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Golden Knights Trivia: vs Opponent

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Question 1

Which team have the Golden Knights played the most games against in franchise history? (Regular season and postseason combined)

A) Los Angeles Kings
B) Colorado Avalanche
C) San Joe Sharks
D) Winnipeg Jets

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A) Los Angeles Kings (36 games, 32 RS, 4 Playoffs)
B) Colorado Avalanche (31 games, 24 RS, 7 Playoffs)
C) San Joe Sharks (43 games, 30 RS, 13 Playoffs)
D) Winnipeg Jets (26 games, 16 RS, 10 playoffs)  


Question 2

Which team has scored the fewest goals against the Golden Knights?

A) Seattle Kraken
B) Columbus Blue Jackets
C) Ottawa Senators
D) Boston Bruins

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A) Seattle Kraken (19 GA in 10 GP)
B) Columbus Blue Jackets (28 GA in 10 GP)
C) Ottawa Senators (29 GA in 11 GP)
D) Boston Bruins (30 GA in 11 GP)


Question 3

Which of these teams have never won a regular season game in regulation at T-Mobile Arena?

A) Ottawa Senators
B) Florida Panthers
C) Montreal Canadiens
D) Seattle Kraken

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A) Ottawa Senators
B) Florida Panthers
C) Montreal Canadiens
D) Seattle Kraken

*Washington has also never won in regulation at T-Mobile Arena.*


Question 4

Which team do the Golden Knights have the fewest number of wins at home against?

A) Detroit Red Wings
B) Boston Bruins
C) Carolina Hurricanes
D) Philadelphia Flyers

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A) Detroit Red Wings (1 win in 4 GP)
B) Boston Bruins (2 wins in 6 GP)
C) Carolina Hurricanes (2 wins in 5 GP)
D) Philadelphia Flyers (3 wins in 6 GP)

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Golden Knights Trivia Game: Who Am I?

Can you figure out who each guy is? (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen) 

With the season opener just about a day away, we decided to have a little fun with you and play some trivia. We’ve put together a group of “Who Am I?” questions. We’ll give you a fact about a player, and you have to guess who it is we are talking about.


I’ve played a total of 154 NHL’s games, including playoffs but tomorrow will be my first opening night. Who am I?

My first NHL game was on opening night. I played great but my team lost. Look, we weren’t very good that season but we still had one of the greats on the team. We added another great the next year. We’re all still good buddies. Who am I?

Neither of us were drafted by the Bruins but Torrey Krug and I shared our first opening night game in 2013. Who am I?

I’ve been in Gerard Gallant’s opening night lineup for three straight years. I scored the first goal of the game in my first opening night appearance. Who am I?

In my first opening night game, my teammates Taylor Hall and David Perron registered a point. Surprisingly I had the most shifts on the team. Oh and opponent Deryk Engelland had roughly the same amount shifts. Who am I?

In my first opening night game, I played 3 minutes but spent more time in the SinBin for fighting Zack Stortini. I better get more than 8 minutes on Thursday. Who am I?

My first NHL game was on opening night. I had a second period roughing penalty. On my second opening night I scored a goal. In my third opener, I had a goal, an assist, a roughing penalty, a spearing penalty and a game misconduct. It was an interesting night. Who am I?

In my first opening night, I faced Nick Holden who was also playing his first opening night game. My second opening night, my teammate Zach Parise had a hat trick in a 5-4 win. My team was down 3-0 and we faced another central division team. Nick Holden was on that team too. Who am I?

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