If you read Hockey blogs (like this one, or this one, or even this one, or click this one so we get another hit), then you know already NHL players love Las Vegas.

Recently, Superstar Defenseman Erik Karlsson took to social media to show off his one of a kind spiked Christian Loubotins bought on The Strip.

Players love to travel and party in town during the NHL Awards week. Ducks Captain Ryan Getzlaf even took his wife and three kids and admitted he couldn’t wait to take the family on the High Roller. In fact, some NHL Players love Vegas too much… Ahem, Jarret Stoll.

With no income tax, nice weather and plenty to do, Las Vegas is perceived as a great place to lace up. What would you do if your only options were Las Vegas, Calgary or Columbus?

Some interesting names will be available via free agency in 2017. Some names are franchise players, but would they risk their career on a new franchise? And will The Creator go for a splash, or be content to build a team on smart money contracts and young talent?

Most of these questions can’t possibly be answered for another two seasons but for now let’s enjoy a fun game I’ll be playing once in while called; Fantasy Free Agency.

Behind door number 1!!!

Victor Hedman– TB Def: UFA 2017

Hedman is a monster 6’6 defenseman from Sweden who in no doubt is a franchise blueliner. The 24-year-old will have a hard time making it to free agency only assuming Tampa will try and lock him down before he hits his last year. If the Las Vegas franchise were to bid for Hedman, they would have to be willing to pay $9-10 million a year and for multiple years. (Keep in mind P.K. Subban and Shea Webers contracts were 8 and 14 years respectively.)

Like I said this is Fantasy Free Agency, and that’s why I opened up with Victor Hedman. He’s almost guaranteed to get a long extension and signing bonus from the Lightning.

But if some reason the Bolts let Hedman the Great go to free agency, look out. This will be a bidding frenzy and whatever team that’s lucky enough to sign him will have a strong blue line for years.

Hey, Victor,  how’s this look?