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Unused Logo Considerations Shown In Behind The Vegas Ice

It took five months from the moment Vegas was awarded a team to the day they became the Golden Knights. During that time we would get periodical updates from The Creator on what he, Adidas, and the league were woking on.

Behind The Vegas Ice Episode 2 (watch the episode here) gave us a look at exactly what he was talking about with a quick shot of a wall of options that were considered.

Still image from Behind The Vegas Ice, Episode 2. Aired by Cox Communications, Produced by Levy Productions. In conjunction with Vegas Golden Knights.

There was also another shot of a wall of photos just like this with the Vegas Sign highlighted and a sticky note with the word “local elements” on it.

We have no idea how far along in the process this was, but I have to say, the logo they eventually went with blows everything on that board out of the water.

If you look on the far right hand side of the image you see an early version of the Sword Star logo I personally believe turned out to be one of the best in all of professional sports. The final logo changed a bit, but that one really perked my ears up because it looked like something I thought I had seen before. Check this out…

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Same Team Email May Have Leaked Logo Outline Too

Remember that email that got us all jazzed up about the color scheme? (If not, that’s what blue text is for. Click them, it makes this site better believe me) Well that very same email may have also had another little nugget hiding in the header.

Superstar graphic designer Sparky Chewbarky, you may remember him from such designs as the Las Vegas Black Knights, Las Vegas Silver Knights, the Seattle Kraken, and the Halifax Highlanders, recognized something many others pointed out.

It appears at the very top of that same email, which is pictured below, that there’s an outline of the letter V. I’ll stop talking and just let Sparky do his magic.

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