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**We apologize for the audio issues. Still working out the kinks in the new studio.**

VP of Ticketing Todd Pollock joins the show to talk about the season ticket seat selection process as well as single game seats, standing room, and much more. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Todd showed us the website season ticket holders will use to select their seats. It’s incredibly nice.
  • Ken offers up the perfect name for the mascot.
  • Personal code of conduct at the games.
  • Resale of tickets for both season ticket holders and for individual seat buyers.
  • Parking around the arena.
  • The impact of the Raiders on ticketing both now and in the future.

And much more…

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Seat Selection Guide Released On Team Site

We’re almost there season ticket holders, the seat selection process is right around the corner and the email sending out exact dates and times for each account should be there shortly.

The team recently released a 32-page Seat Selection Guide which can be found here. Since I’m assuming the rest of you have lives, let me sum up the main pieces of info in the guide.

  • Grid showing the benefits of each ticket level (VIP Glass Seats, Center Ice Club, Standard Season Tickets, Partial Season Tickers)
  • Further broken down price guide including 16 sections rather than the original P1-P6 sections.
  • There are three payment plans to pay for the seats. Lump sum, 50/50, and a 9-month interest free payment plan.
  • 20% of the total ticket price will be due at time of seat selection.
  • Initial despots will be used toward the final payment of the final year of the selected term-length. In other words, Payment #12 of 12, #36 of 36, or #60 of 60 or #120 of 120.
  • Seating priority is based on
    • Term length (10 years, 5 years, 3 years, 1 year)
    • Date/time of purchase
    • Number of seats

Got it? Good.

One thing that was not in the guide but has been confirmed to me is that all tickets will be offered electronically, however there are plans to offer some sort of commemorative ticket for the inaugural season. Whether it’s a one time thing or a true ticket book like the old days remains to be seen, but whatever they wind up doing, that’s going to be one of the sweetest keepsakes ever.

Todd Pollock, the VP of Ticketing and Suites is scheduled to come on the podcast within the next week or so to give us much more information on the actual seat selection process. If you have anything you want us to ask, post it down in the comments section and we will make sure it gets answered.

Organization Already Scheming To Maintain Home Ice Edge

Home teams in the NHL win roughly 7% more often than road teams and 85% of teams in the league have better records at home than away. This is called home-ice advantage, and it’s very important for success in the NHL.

Because Las Vegas is such a tourist trap destination T-Mobile Arena is expected to be a hot bed for visiting fans. While the organization is likely focused mostly on the bottom line (i.e. making money by selling all the seats) we’ve confirmed they are indeed taking measures to ensure as many butts in the seats are cheering for the home team as possible.

We very much want and hope to have local support coming from our individual game tickets so fans that cannot commit to the ticket plans due to schedule or cost will have the opportunity to see their hometown team play in the state of the art arena for a handful of single games and to preserve home ice advantage. – Todd Pollock, Director of Ticketing, Black Knight Sports and Entertainment

First of all, the fact the main ticket sales guy is saying the term “home ice advantage” is a fantastic sign. It means the organization has had conversations about it and they aren’t willing to sacrifice it in the name of making a few extra bucks.

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99% Of Ticket Deposits Are For Full Season

Throughout the entire ticket drive, the organization has released season ticket deposit numbers. The original goal was 10,000. Two days in the number sold was 5,000. A week or so later it was over 7,000. In late March they hit the goal of 10,000. Then 11,000, 13,000, and most recently 14,000 including the entire upper bowl and every

But there’s an important caveat missing in the numbers by themselves. Potential buyers can purchase tickets for quarter season, half season, or full season. If a majority of those tickets were purchased for half or quarter of the season, the number wouldn’t look nearly as impressive.

Well, never fear, that’s not the case.

Over 99% of our total number is comprised of full season tickets; roughly 1% is represented by the quarter and half season deposits. – Todd Pollock, Director of Ticketing, Black Knight Sports and Entertainment

Here’s what that really means.

I have no doubt that we will reach that season ticket cap/sell out every home game for 2017 and beyond.

Also, Pollock noted only 50 deposits have been refunded, which means the delay is not scaring people off the way it possibly could have.

There still may be hurdles the league needs to clear in order to truly feel confident enough to expand their league to Las Vegas, but with this news, I think it’s safe to officially put any concerns of ticket sales to bed.

We realize and appreciate the continued support and patience. Your commitment to us will pay off in due time.

You got it, dude!

Third Section Sold Out, Less Than 2,000 Seats Now Available

Even though all has been quiet on the expansion front, the team behind the Las Vegas expansion bid is not sitting by idly. Director of Ticketing for Black Knights Sports and Entertainment, Todd Pollock, confirmed another milestone in ticket sales.

P5 is now sold out, too, so the entire upper bowl is sold out. We will accept deposits only in p5 on a wait list basis, but seat locations are not guaranteed for anyone on the wait list. – Todd Pollock

T-Mobile Arena was broken into six sections for ticket deposits. P1 representing the absolute best seats in the building, referred to as the Center Ice Club, P2 the lower corners, P3 the lower ends, P4 called the “loge” which is a section behind a goal, P5 the upper center, and P6 the upper ends.

P1, P5, and P6 are now gone as part of the 14,000 ticket deposits placed by Las Vegas Hockey fans.

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