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Report: Name Has Been Selected, It’s One Of These Three

UPDATE (9:18 AM,  8/12/2016) : The original source of this article is now backing off these three names.

UPDATE (2:55 PM, 8/12/2016) : Now this from Steve Carp of the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Here’s the accompanying story to the Carp tweet.

So to sum this all up… the team name is one of these three, wait no it isn’t, but maybe it is. Thanks for visiting!

According to a report from the world guru on logos and team names, Chris Creamer of, the Las Vegas NHL team will be named Nighthawks, Desert Hawks, or Red Hawks.

There are three names the team appears to be moving forward with: the Desert Hawks, the Red Hawks, and the Nighthawks. These names were all registered as several different domain names by Black Knight IP Holding Company, LLC, the company owned by Las Vegas hockey owner Bill Foley within the last few weeks. -Chris Creamer

The Creator confirmed he had a teleconference with Adidas and the NHL yesterday and that he would know the name.

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Team Name Search Down To Four, Black Knights Not One

And then there were four.

Speaking today with Brian Blessing of Sportsbook Radio, The Creator confirmed the organization has narrowed their search to four possible team names.

The team name is one of those four. It’s not Black Knights, that’s been sort of vetted and there were too many objections from my alma mater and then some push-back from some other people so we’ve put that one aside. But the name is going to have that kind of you know (K)Nights somewhere in some fashion some way. Or, there’s one particular animal… a bird, that we have available to us that we might use. -The Creator

We’re still holding out hope the bird name is Peregrines, but the last time I asked him about that name he told me “there are some concerns with the pronunciation.”

Based on the quote, it sounds like the other three are all Knights related. But as I alluded to in the transcription, it’s possible he was saying Nights rather than Knights. If I had to guess, I’d say the three are Silver Knights, Neon Knights, and Nights.

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Team Name Rumor Roundup

It’s still the most common question people want to know, when are we getting a name? Jerseys? Colors? The answers are still somewhat of a mystery, but the keeper of the info, Murray Craven has been dropping hints over the past few weeks and it appears they are starting to get close.

Craven, The Creator‘s advisor, is still pretty coy on the subjects and he almost always drops in the caveat of “in the end it’s up to Bill,” but he has been giving out some pretty pertinent stuff recently.

First off, the September to October timeline might be moving up.

Craven hopes to unveil the name in “the next few weeks,” but that’s not entirely up to the organization. They’re working closely with the NHL to thoroughly vet all serious options, including looking into trademark and copyright issues. –Case Keefer, Las Vegas Sun

Remember when Black Knights was the far and away leader? Maybe not so much anymore.

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Not So Fast On Knights, Black, Grey, And Gold; Change Certainly Possible

Remember when it was a foregone conclusion the name of the team would be Black Knights or Knights and the colors were the “non-negotiable” black, grey, and gold? Yeah, we do too, it was yesterday. Well, things have changed a bit.

This is not to say that The Creator has stopped pushing for his dream vision for the name, logo, and colors to come true, but comments like this one from Gord Miller are premature, and at this point, inaccurate.

We’ve had conversations with many in the organization about the team name and the consistent answer has been that the process is a lot more complicated than they ever imagined and The Creator getting his way may not end up happening exactly as he planned.

So here’s the process as we know it. The moment the team was announced Adidas (which owns Reebok) was in contact with the Las Vegas organization. The Creator essentially said, “I want my team to be named the Black Knights, and I want them to wear black, grey, and gold.” The folks at Adidas turned around and began their practice of researching anything and everything about the name, the colors, and the city.

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Team Name Contest Off, Fans Will Not Vote On Name

Way back in the process The Creator revealed plans to allow for fans of the team, and specifically season ticket holders, the opportunity to vote on their favorite name for the team. As the expansion process began to come to a close and Las Vegas was finally awarded a team that appeared to be less and less likely to be the case.

We can now confirm fans will NOT be given the opportunity to vote on the final name of the new Las Vegas NHL franchise.

Because of our tight timeline, we have submitted several names and potentials logos to the NHL staff for input. -Michelle Kersch, VP of Communications

This was the response we received responding directly to a question asking if the name contest has been cancelled. The team has submitted nine names to the league with a few of them expected to be variations of Knights.

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The Name Is Definitely Black Knights, Or Is It?

It’s a well known fact The Creator prefers Black Knights to be the team name when the league finally awards him a team. However, way back on April 21st, 2015 in a Twitter Q&A @LVWantsHockey said there would  be a “Name The Team” contest.

Well, the man himself was on Sportsbook Radio with Brian Blessing and was asked about the importance of quickly unveiling a team name.

We’ve got to get going. We need to start selling those jerseys right away. We are thinking about how we are going to do this. -The Creator

Not exactly committal to saying, “we will be the Black Knights,” like some other sites out there have been referencing. However, he did go on multiple diatribes about the name Black Knights including saying he and a marketing company have already created a logo.

If it were going to be Black Knights, I’ve already got a logo. It’s a beautiful logo. It makes you feel strength, power, dignity, it’s a great logo.

We know what he wants it to be, but he consistently said, we’re going to have to figure out how to do it. I still think the naming contest happens, but it’ll happen quick and it will be somewhat rigged for the name to come out to Knights, Black Knights, or Silver Knights.

The colors on the other hand.

Black, gold, and grey. It’s non-negotiable.

So, we’re going to have to tweak those Rat Pack jerseys a bit (I’m not giving up).

I’ve gotten positive feedback except that people have said, you are going to look like the Penguins. Well, no we’re not. We’re not going to have their uniforms. There will be different variations and so on.

There was a major concern The Creator referenced that I believe is much less an issue than he and his team do.

We screwed up one thing. Before we really announced what we were doing we didn’t go out and grab a bunch of domain names. We’ve done our search on domain names and they are a little bit thin. I have every variation of Black Knights, Knights, and Silver Knights. All the other domain names basically that might be a name, Rattlers, Scorpions, Aces, Rat Pack, someone has run out and grabbed those domain names, so we would have to go to them and buy the domain name. So we are thinking about how we are going to do this.

Here’s why I don’t understand the concern. The official team website will be So no matter who owns domain names such as,, or, it won’t matter. Would the team like to own them all and point forward them to the official site? Sure. But to think these random domain names will ever be confused with the team’s website is silly.

Might be a little bit conspiracy theorist of me, but it seems like a good way for them to say, “we couldn’t get the domain name, so we just went with Black Knights.”

All in all, there’s no denying “some variation of Black Knights” is the odds on favorite, but it’s certainly far from settled. I had the chance to ask him myself what he thought of Rat Pack, and he said, “I don’t hate it.”

We’ll take that.

**Brian Blessing’s entire interview with The Creator can be found here. We’ll have plenty more from it as he and Brian touched on GM’s, salary cap, TV networks, and much more.**

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Previous here at we’ve been a fan of the name Las Vegas Silver if/when the NHL announces they are indeed coming to Vegas. The name works on so many levels and quite frankly, it just seems to fit in the pantheon of professional sports team names.

But today, via Twitter (thanks @TVsGGreenlee), we were introduced to a new team name that has taken the lead as our favorite name. Ready? Here it is…

Las Vegas Rat Pack

Yeah. Pretty awesome right? Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, those other two guys.

I’ve stated in my bio that there’s nothing I love more than the city of Las Vegas. There’s nothing that screams Vegas more than the Rat Pack, so why not name the team after the iconic legends.

Everyone heading into the stadium is already going to be taking Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra drives to get there, and Sammy Davis Jr. just got his street right around the corner. It’s perfect.

The logo design that was presented to us is incredible. The jersey idea… not so much. We’ll have to work on that.

I can already see the five mascots hanging around the arena only to finally get on the ice for the 2nd intermission “Rat (Pack) Race,” in which the caricatures race from once side of the rink to the other.

I’m not even a fan of that type of music (guess I’m too young), but there’s no denying that there’s nothing more Vegas than the Rat Pack.

The team and the league are likely to shy away from gambling, so Aces, Blackjacks, Luck, Chips, etc. are all unlikely. The name Black Knights still leads as it’s The Creator’s preferred name, but there’s just something about redefining the name Rat Pack that’s incredibly appealing.

I’m completely on board with it, so now what do I do? Make a GoFundMe page? Isn’t that what people do when they want something?

But seriously, Las Vegas Rat Pack is the best name I’ve heard yet, and until someone beats it, I’ll do anything I can to make it a reality.

Silver’s Better Than Gold

As the NHL goes through it’s expansion process, and the Foley Group and Las Vegas continue to progress, the inevitability of a team in the valley becomes more and more apparent. By the end of September, the NHL will likely announce it’s expansion and award Las Vegas a team to play in the beautiful Las Vegas Arena starting in 2017.

So it’s on to the important things. What do we call this glorious franchise?

In a Q&A session on Twitter, @VegasWantsHockey confirmed the team colors.

But we still need a name. The Creator says there will be a “Name the Team” contest involving all you brilliant people who purchased season tickets. However, we don’t think it’s wise to put the name of the team up to a vote when we here at The Sin Bin already have the perfect name for the team.

Ready? Ok. Here we go….

The Las Vegas… SILVER!

First of all the name pays homage to the nickname of the state of Nevada, the Silver State. It works perfectly with the color scheme (grey=silver). In typical Vegas fashion, it involves money, which we will gladly continue to take from our visitors. And finally, and most importantly, team nicknames without an “s” are simply better, or at least cooler, than ones with that pesky “s.”

I can already see the sweaters. Dark grey with a hint of black and gold, decked out with some Vegas inspired lettering and and a sick logo. It’s glorious.

Silver’s better than gold. Don’t believe me, just take a look at the Stanley Cup.

Case closed.

Go Silver!!!

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