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Press Release Confirms Logo Unveil Party Details

As was first reported by, the official announcement of the team name and logo for the Las Vegas NHL franchise  will be on November 22nd at 5:30 PM on Toshiba Plaza outside of T-Mobile Arena.

The Las Vegas NHL franchise will unveil the team name and logo at an exciting event, which is open to the public. All fans are encouraged to join us for this big announcement.  -Press Release

Contrary to prior belief however, jerseys will not be shown off at this event, just the adjective that will precede Knights, the color scheme, and at least one logo. The current plan on jerseys is to show them off them in June and have them for sale either on the date of unveil or shortly thereafter.

Jerseys probably won’t happen until the Expansion Draft. We have to be very careful regarding counterfeiting until we actually have product. The counterfeiters can actually produce product faster than we can. -The Creator

As for the 22nd, shirts and hats will be available for sale with the brand new name and logo. Oh, and has a new shirt too.

Here’s the entire press release.

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Every Step You Take, Every Move You Make

The next line of the song is “I’ll be watching you,” but as new team President Kerry Bubolz knows, for his new organization, it’s not just the eyes of one creepy stalker (seriously, that’s what that song is about), it’s the eyes of the entire sports world. And those eyes are going to make everyone in that building feel like they are the baby panda at the zoo. Every step they take, every move they make, everybody’s watching you.

I really think this applies to this type of scenario. All of the folks that purchased season tickets, the NHL, they’re going to be watching. We have a level of visibility that I think creates an extra level of responsibility that we need to take very seriously. –Bubolz to

Step one is admitting there’s a problem. Oh wait, did I jump to a conclusion there? Well, whether that was an admission or not, it’s true, there is a problem.

There are two sides to professional sports franchises. In this case, there’s the hockey operations side and there’s the business side. One has gotten the kind of praise piled on an honor roll first-born, while the other has drawn nothing but the stern looks reserved only for the middle-child who has all the talent in the world but just doesn’t want to exert the effort.

It’s literally impossible to find a bad word about the staff George McPhee has put together in his front office. It’s diverse (now), it has experience, there are proven winners, and the resumes carried by every single person in the room are exemplary. In many ways, it’s the expansion front office dream team.

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The Case Of The Missing Name

One of the coolest things about running this website has been the incredible interaction I’ve had with some insanely talented people. Graphic designers, Photoshop wizards, videographers, website owners who end up employed by the teamt-shirt designers, domain name geniuses, lawyers, popcorn poppers, you name it, you guys have reached out to me and it’s been really awesome.

Whether on Twitter, Facebook, email or in person, you wouldn’t believe the number of conversations I’ve had with fans of a team that didn’t exist and now does but still won’t have a player for another eight months. Honestly, I’ve had my doubts about how successful this team is going to be, there have been tough days trying to drum up interest to a fan base I feel is growing at a snail’s pace, but it’s those interactions that will always keep me optimistic.

So, why am I saying all of this? Well, I got an email about a month and a half ago with something I wanted to share with everyone who visits this site, but we’ve been waiting for the perfect time to do it. When we broke the news that November 22nd is the date of the team name unveil, the story I was sent got it’s necessary conclusion, and now it’s time to share it to the world.

The author’s name is Michael Shevlane and he sent in what he dubbed “a dectective noir” about the team name saga the Las Vegas franchise has gone through since the announcement of the team. Without further ado, I present you,

The Case of the Missing Name

So there’s this wise guy here on the west side of town, goes by the name of Freddie Four Fingers, on account of losing his thumb in a hitch-hiking accident. Anyways, Freddie comes to me and drops the scoop on this new hockey club, said to be muscling into town just off the Boulevard.

Their don, a big-money type called Foley, or how he’s know on the streets, The Creator, is said to be putting his feelers out all over town, finding drones for his clan, if you get me. His lair is a big old place they say is in between the boroughs of New York and the jewel of Monaco, whatever that means, and he has space for thousands of minions. A real takeover, as they say. He has some overlords up in the Big Apple who give him the thumbs up to get set up, and they’ve been seen around town, pressing flesh and handing dimes under the table, so as to get their guy off to a bright start.

Anyways, as soon as Freddie caught wind of all this he had come to me, as he owes me for a couple of jobs I did for his people back in the day, snooping round some deals gone bad, that kind of thing. When I hear about this new organization, my ears perk right up, and I rinse him for the low down till he’s Mojave dry. Seems they were already dug in, with their new hires in tow, and were building up to some kind of big job next year.

Read More Podcast #41: Unhuddled Mass

Discussing the unveil party from the perspective of the “unhuddled mass.” Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • The “HELLO” open. Is it annoying?
  • Ken and Jason checked out the UNLV hockey game.
  • Jason isn’t really a dad, despite having a 7-month old son.
  • How many people will show up to the unveil party?
  • Ken explains the best way to sell jerseys.
  • Winter Classic at West Point, good idea?

And much more…

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Team Name Unveil Ceremony Date Officially Set

Put your pencils away, take out the Sharpie, and circle Tuesday, November 22nd. Team sources confirmed this is the final working date and late last night man in charge concurred.

Locked and loaded. Everything should be ready. -The Creator

That’s the day they’ll finally reveal the identity of the Something in Something Knights. Not only will we learn the missing adjective, but we’ll also get to see the logos, the colors, and even the home and away jerseys.

The team name unveil event will take place on Toshiba Plaza just outside of T-Mobile Arena “at night” on the 22nd.

Merchandise such as shirts and hats with the new team name and logo will be available for sale, but you’ll have to get in line behind me. Jerseys however are not expected to be available for sale.

The Creator will be joined by GM George McPhee, and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is expected to be on hand as well. 

The end is near people! Vegas’ first major professional sports franchise is finally getting it’s identity. Here’s to hoping we don’t hate what they went with.


We’ve gotten wind of a few other secrets about the big party and it’s participants, but at this point the only thing in stone is the date. 

A Positive Spin On The Team Name Delay

I spent almost a year writing about a team that didn’t exist, which was frustrating at times, but it was for the most part, expected. But never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be following the naming of that very team five months after it became a reality. Yet here we are, still more than a month away from the tentative team name unveil date (it’s currently set for November 22nd), and in a way, there’s still no official end in sight.

So don’t get me wrong, I’m as frustrated and as impatient as anyone reading this website. However, I’m here today to try and take a stab at putting a positive spin on the delay. It all stemmed from a quote from a profile piece on The Creator from Worth Magazine.

During salary negotiations, Foley remembers McPhee saying, “‘Bill, you put what you think is reasonable in front of me, and I’ll sign it. I want to win the Stanley Cup.’ I said, ‘This is my man. This is my guy.’” -Noah Davis, Worth Magazine

It’s been a common theme, winning over money. From the first time we met The Creator way back in 2014 he said it. He said it on the podium moments after he was awarded the league’s 31st franchise, and he’s said it at every pass since. Never once has that piece of rhetoric wavered, and here it was again, this time discussing the type of person he decided to hire.

However, I’ve always viewed it through the lens of how it will affect decisions on hockey operations. How he won’t be afraid to spend the extra buck to sign the right free agent. How he’ll give the go ahead for the GM to hire that highly paid coach. And how no matter what, there will never be a moment in which the front office, the players, or the fans ever feel as though the owner’s bank account is standing in the way of success.

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Team Name Unveil Date Selected, Kinda

Take out your calendars and a pencil, but not a pen, whatever you do, do not use a pen. Ok, now circle Friday, November 18th, but do it lightly, because we may need to have you erase it sometime soon.

That’s the day we are expecting Las Vegas’ first ever major professional sports team to finally get its name.

We are working hard to achieve a November 18th date for the unveil. We are still working to finalize some of the details. -The Creator

Some of those details include the location (inside or out), exact time, and there are still a few merchandising loopholes to tie up.

The date is really just the one they are aiming for more than anything else. If all goes as planned, which if you have been following this process at all you know it probably won’t, that will be the date, but if/when things change, there’s a real chance it gets delayed again.

Things get a bit hairy with the T-Mobile Arena schedule after the 18th though. The following week is Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Then in December, Friday the 16th is the only Friday or Saturday available before Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve Eve. (Double Eve, The 23rd, leave me alone!)

Personally, I love the idea of a Black Friday reveal and I have a feeling anyone who has ever been dragged along shopping is probably with me.

As for now, the 18th is the date we’ll finally learn which adjective will precede Knights and if they’re going with Vegas or Las Vegas. Fingers crossed all goes according to plans between now and then.

Las Vegas Something Knights Jersey Concepts

Here’s what we know. The team name will be unveiled sometime in November, unless it gets delayed again. They will select Desert, Silver, or Golden Knights. It’s possible the team is Vegas Something Knights rather than Las Vegas Something Knights. And the jerseys will include two things, a “steel mesh” and a Red Rock inspired color.

With those ideas in mind, we had our pair of graphic designers take a stab at what they think the team will look like when they hit the ice next October.

First off, here’s our resident jersey concept artist Isaac Palestino’s take on what The Creator may have in mind.

knights-mesh-final knights-mesh-away-final

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Team Name Announcement Delayed Again, Novemeber Now Likely

First we thought they may have a name when the team was awarded at the end of last June. Then we were told it should be announced in September “when it cools off.” After that we all kind of just assumed Frozen Fury weekend would make sense. Last we heard it was scheduled for mid-October.

Well now, The Creator told us via the RJ that the announcement is likely to occur at the end of October or even November.

We had a webinar (Thursday) with Adidas and the NHL and we’re still tweaking the logo and the use of the colors. It probably means we’re going to have to push back the big announcement because it’s going to take time to get everything printed on the shirts and hats. The jerseys will take a little longer to produce. -The Creator

Eye-yey-eye! Just tell us already.

The Creator also mentioned the fact that getting the time on Toshiba Plaza was a bit of a challenge. Based on that comment we have to assume they are shooting for a Friday or Saturday unveiling. In October, the only Friday or Saturday open on the Plaza is October 14th, which may even be unavailable as it falls between two Los Angeles Lakers games. In November the 11th, 12th, 18th, and 25th are all available.

We’re getting real close. But we want it to be perfect. -The Creator

Unfortunately it’s not going be perfect… he already ruled out the name Rat Pack.

Oh yeah, and by the way, while you wait, buy a Las Vegas NHL T-Shirt! Podcast #37: Old News Is New News

21 day old news is new… if you are TSN and not following Ken gets disproportionately mad about this than he should. Also tons of talk on Vegas vs. Las Vegas and more. Hosted by Ken Boehlke.

  • Why the visceral response to the possibility of the name being Vegas?
  • Ken getting an iPhone 7 but can’t remember why it’s even better than his current phone.
  • Kevin Harlan is great.
  • Does the NHL shy away from racial issues because of the lack of diversity in their own league?
  • Who are all these people in Laughlin?
  • Total points for (Las) Vegas in year one.
  • Special shout out to Jeff Thorn, an extremely awesome person.

And much more…

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