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Last Chance To Buy Full Season Tickets; Team Sets Friday 5PM Deadline

Still thinking about buying season tickets to the Golden Knights inaugural campaign? Well consider your feet officially to the fire.

Vegas Golden Knights Chairman and CEO Bill Foley announced that the last day for fans to secure 2017-18 full season ticket memberships to Golden Knights home games will be Friday, April 7 at 5:00 p.m. PT. -Press Release

You’ve had 26 months (ticket drive launched on 2/10/15) to make up your mind, and now The Creator has give the definitive s**t or get off the pot. No more procrastinating allowed.

This is rather significant news in that there’s still two months before the Golden Knights fill their roster, and six months before they hit the ice, and yet they are capping season ticket sales. Ending season ticket sales means the remaining seats will be allotted for single game and group tickets, a number that was described to us as “already very manageable.” That number only gets smaller as each dilly-dallier comes in before Friday’s deadline.

Quite the feat when you consider the fact that the Predators, who entered the league in 1998, recently announced they sold out all 41 home games for the first time in franchise history this season. Today’s announcement ensures the Golden Knights should hit that mark in year one without any issue.

The response from the local population here in Las Vegas to our team really has been incredible. The fact that we have reached our full season ticket membership limit months before our expansion draft certainly illustrates that. -The Creator in Press Release

Fans will still be able to purchase split season (11 or 22 game) packages after the deadline and single game seats will go on sale sometime in the Summer. They have also created a wait list that will begin on Friday aptly named the “Can’t Wait Priority List.” For all the people that, you know, couldn’t wait to make up their mind over the last 26 months and now suddenly can’t wait to get their hands on season tickets.

Don’t be one of those people. If you want season tickets, just effing buy them already… or at least do it by 5PM on Friday. Otherwise, you are out of luck, and more importantly, reserves the right to make fun of you mercilessly.


The team also sent out this sweet image in an email to those on their newsletter. That font is really starting to grow on me (hint hint #VivaVGK). Podcast #40: Todd Pollock

**We apologize for the audio issues. Still working out the kinks in the new studio.**

VP of Ticketing Todd Pollock joins the show to talk about the season ticket seat selection process as well as single game seats, standing room, and much more. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Todd showed us the website season ticket holders will use to select their seats. It’s incredibly nice.
  • Ken offers up the perfect name for the mascot.
  • Personal code of conduct at the games.
  • Resale of tickets for both season ticket holders and for individual seat buyers.
  • Parking around the arena.
  • The impact of the Raiders on ticketing both now and in the future.

And much more…

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Seat Selection Guide Released On Team Site

We’re almost there season ticket holders, the seat selection process is right around the corner and the email sending out exact dates and times for each account should be there shortly.

The team recently released a 32-page Seat Selection Guide which can be found here. Since I’m assuming the rest of you have lives, let me sum up the main pieces of info in the guide.

  • Grid showing the benefits of each ticket level (VIP Glass Seats, Center Ice Club, Standard Season Tickets, Partial Season Tickers)
  • Further broken down price guide including 16 sections rather than the original P1-P6 sections.
  • There are three payment plans to pay for the seats. Lump sum, 50/50, and a 9-month interest free payment plan.
  • 20% of the total ticket price will be due at time of seat selection.
  • Initial despots will be used toward the final payment of the final year of the selected term-length. In other words, Payment #12 of 12, #36 of 36, or #60 of 60 or #120 of 120.
  • Seating priority is based on
    • Term length (10 years, 5 years, 3 years, 1 year)
    • Date/time of purchase
    • Number of seats

Got it? Good.

One thing that was not in the guide but has been confirmed to me is that all tickets will be offered electronically, however there are plans to offer some sort of commemorative ticket for the inaugural season. Whether it’s a one time thing or a true ticket book like the old days remains to be seen, but whatever they wind up doing, that’s going to be one of the sweetest keepsakes ever.

Todd Pollock, the VP of Ticketing and Suites is scheduled to come on the podcast within the next week or so to give us much more information on the actual seat selection process. If you have anything you want us to ask, post it down in the comments section and we will make sure it gets answered.

Season Ticket Deposit Update; “We’re Basically Sold Out”

We’re still 16 months away from the first major professional hockey game in Las Vegas, but that hasn’t stopped residents from plopping down money to guarantee their seats.

After the T-Mobile Arena open house, in which more than 5,000 fans came through the building on Monday and Tuesday, The Creator updated the total number of ticket deposits the team has sold.

We’re over 15.5k deposits including suites. We’re basically sold out. -The Creator still has a “very limited” number of seats available in P2 and P3, the lower ends and lower corners.

The building holds 17,500 before standing room. With 15,500 deposits sold, another 1,500 or so held back for group sales and individual tickets, and the amount the NHL requests for players, teams, and the like, there’s likely less than 200 total deposits still available for a guaranteed seat.

And they said we aren’t a hockey market.

T-Mobile Open House Details; Ice, Boards, Team Reps All To Be On Site

For all of you who haven’t been to T-Mobile Arena yet, here’s your chance, and for free. MGM/AEG is opening the doors for an open house on Monday and Tuesday from 10AM-9PM on August 1st and 4PM-9PM on August 2nd.

The reason behind the open house is to give fans an opportunity to see T-Mobile Arena with a full hockey configuration. By that I mean boards, penalty boxes, benches, nets, and most importantly, a full sheet of fresh ice.

It’s a walk-through for Frozen Fury coming up in a just over a month and anyone and everyone who wants to come has a chance to take a look. An email (which is at the bottom of this post) was sent out to NHL season ticket holders, but the arena has made it clear the open house is not just open for those with deposits, it’s open to everybody all 16 hours. No registration required.

Also, Murray Craven, Todd Pollock, and other team representatives will be on hand to take questions and talk hockey with fans.

This is a pretty cool (literally) opportunity to see what the arena is going to look like come October 2017 when we finally drop the puck for real. Also, for season ticket holders, this is a great chance to take a look at potential seats so you can be prepared when seat selection begins.

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