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Golden Knights Return To Play Roundup

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)


  • The Golden Knights will play their round-robin games on August 3rd (DAL), 6th (STL), and 8th (COL).
  • Game times have not been announced.
  • The daily schedule calls for Western Conference games at 11:00 am, 3:30 pm, and 7:30 pm.
  • Exhibition games are slated to begin on July 25th.
  • All Golden Knights games will be played at Rogers Place in Edmonton.

TV/Radio Info

  • The round-robin is expected to air on AT&T Sportsnet in Las Vegas.
  • All VGK games will be on the radio on FOX Sports 98.9 FM.
  • The one exhibition game will be broadcasted on TV, but there are no details on which channel yet.

Jack Dugan

  • Dugan is NOT eligible to play in the playoffs this season.
  • He can sign a contract and “burn” the first year of his entry-level deal. That contract would have to be signed between Monday (July 13th) at 9:00 am and Wednesday (July 15th) at 2:00 pm.
  • For more info on that decision, read this.


  • Players must decide if they are going to opt-out of playing by Monday.
  • At this time the Golden Knights have not had any players express a willingness to opt-out.


  • The Golden Knights roster may have as many as 31 players including no more than 28 skaters.
  • A roster announcement deadline has not been set.


  • The 2020 Entry Draft is tentatively scheduled for October 6th.
  • The Golden Knights draft selection will be determined by where they finish in the playoffs. Their first pick can be anywhere from 20-31.
  • The NHL declared that all teams playing in the Return to Play qualifying round are considered to have made the playoffs, thus, the Golden Knights receive Winnipeg’s 3rd round pick in 2021 from the Cody Eakin trade.

Salary Cap

  • The playoffs will not have any salary cap, so all VGK players will be available.
  • The salary cap for the 2020-21 season will be $81.5M, identical to the 2019-20 season.


  • Neither Eric Furlatt nor Dan O’Halloran will be assigned to any Golden Knights games through the second round.

Other Sports Seeing Players Opt Out, Will Hockey Too?

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

When it comes to Coronavirus, people’s opinions are like fingerprints. Everyone has them, but no two are the same.

For some, they act like the virus doesn’t exist, carrying on about their everyday life without a care in the world (for themselves or others). While others treat it like contracting the virus means certain death for all. Most fall somewhere in between but everyone’s opinion shapes their decision making and due to the lack of hard facts available, it’s impossible to truly challenge anyone’s actions.

With the NHL set to unveil their plans for Phase 3 and 4 of the return to play plan, we’re going to have to brace for the range of opinions, and actions, that will come with it from players.

Since the announcement of the playoff format and the opening of voluntary training camps as Phase 2, hockey is been the quietest sport regarding those challenging the sport’s return.

In the NBA and WNBA, it feels like every day another player announces he or she is dropping out and will not head to the bubble. MLB finally came to an agreement on how their season will resume and with it has come a rash of their players saying they’re out. Golf, tennis, and soccer have all seen it to a degree too. The NHL may very well be next.

Hockey has a much different culture than most other North American sports. It’s very team-oriented and players will go to great lengths to keep the spotlight off themselves.

I haven’t heard anything (about players opting out) and I’ve been on a couple calls and that hasn’t really been a thing. I think there’s a lot of discussion about what would happen. Obviously there are health risks for sure so it’s something you’ve got to be careful with and I think the NHL, especially our staff, has done an outstanding job of following the protocols and making sure everyone’s safe. -Brayden McNabb

However, the virus has a powerful impact on the actions of athletes, especially when it comes to their families.

The NHL’s concept is still in an abstract form with the idea of “hub cities” hosting the games. Once the league confirms specific details about living accommodations, testing protocols, family involvement, and everything else that goes along with creating a virus-free bubble, players may speak up and likely act upon those words as well.

Players opting out is just another unknown that comes with the NHL’s attempt to resume the 2019-20 season and award the Stanley Cup.

Hockey may or may not see it happen, but don’t be surprised if it does.

Reaves And Schmidt Share Gallant Story On Spittin’ Chiclets

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Last night two of the Golden Knights biggest personalities joined Spittin’ Chiclets to sip some brew, talk some trash, and play a little NHL 20.

Schmidty has been nervous about this all week. -Reaves

As usual, Chiclets hosts Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette loosened up their guests and the video chat turned to trash talk, inside jokes and small nuggets of information. The combination podcast/game-watch was close to an hour, and for a guy who doesn’t enjoy watching others play video games, it was very entertaining. Plus, there was one hilarious story involving former Golden Knights head coach Gerard Gallant.

The two teammates were asked about getting back to work, and if the team has gotten together at all during the pandemic. Reaves mentioned the entire team was in Las Vegas but they haven’t been able to see one another.

Yeah we’re all here, but no you can’t. Yeah but everything is opening up now. I don’t know what’s going to happen.-Reaves

While we assumed most, if not all of the Golden Knights stayed in Las Vegas, Reaves confirmed it. With players from all over the world, you have to wonder if the organization pleaded with the players to stay in town during the coronavirus lockdown or left it up to them. Either way, it makes it easier for the team to fully unite than if they had to wait for other teammates to self-quarantine.

Las Vegas as a potential NHL hub city came up in conversation, and it sure seems like the players know they won’t be getting any advantages.

I was thinking that would be quite a bit of an advantage for the Golden Knights considering they get to stay at home, but that’s not the case. -Paul Bissonnette

Yeah, we still have to go to the hotel and everything.-Reaves

And with no fans, yeah you’re pretty much in the same ballpark. Other than, would you then be able to see your family?-Bissonnette

No. I don’t think so. I think we’re in full lockdown.-Reaves

So it’s clear the Golden Knights have been told some directives regarding the league’s plan to return. With the concern of creating a disadvantage for the other teams, if Vegas is allowed to play in their home city, they really should be looking at it as if they’re on the road.

Schmidt even thinks this could be the toughest Stanley Cup to win for any team.

Don’t you think that if we start up again it’ll actually be even tougher because everyone’s healthy? -Schmidt

Schmidt’s theory has been floating around hockey media and it’s interesting to hear a player talk about how hard it’ll be to hoist the 2020 Stanley Cup.

Okay, okay enough burying the lead. Let’s get to the funniest moment of the entire webcast. Bissonnette and Whitney pushing Reaves to tell the story about the time he took a shot on net and lost the puck in the netting for a delay of game penalty.

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