Thus far the Las Vegas organization has announced a total of ten scouts as well as two directors of scouting in Scott Luce (amateur scouting) and Vojtech Kucera (European scouting).

In the Pacific Division scouting staffs range from 12 members¬†which is present is Anaheim, Los Angeles, and San Jose to Vancouver’s massive 19 man scouting staff.

We can expect Las Vegas to add at least two more professional scouts as they have the gargantuan task of scouting the entire NHL in 2016-17 to prepare for the Expansion Draft in June. The amateur staff sits at six with the European staff at two.

My guess would be that George McPhee will add three or four more scouts before all is said and done. So, in an effort to guess where these scouts may be found, I tried to take a look at where each current scout is expected to be stationed.


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