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Las Vegas or Vegas (Something) Knights, The Creator Prefers The Latter

We already know the name of our new team will be the (Something) Knights, almost certainly Desert, Golden, or Silver. But there’s another portion of the team name that needs to be settled as well. How should they represent the name of the city? Las Vegas or Vegas?

The decision is still yet to have been finalized by the organization, the NHL, and Adidas, but we know which way the most influential voice in the choice leans.

I have to defer (to answer) but I’m partial to Vegas. -The Creator

We did a poll, and most of the voting public agreed.

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Las Vegas Team Will Be Named (Something) Knights

In an interview today with Brian Blessing on Sportsbook Radio, The Creator confirmed the team will be (something) Knights.

We went through with Adidas again last week. We have our colors picked, we have our basic logo picked, it needs some refinement. We have moved some color schemes around, and the team will be something Knights. K-n-i-g-h-t-s. We have the name. The name is trademarked, we have the domain name. That’s all I can say right now. -The Creator

So there you have it, the team will be named, Silver Knights, Desert Knights, or Golden Knights. As for the sweaters?

It almost looks like a steel mesh with another color underneath the steel mesh that brings out that Knight look. These are going to be great looking jerseys. The colors will be reflective of the name. It will have certain colors that will be reflective of the Las Vegas environment, like Red Rock. That red color.

The team name is still expected to be revealed in mid-October.

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Let’s Learn About Cybersquatting

Despite the word invoking a much different image in my mind (don’t click this), Cybersquatting is the practice of registering domain names with malicious intent in hopes of reselling them to the rightful owner.

Sounds a lot like what is happening to The Creator and his preferred names. Unless you believe the conspiracy theory, part of the team name hold up has been consistent issues securing the proper domain names for the selected name. The reason for this is that people from all over the world are buying up every domain out there with the hope their name is selected and the organization will reach out with a big bag of money asking for it back.

The problem is, until the team actually releases a name, there’s nothing that can stop anyone from buying up these domains and waiting to see if they can cash in. In order to prevent someone from cybersquatting on your name you must prove all of the following…

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What If Everything Ever Said About The Las Vegas NHL Team Name Is A Lie

Disclaimer: This post is NOT news. It is just an attempt to put forth a possible explanation as to what is really going on behind the scenes and why the Las Vegas team name process seems so convoluted. This is simply a theory that will make sense to some, and none to others. Deep down, I do not believe this theory to be true, but what fun would the Internet be if we didn’t at least throw it out there. So here goes…


What if everything we’ve been told about the team name since June 22nd, the day Las Vegas was officially awarded a team, was a lie? The gambling name ban, the London Knights fiasco, the Hawks situation, the trademarks, the domains, the color scheme, everything. What if it all were simply a ploy to keep us away from the real name and allow The Creator and his brand new organization to blow our socks off with something completely shocking at the announcement party?

And maybe the more important question, would you care? That’s where this entire concept begins. We’re talking about a team name. In theory the most insignificant piece of information surrounding the team in terms of the on-ice product. It’s a victimless string of lies or maybe we should call them mistruths, and the reason this all makes sense.

Let’s start all the way back before Las Vegas was ever awarded a team. At the time it was clear, if/when the NHL finally awards a franchise to the city, the prospective owner would like to name it Black Knights, in an attempt to pay homage to his alma mater, Army West Point. All other names were secondary, and in a way unacceptable if Black Knights was passable. But apparently it wasn’t.

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Still No Date Set For Las Vegas Team Name Unveil Celebration

The calendar has now flipped to September and we still don’t have definite date for the unveiling of the team name. We unearthed a few rumors of a specific date in the middle of this month, but it appears those have turned out to be false.

There is definitely no date set. -Michelle Kersch, VP of Communications

The latest timeline confirmed by The Creator is late September to mid-October.

Speaking with apparel representatives around the city we’ve learned it’s expected to take around 6-8 weeks from the date the team name is finalized to when all the apparel would be printed, shipped, and ready to be sold. However, that could certainly be shortened if only a few items are available for sale at the unveil party.

The Creator mentioned earlier that jerseys were not likely to be available for sale at the time of the party, but hats, shirts, and such would.

A teleconference was scheduled for August 10th with the NHL and Adidas and the name was expected to be finalized on that date. About a week later it was confirmed that the final name had indeed been selected.

October 5th is exactly eight weeks from that teleconference, which matches up well with when we’ve long assumed they wanted to get the team name out, prior to Frozen Fury at T-Mobile Arena on October 7th and 8th. But every day that passes is another day the new Las Vegas franchise is losing money rather than making it.

UPDATE (9/2/16 12:12 PM) – Maybe we’ll be waiting even longer…

Outsiders Overreacting To Vegas Name Because They Have Nothing Better To Do

The NFL opener is a week away, MLB’s playoff race is just ramping up, and the NHL opener is still 40 days.  This is known as the dark days of sports. If you’re not a seamhead, then these days are incredibly boring. I even caught Ken watching the MTV VMA’s. Luckily, college football continues Thursday giving us something to wet our beak.

My theory is during slow, summer days with barely any sports news of substance, the public overreacts to small news. Like the way outsiders are losing their minds on NameGate 2016. Trademarked names are creating a major stir on Twitter, TSN, and Reddit. If it were mid-September, October, or November most people wouldn’t give a damn. Rumored names would be a quick blurb in most people’s feed, but with a light sports menu of August 30th, the lack of a name is now #Trending.

In Las Vegas the climate is much different. Fans get excited every day when they click on and read about a new rumored name. It’s a fun, daily conversation Las Vegans are having online, at the gym, or at the Golden Steer. Whatever name The Creator selects will be widely popular in Las Vegas, eventually. But no matter which name is picked, once the logo is designed, colors are picked, and jerseys are stitched, they won’t be able to keep the apparel on the shelves.

So my friends in Las Vegas ignore the dickhead Deadspin columns. We have a team now. Its name and logo will be revealed sooner rather than later. Local fans will embrace The Creator’s final choice, but outside the 702 it’ll be mocked. Get used to it, they’ll have 400 days to get onboard. Whether it’s Knights, Nights, Hawks, Tigers, Whales, Turtles, or unknowns, we’re just happy we’ve got hockey.

Night Hawks Is The Backup Plan, Different Name Selected

The final name for the Las Vegas NHL franchise has been selected, and it’s not Night Hawks. has confirmed the name Night Hawks will not be used, unless the preferred name falls short of the NHL’s vetting process.

Name selected but still needs vetting and clearance. Night Hawks still in mix but not primary. –The Creator

It’s essentially a backup option in case the primary name gets thrown out for what ever reason. Based on previous comments the name was selected about a week ago in a teleconference between The Creator, Adidas, and the NHL.

This certainly clarifies the confusion from late last week. reported the final three names were Night Hawks, Red Hawks, or Desert Hawks. They redacted those as the final three the following morning. The Creator then said the name Night Hawks had not been thrown out and was “still in the mix.”

With Night Hawks as the backup option, it absolutely still is in play, but the plan is not to use that name.

So what will the name be? That’s really anyone’s guess… just like they want it.

What we do know is the word Knight, or Night, is likely to be a part of the name that’s currently being finalized and vetted.

But not Night Hawks. So relax Chicago, it’s all going to be okay. Podcast #34: The Effing Conspiracy

This whole team name situation has our minds wandering all over the place. Ken and Dana discuss a possible reason for all the wacky goings-on surrounding the selection of the name. Call it a conspiracy. Hosted by Ken Boehlke.

  • What in the world happened to Dana’s hair?
  • Murray Craven hired as Senior Vice President
  • The team name conspiracy theory
  • Introducing “The Chork!
  • Ken likes to challenge society.
  • Swearing, is it really that bad?

And much more…

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There’s More To A Name

Since the moment Gary Bettman announced Las Vegas was joining the NHL as the league’s 31st franchise, fans everywhere have been enamored by what to call the team.

I’ve written plenty of articles, sent countless numbers of Tweets, done Podcasts, radio interviews, appeared on TV, and I’m sad to admit it’s even dominated many of my conversations over the past month and a half. But the fact of the matter is the name of the team pales in comparison to the importance of the color scheme and logo.

A great name can be destroyed by a terrible logo and colors, while a subpar name can be saved by a cool design. One of the reasons there is such a negative reaction to every team name possibility released is because there aren’t logos, colors, and designs to go with it.

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Ken and Dana do a rare Saturday podcast to recap the team name debacle, press releases, Patrick Roy and more. Hosted by Ken Boehlke.

  • Stop releasing press releases at 5:56 AM.
  • Breaking down the team name story that’s gotten incredibly convoluted over the past week.
  • Should Patrick Roy be the coach of the team? No.
  • Is the Las Vegas a superficial city, and will Ken ever figure out what the word superficial means?
  • Conor McGregor vs. WWE, aka Ken vs. Dana.

And much more…

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