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Final Payment Won’t Be Made By Trade Deadline, No Deals For VGK

On an interview on KXNT Radio with Alan Stock (and me), The Creator confirmed that the final payment, which allows the team “full entry” into the league will not clear in time for the trade deadline on March 1st.

We won’t make it before the trade deadline. The documentation is unbelievable. I have documentation with the league on a franchise agreement. I have documentation on a loan we are taking out with CitiBank. I’ve got my personal stuff, which all has to get in and get approved. If you saw the stack of documents you’d say it’s not a pretty picture. -The Creator

What it means is the Vegas Golden Knights cannot be officially active at this trade deadline. Deals can be agreed to in principal but cannot be signed off on by the league.

George is having informal calls informal talks with various GMs. Other teams want to do more than we want to do. They want to lock up some of their players for the playoff run and after the playoff run. We aren’t going to get ahead of ourselves. George is going to make good deals. George is a deal maker especially in hockey. If we give up the right to draft a good player we are going to get something good for it. -The Creator

The next question is whether or not the payment will clear in time for George McPhee to attend the GM meetings beginning on March 6th.

In the end, the significance of this will always be unknown. Would deals have actually gotten done? Would McPhee have been willing to sign the dotted line on not selecting a player with four months still to go before the Expansion Draft? We’ll never know.

This also delays the ability to sign college free agents and undrafted players.

Well we just feel the sooner the better. We’d like to start doing some business. We’re ready to go and it’s important for us to be involved. It’s important for us to be at the table at the GM’s meetings because there are important decisions regarding the league and all of hockey in general are being made there and Las Vegas should be heard. –George McPhee to Puck Daddy on February 9th

But the fact of the matter is now we know for sure, the 2017 trade deadline will not involve the Vegas Golden Knights.


Six To Eight Teams Have Already Called Vegas To Talk Trades

We are just over a week away from the NHL Trade Deadline and it appears the Golden Knights and George McPhee are already the talk of the town. As mentioned previously on the Expansion Draft is causing teams to hesitate a bit on pulling off deals, but one thing they haven’t waited to do is to reach out to Vegas.

We’ve been taking calls from teams already that are interested in doing something to bolster their team for the playoffs, but they’ve also got us to worry about and they don’t want to go and add some players that they are going to lose right away to us. -Geroge McPhee, GM

That nugget was dropped on a recent interview with Tyler Bischoff and Jim Bola on the Coaches Corner. (Interview starts at 25:30)

They’re interested in talking to us about some sort of deal. What can they give us to lay off of certain people and our answer so far is, we’re not sure yet. It’s got to be something good, it’s gotta be better than the player we are looking at. You want that player now we’ll take something for the future and it’s got to be pretty darn good. -McPhee

The question that now needs to be answered is whether McPhee and his crack staff will know exactly what they’re willing to take before the clock strikes noon on March 1st.

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Golden Knights Causing Conservative Approach At Deadline

As we’ve realized throughout this entire process, expansion is confusing. This week TSN/ESPN’s Pierre Lebrun broke open a future scenario involving the Golden Knights and the Blue Jackets. On TSN Montreal, LeBrun reported Columbus is internally debating on how to protect themselves against expansion. He gives a theoretical sequence of events.

Take the Columbus Blue Jackets. Let’s just pretend they trade for Matt Duchene (again, this is purely to make a point, folks) in exchange for Prospect X, Player X and Draft Pick X. Then, obviously, they would want to protect Duchene as one of their seven forwards for the expansion draft. That means a guy such as William Karlsson or Josh Anderson gets exposed. So that means the cost of the Duchene trade becomes what was traded for him, plus Anderson or Karlsson (who would go to Vegas). For a young team such as the Blue Jackets, that’s what they are thinking about. Which is why a rental player makes more sense for a team like that; a pending unrestricted free agent doesn’t affect protection plans for the expansion draft. –Pierre LeBrun, TSN/ESPN

Just the threat of the Golden Knights have GMs second-guessing moves that could impact their postseason. Some teams cannot afford to take on a contracted player. There’s an excellent piece from friend of the site, James Mirtle, on this same topic, but it’s behind a paywall now, so we can’t grab quotes.

It’s unique, because it’s not an issue of money but limited space to protect players. Like LeBrun said, if teams are giving up three assets for a deadline player, it could end up being four. Teams are working tirelessly at player protection lists and some have no room as it is.

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Don’t Get Too Pumped About The Trade Deadline

There’s no debate in the minds of everyone who follows the sport of hockey closely that this trade deadline is going to be a busy one. Every one of the Original 30 (yeah, that’s what I’m calling them from now on) understand they are in line to lose one player to the Expansion Draft in June, and they are going to want to utilize the deadline to begin their preparations.

However, the powers that be in Las Vegas aren’t so sure the deadline has quite the significance many, including myself, have made it out to have.

The deadline isn’t the deadline. After the deadline teams can still make trades. Once they are out of the playoffs they are free to move players around. So, wouldn’t it be great if on trade deadline day that’s when the rosters froze, yes boy would it ever. The trade deadline is more relevant for other teams in the league because they’re going to have to make their proper moves to get ready for the expansion draft because that’s gonna be their first step. But after the trade deadline to the middle of June, they still have the opportunity to move guys. -Murray Craven, Senior VP

That’s how Muz characterized it on the Vegas Hockey Hotline, and GM George McPhee didn’t sound like he was all that excited about the deadline either during his appearance on the same show last week.

**Craven interview begins at 1:19:00 of the first link, McPhee at 1:14:45 of the second**

We don’t know what’s going to happen at this trade deadline. I’d imagine some teams will reach out to us, but there will be lots of activity amongst the teams, but what it produces is anyone’s guess. I would imagine the teams that are pushing to win, some of them are going to reach out to us because they would like to put some things in place with us. If they are going to be adding players they wouldn’t mind knowing what we are up to and what we would like to do with them before they make those moves. -George McPhee, GM

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Final Payment Strikes Again

The ghost of John Spano just doesn’t seem to want to stop haunting the Vegas Golden Knights franchise. (If you haven’t read that story, or watched the 30 for 30, do it now.) First it was The Creator not being invited to the most recent Board of Governors meeting. Then, George McPhee found himself without an RSVP to the GM meetings. Lastly, or so we thought, it was Vegas not having the ability to sign undrafted college free agents. Well now you can add another one to the list.

The league hasn’t officially set the date on which Vegas can start making trades, but a source said that once Vegas has made its final expansion-fee payment, the team could get the green light to start trading. –Pierre LeBrun, ESPN

The Creator is expecting to “accelerate” that payment up to late February or early March, which would give McPhee the chance to participate in the trade deadline this season.

I doubt we will trade for any current players prior to the expansion draft because we really won’t have a team. We are getting clarification on the situation wherein a team would like to give us a draft pick so we would give up our right to a player in the expansion draft and similar activities but we believe all of those machinations will occur during the 72 hour window prior to our completing the list of players we would receive in the expansion draft. -The Creator

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Vegas Can Learn From Deadline Strategies In Chicago And Toronto

Right now in the NHL two organizations are giving The Creator great examples on how to attack the trade deadline. Both teams have been aggressive for two very different reasons but ultimately one grand prize. Sure, the Maple Leafs won’t be in the playoffs for the foreseeable future, but what they’re doing right now should impact their future. While the future is now for the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks who continue to be aggressive. Lets face it they’re greedy. What NHL fan wouldn’t want their team to be Cup greedy?

Let’s start with Chicago, the King of the Hill. Whatever Stan Bowman drinks, The Creator’s people should drink too. Whatever Stan Bowman drinks, eats, sings, dances, whatever… Vegas peeps should do the same. As GM for the Blackhawks, Stan Bowman has created a dynasty in Chicago and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. After acquiring Andrew Ladd, the ‘Crown Jewel’ of this year’s deadline, Bowman put his team in the position to win back to back Cups. Most of Bowman’s aggressive moves have worked out, like the Johnny Oduya trade in 2012 or the Antoine Vermette deal made last trade deadline. Let’s not forget his brilliant move of plucking current Calder Trophy leader Artemi Panarin out of thin air. Bowman has been as impressive off the ice as his team has played on the ice. Without financial flexibility teams can’t be aggressive, and that’s another key element of Bowman’s success. You can’t go out and get Andrew Ladd midseason without cap room, but Chicago had the room and made it happen. Sure it’s easy to go and say mimic Stan Bowman, but it’s not a bad idea to take notes. When The Creator makes up his cabinet, he’ll have to find cap wizards, master scouts, and hockey whisperers to be successful. I know Stan Bowman is not available, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hire his Assistant to the Traveling Secretary.

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For Fairness Sake, NHL Expansion Announcement Must Come Before Draft

We are usually much more concerned about how everything going on in the expansion process will effect our future team here in Vegas. But the eventual decision, and it’s timing, will have a radical effect on every one of the other 30 teams currently in the NHL.

This idea was first brought to us on the most recent Podcast by the great Brian Blessing (#Attribution). General managers across the league have to know if and when a new team is coming in to the league before the NHL Entry Draft so they can properly plan for changes in salary cap, the expansion draft, and any other roster implications going forward.

We could even take it a step further in saying teams deserve the right to know before the trade deadline coming up in a few days on the 29th of February.

Any trade, waiver addition, or draft pick must be made with an eye toward the future. Adding aging veterans to take a shot at the Cup this year may expose younger players in the expansion draft. Dumping salary might be unnecessary as the expansion team may be forced to take some of it on through the draft. Trading picks cannot reasonably be done without the understanding of where a new team may select in the Entry Draft.

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