While it comes with great sadness that one of the best hockey websites on the Internet has been shut down, hockey nerds everyone are screaming from the rooftops about the latest hire to the Las Vegas front office.

TomĀ  Poraszka, the founder of GeneralFanger.com, the world leader in NHL salary cap information and the creator of the Mock Expansion Draft tool has been added to the Las Vegas staff as a Hockey Operations Analyst.

It’s truly the first outside the box hire for the organization on the hockey side as Poraszka has no hockey experience in his background beyond the creation of the website. However, this is exactly the type of move we here at SinBin.vegas have been clamoring for.

There’s aren’t many better minds when it comes to the NHL salary cap and Tom has been chasing down Expansion Draft loopholes since the moment the rules were announced.

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