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NHL Exec Details Skills Competition Plans, Including Scrapped Plan Involving Shooting Pucks Off The Strat

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

By now you’ve probably seen the plans for the unique, Vegas-centric NHL All-Star events set on the Strip. The two additional skills competitions will take place outdoors, on a locked-down Las Vegas Boulevard, and will singlehandedly blow away every other All-Star event in history. Steve Mayer, the NHL’s Chief Content Officer joined 32 Thoughts yesterday to break down the events and why Las Vegas is the perfect location to have such a grand event.

We’re going to have two events outside the arena. What we’re doing is creating a rink, what will look like a rink, on the fountain. The faceoff circles, the goal, the middle faceoff circle will be hard surfaces on which the skill will be performed. Imagine that the water of the Bellagio fountain is the ice. So when you look from high above you’re going to think we built a rink in the Bellagio fountains. We’re using the fountain as an element to the game. –Mayer on 32 Thoughts Podcast

When the NHL asked for bright lights, glamor, and innovative entertainment, event planners knew there was only one location. Some ingenuity and a little elbow grease, the City of Las Vegas will make it happen.

We’re going to shut the Strip down. We’re going to take the Strip over and we’re going to do an event which accuracy shooting meets Black Jack. We’re going to roll it out on to the Strip. The players are going to shoot, every time they hit a card that’s their Black Jack hand. Closest to 21 wins. Another really cool big personality event. I think there’s going to be a lot of strategy, a lot of talking a lot of going after each other. –Mayer on 32 Thoughts Podcast

When the league staked claim in Las Vegas five years ago it was clear they were here for several reasons. The NHL’s suits correctly forecasted their product would not only survive but thrive in Southern Nevada. The Golden Knights have been a contender since their first season and the fan experience is better than all 31 other cities. So yeah, the NHL believed hockey would achieve success in Las Vegas. Also, it is a great place to throw league parties.

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Interview With Steve Mayer, NHL Chief Content Producer And “Mayor Of The Bubble”

(Photo Credit: Playoff “Photographer” @BadSportsArt)

Steve Mayer is the Chief Content Officer for the NHL. He’s also the “Mayor of the Bubble” as he is the man in charge of the game, stadium, and television presentation that we are all seeing from the games in Edmonton and Toronto. Steve is currently living in the Edmonton bubble where one of his duties is as the executive producer of the tremendous behind-the-scenes TV docuseries “Quest For The Stanley Cup.

The show chronicles the final eight teams’ run to the Stanley Cup including never before seen on and off ice footage. The show debuts on ESPN+ on Wednesday, September 2nd where the first episode goes in-depth on the decision NHL players made to take two days off in protest of racial injustice and Ryan Reaves’ profound impact on that decision.

Steve and I chatted about the show, game presentation in the bubble (including my one bone to pick), what to expect for the Conference Finals and Cup Final, future NHL events in Las Vegas, and so much more.

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