silence that preceded Engelland’s incredible words. One second for every life that was lost on October 1st.

There’s no word that correctly sums it up, so I’ll go with the closest one we’ve got in the English language.


When Vegas Golden Knights Become Real Golden Knights

Every season ticket holder for the Vegas Golden Knights was given a free jersey as show gratitude for being one of the first group ever to support Las Vegas’ first major professional franchise. With the jersey came a box that had in it commemorative tickets, a Golden Knights pin, and a scarf. On the inside of the box and on the back of a ticket is a quote.

A knight is the epitome of the warrior class. Knights protect those who cannot protect themselves. As Vegas Golden Knights, we never give up, never give in, always advance. There is no substitute for victory. -The Creator

It happened nine days before the first regular season home game for the Vegas Golden Knights. The worst mass shooting in modern United States history and it took place across the street from the home of a team that will become the first ever to represent our great city.

Never before has this city needed knights quite like it does now. Never before have the words “never give up, never give in” meant more to Las Vegas than they do right now.

Yesterday, a group of hockey players who came from 20+ different places to form a team less than a month ago, spent much of the day together visiting first responders, families of victims, blood donors, and volunteers helping to pick up the pieces after Sunday’s horrific events.

Yesterday, they were just Golden Knights by name, today they are actual, real-life Golden Knights. Bringing joy to places where it’s not easy to come by.

Sports have the ability to be a great healer for a city. Countless times after tragedy sporting events have brought together communities to rally for the same thing. The Golden Knights will go out and compete on Friday in Dallas and more importantly Tuesday here in Vegas with the belief that they are playing for every single person who calls Las Vegas home. They’ll play in front of 17,000+ people all with heavy hearts.

Normally I find quotes like that one to be overdone, forced, and in many ways meaningless. It’s a group of people playing an insignificant game after all. But here we are, in need of those who can “protect us.” Who will not let one heinous act ruin our great city. Who will always help us “advance.”

Here are the Vegas Golden Knights. Our Golden Knights, who have the ability to bring the city together to rally for something bigger than a hockey game.

***Click through for pictures of the team’s community appearances.***

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