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Golden Knights Broke The Stanley Cup During Celebrations

(Photo Credit: @GoldenKnights on Twitter)

Some guys things just can’t handle Vegas.

One that I can probably say now, the Cup did break. It’s been all fixed and everything’s fine. Small break. That part you are kind of like, ‘holy shit, is this supposed to happen, does this happen to everyone?’ –Bruce Cassidy on What Chaos Show

Cassidy didn’t go into too much detail about exactly what happened that caused the Stanley Cup to break, but he can rest assured the Golden Knights are not the only team to have damaged hockey’s holy grail.

It’s been dropped when being carried to the team picture on the ice, has fallen off multiple tables, and was burned in a bonfire. And that’s just a few of the many examples.

I know I’m probably in trouble with the NHL but everything’s good, it’s fine. If you’ve ever seen the Cup up close it is dented all over the place and it truly is (the Cup) it’s not some replica cause it’s got some marks on it. –Cassidy on What Chaos Show

Cassidy’s interview on the What Chaos Show is a must-listen for all VGK fans. They go into all sorts of topics including Eichel’s Selke campaign, how much the Bruins being good last year ate at him, and even the slip-up he had to apologize to the Arizona Coyotes about last year.

His explanation of when winning the Cup starts to feel real is a gem too…

The on-ice sets in right away. You’re looking up and the families are coming down, all the families are on the ice, the Cup is in your hands, it’s over your head, there couldn’t be more joy and love in the air. We won it at home, 18 thousand 500 people are still in the building. Then you get away from that and then the parade comes and you are like ‘jeez, we won this thing let’s go celebrate.’ Then you go home and have your Cup day and it sets in again a month later and you say ‘my name in on this thing, right there, it’s all I’ve ever wanted.’ And reality hits again. So it goes in phases. –Cassidy on What Chaos Show

As much as it means to us, it’s always great to get a reminder that it means just as much to them too.

Stanley Cup Headed To West Point

When The Creator made his declaration that the Golden Knights would win the Cup in Six, one of the promises he made was to bring the Stanley Cup to a place he’s called home for a long time, Whitefish, Montana.

It took a while to make it happen, but last week the Keepers of the Cup hopped aboard a chair lift with the Cup in tow and fulfilled another Foley prophecy.

He has one more on the bucket list before his team has to return to the Cup to the NHL though, and it’s one that’s near and dear to his heart.

It’s going to West Point. –The Creator to Hockey News

View from the poop deck. (Photo Credit: @WestPoint_USMA on Twitter)

Every aspect of the Golden Knights has been littered with military motifs, so it only seems right to bring the ultimate prize to the place that inspired so much of what VGK have become.

Ever the military man, The Creator has that visit meticulously planned.

The team is going up on the 24th of January for a day. We’ve got the Stanley Cup for that day and we’re going to take it up to the top of the poop deck and I hope to go up there with Mark Stone and hold the Cup up. They’ll go crazy for it. –The Creator to Hockey News

The team has a back-to-back with the Devils and Islanders the two days before and then have a pair of days off before another back-to-back with the Rangers and Red Wings. In between, they’ll embark on what will likely become one of the most memorable experiences since winning the Cup itself.

Can’t wait to see those photos.

**The quotes for this story came from an extended interview on The Graeme Roustan Show on The Hockey News. It’s an excellent listen for any VGK fan.**

Stanley Cup Visit Completes Dying Wish Of Golden Knights Fan

On June 10th, 2021, the Golden Knights dispatched the Colorado Avalanche in a thrilling 6-3 victory that sent Vegas on to the Western Conference Final for the third time in four years. One of the 18,149 people at T-Mobile Arena that night was Michael Bronowitz, a devoted Golden Knights fan who celebrated his 51st birthday at one of his favorite places on the planet.

Michael, who moved to Las Vegas in 2011, grew up a New York Rangers fan and promised he’d bleed blue forever. His first Golden Knights jersey was #24, Oscar Lindberg, the expansion draft pick from the Rangers, because he wanted to represent both teams.

But like many, the Golden Knights sucked him in and wouldn’t let him go. The magic of the inaugural season captivated Michael like it did most of Las Vegas and he became as ardent a supporter of the team as you could find. Michael was a mainstay in Section 18 of T-Mobile Arena, constantly chatting up anyone he could to talk about their shared love for the Golden Knights.

Three days after he watched his favorite team advance, Bronowitz tested positive for COVID-19. He passed away a few days later.

One of the final things Michael said to his wife Connie was “If anything should happen to me, and the Golden Knights win the Cup, you have to bring it to my grave.” Like any loving spouse, Connie took that to heart, and when the Golden Knights hoisted Lord Stanley almost two years to the date later, she knew it was her time to fulfill one of Michael’s final wishes.

That’s not exactly the easiest task to complete though. The 130-year-old trophy is one of the most in-demand items on the face of the planet. To make it happen, someone would have to take away a chunk of their precious little time with the Cup to bring it to Bunker Memorial Gardens Cemetary in the northern part of Las Vegas.

Enter Vegas Golden Knights president Kerry Bubolz. On September 8th, as part of his day with the Cup that included a trip to UMC Hospital and the Henderson Police Department, Bubolz personally delivered the Cup to Michael’s grave.

The Golden Knights’ iconic John Wick Mode entry music blared from a speaker as Bubolz carried the Cup through the cemetery. He set it down at the head of Michael’s grave and a photo of Michael in his favorite Golden Knights hat was placed inside the bowl of the Cup.

Because of the restrictions at the hospital, I was unable to see Michael in his final days. Those were some of the last words he ever spoke to me. I took them very seriously, and to be able to grant him this wish is one of the proudest moments of my life. -Connie Bronowitz

Michael’s was not the only grave the Cup visited on Bubolz’s day either. He also brought it to that of legendary Las Vegas figure and Golden Knights superfan Kenny Lee who passed in a car crash in November 2022.

This is what sports are all about. The bond that has been created between the Golden Knights and the city of Las Vegas is undeniable.

Michael Bronowitz and Kenny Lee are now champions.

Kerry Bubolz is a champion.

The Golden Knights are champions.

Assistant Coach John Stevens Details What A Team Needs To Win The Stanley Cup

Golden Knights assistant coach John Stevens knows what it takes to win in the NHL. As an assistant coach with the Los Angeles Kings, Stevens was the architect of one of the best defensive units in the league leading the Kings to a pair of Stanley Cup titles in 2012 and 2014. When he came to Las Vegas, he stood behind the Golden Knights bench and oversaw a defensive unit that dominated night in and night out on their way to the promised land again.

Stevens recently sat down with hockey author, podcaster, and skills coach Anthony Donskov to chat about Vegas’ run to the Cup. The brother of former Golden Knights assistant Misha Donskov dove deep into many of Stevens’ philosophies in an excellent interview well worth a listen from start to finish.

Donskov asked Stevens what are the tangible assets a team must have to win. Stevens gave him a three-pronged answer.

You have to start with personnel. The teams that I’ve won with both in the American League and the National League it seems that the consistent thing with those teams is being really good down the middle of the ice with centermen and really good on the back end. –John Stevens on The HPH Podcast with Anthony Donskov

Jack Eichel, William Karlsson, Chandler Stevenson, and Nic Roy. Yeah, the Golden Knights were pretty darn good down the center. On the back end, they had the best unit in the NHL. Check and Check.

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VGK Took Even-Strength Dominance To The Next Level In Playoffs

(Photo Credit: @_jkarsh on Instagram)

The Golden Knights are Stanley Cup champions. I probably don’t need to keep telling you that, but, I’m going to anyway.

A few days ago I was having a conversation with a friend about how incredible the run to the Cup was. How great they played, how healthy they stayed, and how they wound up proving they were unequivocally the best team in the world this season.

During said conversation, because I am quite the nerd and get obsessed with things, I found myself pulling up a whole bunch of even-strength specific stats from the 22 games and found myself in awe of so many of them. So much so that I decided to turn it into this article.

Without further ado, here are a bunch of crazy stats and facts on just how insanely good the Golden Knights were at even strength on route to winning the Stanley Cup.

The Golden Knights outscored their opponents in the playoffs at even-strength 71-38. That means 65% of the goals scored at even strength in VGK games were by the Golden Knights. The Boston Bruins, who went 65-12-5 en route to the best regular season in the history of the NHL managed to boast 64% of even-strength goals, 1% less than the Golden Knights in the playoffs.

Vegas scored 66 goals at 5-on-5 in the playoffs. That’s the most by any team since the NHL began recording goals by strength in 2010. The next closest to VGK’s 66 is Los Angeles with 60, and they needed 26 games to do so, Vegas played just 22.

The Golden Knights finished the playoffs with an even-strength shooting percentage of 12.86%. That was the best in the NHL this season by nearly three percentage points and also the best since this stat has been recorded.

Even more insane was VGK’s high-danger shooting percentage. According to, the Golden Knights’ high-danger shooting percentage was 27.98%, or basically 28%. To put that in perspective, the Edmonton Oilers’ record-breaking power play operated with a high-danger shooting percentage of just 26%. And that’s with an extra player on the ice!

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Stanley Cup Champs: One Month Anniversary

The Golden Knights are Stanley Cup Champions.

Yep, that actually happened. Even a month later it still barely feels real.

To make it feel more real, here’s a video of every goal from the entire run!


Follow The 2023 Stanley Cup Tour

(Photo Credit: @GoldenKnights on Twitter)

This Summer will be unlike any other for the Golden Knights as each member of the team gets to spend a day with the Stanley Cup. It’s a wonderful tradition that brings joy to thousands of people around the globe.

The tour began Saturday in Amos, Quebec, the hometown of Nic Roy, and will continue for the next two months. We’ve set up a page dedicated to the tour and will be updating it every day of the summer with the latest photos and videos.

We’ve pinned the page to the navigation panel across the top of the site and it’ll be available on the sidebar (found at the bottom of the site on mobile). Or, you can bookmark the 2023 Vegas Golden Knights Stanley Cup Tour page for daily updates.

One of the coolest traditions in sports takes place after a team hoists the Stanley Cup. Unlike most professional sports trophies that sit in the team office, the Stanley Cup goes on tour, making stops in the hometown of every player, coach, and executive that helped win it.


Nic Roy – July 8th
Location: Amos, Quebec

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