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Guest Post: Think Before You Judge

It’s time for another Guest Post. We will always strive to be the voice of the Vegas Golden Knights and take great pride in providing a platform for not just our own opinions, but yours as well.

This next one is from Rob Patti, and he would like to have a word with all of you who still don’t like the team name.

Since the Vegas Golden Knights team name/logo was announced it has gotten mixed reviews, to say the least. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and I get that. What I don’t understand is why some of the locals have been so quick to judge. If you hate everything about the Golden Knights and you are not on board, that’s fine. But know that if your hatred for the team is based solely on the name, you will come off looking entitled. All I ask you entitled folk is to let the people whom are excited and grateful at the fact that Vegas finally does have a pro sports team be happy and have their moment.

As a supporter of this team, I can tell you personally it’s been mentally exhausting trying to defend this whole situation and frankly I am dumbfounded that it has gotten to this point so quickly. Its pretty sad that many locals of a city that finally got its first major pro sports team are already willing to ditch them. We are making ourselves look petty, plain and simple.

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Best Photos From Golden Knights Unveil Ceremony

Kind of crazy it’s been almost two weeks now since the Las Vegas NHL Expansion team turned into the Vegas Golden Knights. Feels like just yesterday we were still trying to read in between the lines of Bettman quotes just to see if we would be getting a team at all. Hopefully the next 10 months go as quickly.

Last Tuesday is a day that will forever live with the team, and the crowd that showed up was truly incredible. I expected less than 1,000 people there and images that we would be trying to hide for the next 50 years rather than promote. Instead, Las Vegas showed up and showed out as somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 people made their way down to Toshiba Plaza two days before Thanksgiving to learn one word (Golden/Silver/Desert) and see two pictures (logos).

To honor that amazing night we decided to gather some of the best pictures and share them to keep proving to the world that Las Vegas is not only a hockey city, we are ripe to become a hockey mecca.


Maverick Helicopters


Maverick Helicopters

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Guest Post: It’s About Identity

Here at we strive to be the voice of the Las Vegas valley when it comes to talking about the Vegas Golden Knights. At times we’re critical, at times we’re overly supportive, but at all times we want one thing, to see a successful hockey franchise here in Las Vegas. We believe that’s what you want to, and that’s why we created Guest Posts to give fans an opportunity to speak out about their feelings, positive or negative, on the team.

It’s a sentiment we disagree with, but have heard many say, write, and tweet. Here’s our next Guest Post, written by Matthew Snyder.

If I bought an expansion team, I’d want to name them the Super Rebels. I don’t care what sport, I’ve already decided. But I’d stop to consider the community in which I’d be setting up shop.

The reason the arrival of a professional sports team is a seminal moment for a community is because it brings with it an identity – a validation, even – particularly significant for a historically transient city such as Las Vegas, which has been largely devoid of a rallying purpose since the days of our beloved Jerry Tarkanian.

I was born and raised in Las Vegas and couldn’t have been more excited to learn that our most unusual metropolis had been awarded its first professional franchise. If IKEA was like getting the MLS, this was the real deal.

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Golden Knights Unveil Event Recap; Pictures, Videos, Observations

Aside from the video hiccup during the unveil, last night’s unveil party was an absolute hit. From attendance to flare to merchandise the Golden Knights organization really came through in it’s first major stage. Whether you like the name, or the logos, or the colors, the fact is, Las Vegas (or should I say Vegas) is now the Golden Knights. Here’s a look back at the event with some observations, pictures and then a bundle of videos.


  • Almost incredibly neither the logo nor name were leaked until about 3 PM and the leak appeared to be somewhat contained until about an hour before the actual event.
  • The official name is the Vegas Golden Knights, not the Las Vegas Golden Knights.
  • Personally, of the three possible adjectives Golden was my least favorite. I’m indifferent on the choice of Vegas over Las Vegas, the color scheme looks good but I’m hoping for more “Red Rock Red” when the jerseys come out, and I absolutely love the logos.
  • The main helmet logo features the exact same V from the script in the word Vegas in the official team name font.
  • The Vegas star makes multiple appearances, first as the inspiration for the secondary logo, and second next to the word Vegas and above Golden Knights on almost all apparel.
  • There is not an official attendance, but estimates put the number somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000. My guess is closer to 5 than 3.
  • The lasting image, which I’m told was not shown on or NHL Network, was the New York New York parking garage being lined on every floor by fans watching the event. There are a few pictures of it below.
  • There were also plenty of windows open across the street at Monte Carlo getting a birds eye view.
  • Here is the link to the video that didn’t play. The story on that is still a bit of a mystery. It began playing on both the small screen and on the arena LEDs, then the small screen went to an image that said “Placeholder Vegas Hockey” and the sound cut out. The video continued playing on the big screen on the arena before they eventually cut that. The word Golden Knights did appear on the arena before they did the countdown. Then, they went back to the video and it once again did not play on either screen. Then they brought The Creator back up and asked him for a countdown. Most believed that was for the video, but instead, that was for the actual naming of the team. Pretty much an epic disaster, but it’ll be forgotten in a few days or so. The name and logos will be what people remember.
  • The countdown from 10 to 1 before they announced the name featured white letters with gold and red trim. Possibly hint to jersey numbers?
  • The Maverick helicopter, which dropped a ton of shirts onto the crowd arrived on time, but because of the video glitch had to circle and added to the sound issues many in the back described to us.
  • All in all, the event should be qualified as a major success, but because many don’t like the name, colors, and logos, it will likely be ridiculed all over the web. Welcome to the Internet!


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The Vegas GOLDEN Knights


The Vegas Golden Knights!

cut-2 cut-1 cut

We will be at the event and will be tweeting throughout the night. Due to the layout of the event we will NOT be updating this page beyond a simple update on the name of the team and a picture of the logo until late tonight. For the up to the second coverage, go to You do not have to be signed up for Twitter to read our tweets.

If you are going to the event, we are hanging out at Beerhaus prior beginning at about 2:30 PM and Bruxie after until about 11 PM. Please come say hello. We will also have a limited supply of Hockey Night on the Vegas Strip shirts available to purchase.

Late tonight and into tomorrow we will have tons of new material surrounding the name, apparel, and much more. Until then, Go Golden Knights!!!


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Adidas Launches Vegas Hockey Hype Videos

Is it tomorrow yet?

It’s not only history being made here in Vegas, but it’s also the first time Adidas has been involved with the NHL. They might be just as excited as we are.

Anyone else notice the word “desert” in that first tweet? They telling us something?

Same Team Email May Have Leaked Logo Outline Too

Remember that email that got us all jazzed up about the color scheme? (If not, that’s what blue text is for. Click them, it makes this site better believe me) Well that very same email may have also had another little nugget hiding in the header.

Superstar graphic designer Sparky Chewbarky, you may remember him from such designs as the Las Vegas Black Knights, Las Vegas Silver Knights, the Seattle Kraken, and the Halifax Highlanders, recognized something many others pointed out.

It appears at the very top of that same email, which is pictured below, that there’s an outline of the letter V. I’ll stop talking and just let Sparky do his magic.

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