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VGK TV Ratings Through The Roof On New Scripps Sports Channel

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

When the Golden Knights announced their new TV deal with Scripps Sports, there were many questions from the fan base. From streaming to over-the-air to cable, you name it, fans in Vegas were concerned with how they’d be able to watch their favorite team play.

A little more than a month into Scripps’ first season, every single one of those questions has been answered and the new deal has been a smashing success.

Scripps Sports is available to every household in the valley via the over-the-air signal, it was picked up and activated by all cable providers before the first preseason game, and the new streaming service, KnightTime+, launched and worked out any kinks well before Opening Night.

Simply put, it’s good to be a Golden Knights fan, and they are proving it.

According to a recent press release from Scripps, ratings for the first five locally broadcast Golden Knights games are up 135% compared to VGK games on ESPN and TNT last season.

The reigning NHL Stanley Cup champions are drawing an average 8.5 household rating in Las Vegas, according to Comscore data. The Golden Knights games, which broadcast on Scripps’ new independent station Vegas 34 (KMCC), were played on Oct. 12, 14, 17, 19 and 21. The highest-rated game was Oct. 21 against Dallas (10.5 rating). -Scripps Press Release

For comparison sake, in 2017-18, VGK’s inaugural season, they had an average rating of 1.87. The numbers started off much higher with an early preseason game pulling a 5.0. Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final that year delivered an 11.1 rating. Yes, that’s right, a random regular season game against Dallas a few weeks ago almost matched one of the most historic games in the history of this sport.

The numbers jumped significantly in Year 2 to an average of 3.4. The highest game that year was a Tuesday night affair with Buffalo that drew a 4.7. In the playoffs, the Golden Knights vs Sharks series capped out at 11.1.

No matter how you slice it, the Golden Knights have become can’t-miss TV every single night on Scripps Sports. Obviously, you can thank the giant banner hanging in the rafters that says Stanley Cup Champions on it, but you can also thank Scripps Sports, who have made VGK games easier than ever to watch.

Golden Knights Preseason Ratings Through The Roof

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

For the first time in franchise history, all seven Golden Knights preseason games are being shown on TV. Last year just two were broadcast and the first year it was hard to even get any because of #CoxBlocked.

However, this year, KTNV stepped up to broadcast them all and it’s paying off in a big way in regards to ratings.

Just four games into the preseason, three games have pulled in at least a 4.6 rating and the same three garnered at least an eight share. That means 8% of televisions that were turned on in the Las Vegas area were watching a meaningless exhibition game. Here are all four game’s numbers.

vs. Arizona – 2.8 Rating / 5 Share
at Colorado – 4.9 Rating / 9 Share
at Los Angeles – 5.0 Rating / 9 Share
at San Jose – 4.6 Rating / 8 Share

Of course, the numbers are better for the road games as 17,767 fans were in the building watching the home game. The three road games average a 4.8 rating and a 8.7 share. If that was to continue for the entire regular season, it would rank in the top three in the NHL for TV ratings.

And these are preseason games!

There are three preseason games left, all at home, and then it’s time for the one that counts on October 2nd on NBCSN.

Who knows what the outcome of the game will be (the Golden Knights better win), but one thing that is for sure, a ridiculous amount of people in the Vegas valley will be watching.

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Hockey Dominates Vegas TV Ratings Even After Golden Knights Elimination

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

2019 marked the first time in the history of the NHL that a playoff game was played following the elimination of the Vegas Golden Knights.

(It almost makes it sound cool that the Golden Knights were eliminated. No? Oh well, I tried.)

Conventional wisdom would say that once Vegas’ team was gone from the playoffs, especially with the way it happened, that the market would shut their TV’s off from the rest of the postseason. However, the proved to be far from the case.

Las Vegas ranked 9th in the country for the top markets across the entire Stanley Cup Final drawing a 4.4 rating (meaning 4.4% of Vegas households were watched the games).

Top 10 Markets across the Stanley Cup Final on NBC/NBCSN

  1. St. Louis 28.7
  2. Boston 25.5
  3. Providence 19.2
  4. Buffalo 9.5
  5. Kansas City 5.6
  6. Pittsburgh 5.3
  7. Hartford 5.2
  8. Ft. Myers 4.5
  9. Las Vegas 4.4
  10. Denver 4.3

Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final came in as the most watched non-Golden Knights game in city history, pulling in a 7.6 rating, also ranked 9th in the United States.

As for Golden Knights games, the ratings were incredibly impressive once again, blowing all other competing shows out of the water.

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Vegas Golden Knights TV Ratings Soar

These two things are kind of a big reason for the massive bump in ratings. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It’s no secret to anyone that the Vegas Golden Knights are the most popular item in Las Vegas right now. Show up to a game, there are routinely 18,000+ people wearing grey and gold. Drive down the street and you’ll see thousands of VGK decals, stickers, plate holders, and now even custom license plates. You can go pretty much anywhere in this city and you are almost guaranteed to see the Golden Knights logo somewhere or on someone.

But the best determinant of actual fandom is eyeballs. By that I mean, people watching the games on TV.

Last year the numbers were very hard to come by (believe me, we asked over 20 times over the course of the season), but as the regular season came to a close, Sports Business Journal was able to gather the average number from the season.

The Vegas Golden Knights had a 1.87 rating on AT&T Rocky Mountain in the team’s inaugural season. –John Ourand and Ian Thomas, SportsBusiness Journal

For context, the league leader was the Pittsburgh Penguins with a 5.81 rating, the Buffalo Sabres came in second at 4.62 and the St. Louis Blues pulled a 3.93. The worst ratings in the league were by the Anaheim Ducks (0.24) and the Florida Panthers (0.27).

Before I show you the numbers for this year, let me explain TV ratings quickly. The numbers above, called “ratings” indicate what percentage of total households with televisions (whether turned on or not) are watching the channel. There’s another metric, called “share” which indicates the total percentage of households have that actually have TVs turned on which are tuned to a channel.

So, on to the fun numbers. Here are the Golden Knights ratings per game on AT&T SportsNet this season.

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Game 1 Draws Record Setting TV Ratings; 1 in 5 Vegas TV’s Watched The Golden Knights Thursday

Anyone who has been anywhere in the Vegas valley over the past four months or so is well aware of the buzz this city has for the Golden Knights, but finally, there are numbers to back up how in love Las Vegas is for its hockey team.

Game 1 delivered an 11.1 local TV rating, the best for any game ever on NBCSN in Las Vegas. It also earned a 19 share, which means 19% of televisions that were turned on in Las Vegas were watching the Golden Knights and Sharks.

And this was a home game, so the 18,400+ at the game couldn’t be watching on TV. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The game drew a 0.65 overnight national rating, up 35% from the first late-night Round Two game in 2017. The game averaged 830,000 viewers with a peak of 1.1 millon, that’s up 47% vs comparable game last year and the best late-night Round Two Game 1 since 2010, excluding Blackhawks games.

All in all, a lot of people all over the country watched the Golden Knights destroy the Sharks, and a ridiculous amount watched from their homes in Las Vegas.

Now, on to tomorrow night, for Game 2, which will be the Golden Knights national TV debut on NBC at 5PM Pacific time. Expect the numbers for that one to be even better than they were in Game 1.

Guest Post: TV Ratings Indicate Long Term Success For NHL In Las Vegas

One of our goals here at is to be the voice of the valley when it comes to the NHL. In trying to do so we often have the opportunity to interact with some incredible people (and excellent writers) who are equally as passionate about hockey in Las Vegas as we are. Therefore, we wanted to give you, our readers, the opportunity to let your voice be heard via guest posts to the site.

Our next guest post comes from the Vegas Hockey Podcast’s Mark Warner.

The question of whether or not the NHL is coming to Las Vegas has been answered. With the unforeseen total of season ticket commitments now past 14,500 when the pundits mockingly cited 5,000 or less as a max, the people of Las Vegas have spoken. With the recent opening of the first class, $400 million NHL ready T-Mobile Arena, the community has spoken. With a privately written $500 million check for entry into the club, The Creator has spoken loud and clear. (Looking at you Mark Davis…) As first reported by your very own the vote happens in early May and the team will be announced a couple of weeks after that. Let us now look to the future and answer some lingering questions for the doubters.

One of the most common themes among detractors is that in a few years Las Vegas will be host to a stadium full of empty seats, like Phoenix or Florida. These are often the same folks who said Mr. Foley wouldn’t sell any tickets. The reality is that the long term outlook for continued success after the honeymoon is quite good. There is, in fact, an avid hockey fan base of 110,000 to 130,000 people who live in Las Vegas. Small compared to major cities like New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles, but not bad. In reality, if people didn’t have such a skewed opinion of the city from their own experiences or how we are portrayed in the movies we would have had a team a long time ago. We are the largest metropolitan area in North America without a major sports team. The 2.3 million residents in the valley make Las Vegas the 30th largest media market in the country.

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