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Practice Facility Construction Begins… Sort Of, City National Arena,

The dirt plot next to Downtown Summerlin is officially on it’s way to becoming a the new practice facility for the Las Vegas NHL franchise. Kinda.

At this moment the only thing that can be done is to move dirt, but hey, you’ve gotta start some where. Actual construction is still a few weeks away and a true groundbreaking ceremony is expected to be sometime in the next month or so.

As for what the facility will look like, we’ll still have to wait on that. (Those renderings floating around are maybe just a bit too similar to another place.)

Quite possibly the coolest part of the new building is the plan to have one of The Creator’s signature restaurants on the second floor overlooking the two sheets of ice down below. The menu at MacKenzie River Pizza looks delicious. I can already envision myself with some Buffalo Mack n’ Cheese and a Branding Iron pizza kicking back watching some hockey. Please give me free food. 

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Practice Facility Location Moved Yet Again

Once it was planned for Durango and the 215, then it moved northwest a bit to Far Hills and the 215, now, it appears the location of NHL practice facility for the brand new Las Vegas franchise has found it’s final home.

The team is finalizing a deal with The Howard Hughes Corp. to lease land on Pavilion Center Drive between Rosemary Park Drive and Summerlin Centre Road and hopes to break ground in September or early October on the 105,000-square foot facility. –Steve Carp, LVRJ

The location is directly next to Downtown Summerlin on the east side, the side further away from the highway. Here it is on the map.

The Creator still expects it to be up in time for the opening of the NHL season in 2017. It would be an impressive feat since the original timeline indicated it would take 18 months to build the facility and October 2017 is just more than 15 months away and they aren’t planning on breaking ground for another four months.

According to the RJ, the plans have not changed citing there will still be two sheets of ice. However, the previous location offered an expandable area which would allow for two more sheets as well. It’s yet to be seen if this location will have the ability to house a total of four sheets.

This location actually makes a bit more sense as it’s more in the thick of things in Summerlin rather than on the outskirts. I can already envision it, morning skate, Lazy Dog for lunch, couple hours shooting craps at Red Rock, then down to T-Mobile to watch some Vegas domination. Let’s do it!

After The Announcement, What’s Next?

We’ve been telling you for a while now, but it appears the time is nearly here for the league to finally make it officially official. Las Vegas is about to be awarded an NHL franchise… but, then what?

There is a lot that needs to be done between June 22nd and October 2017 when the Las Vegas Black Knights, Knights, Rat Pack, Aces, etc hit the ice for real. Here’s an outline of what will happen and a guess or two at when each may occur. (Note: My guesses are just that, guesses. Unless I say specifically otherwise, it’s speculation)

  • Organization installs President/General Manager
    • We’ve thrown a few names around, but there really can’t be anything concrete on who it will be until after the team is formally announced.
    • Expect the GM to be named very quickly after the team is awarded. Nothing hockey related can happen before this person is put in place, so I’d guess this could happen before June is over.
  • Ground breaking on Practice Facility
    • Far Hills and the 215 is still the planned location on the practice facility.
    • It will likely break ground within days of the announcement.
    • The facility is expected to take approximately 18 months to complete.

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LVWantsHockey Releases First Practice Facility Renderings

The practice facility planned for Far Hills and the 215 has a face for the first time ever. Here are the pictures from the official Twitter account of the team.

The facility was originally planned to sit on Clark County land on Durango near the 215, but a better deal popped up through the city and now the location in Summerlin will get the go ahead.

The Creator expects the facility to be fully operational in 18 months, so the team will be able to practice there about half-way through the inaugural season.

You may be asking, how are they building a practice facility without a team? We have some interesting background on that courtesy of The Creator himself. He asked Gary Bettman directly if they should get going with a practice facility and the league responded by saying, “it’s your risk capital.”

Reading in between the lines, any answer other than “no” essentially gives the go ahead, and that’s exactly what happened.

The facility is moving along the planning stages quickly, and will likely break ground moments after the announcement. But it still should be mentioned, if there’s no team, there’s no facility.

Dana’s Appearance On News 3 LV

I’m sure by this point everyone knows the only reason we created, maintain, and promote this site is so we can see our ugly faces on TV from time to time.

Well, it happened again last night!

Yup, Dana found himself standing in the middle of the desert (at the practice facility location) wearing a hockey jersey talking into a magic box that transports sound and video into our homes.

The ground we stand on is not a reflection of the passion for the sport. If that was the case we wouldn’t have baseball in Toronto. – Dana Lane


Want to see the whole video and the accompanying story? Good, I know just the place.

NOTE: Most, if not all, of this post is written with a heavy sarcastic undertone, but we seriously do really appreciate every opportunity we are afforded to promote the site and promote hockey in Las Vegas. Also, that quote from Dana is 100% true, and very intelligent, as much as I, Ken, don’t want to give him credit for it. So, thank you to News 3 and thank you to Gerard Ramalho.

New Location For Practice Facility, Creator Expects Announcement Within Month

Things are changing behind the scenes with the practice facility. In November we broke the news on the location of the facility, however, a city official has confirmed a new location which will allow the building to house four sheets of ice rather than just two.

The new location is just west of I-215 off Far Hills Road. The location is near Palo Verde High School in northwest Summerlin. Click this for a jpeg map. If you are on an iPhone or Mac, click this for the interactive map.

The land is currently owned by Howard Hughes who have agreed in principle to allow Clark County to purchase and improve upon the land.

Just as before, the facility will be owned and operated by Clark County, paid for out of the parks budget, and leased by the NHL team team for approximately one to two hours per day, offsetting almost all of the building’s cost to the county. The rest of the time it will be rented out for Las Vegas locals to use.

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Guest Post: Tying The Lessons Of Nashville To Las Vegas

One of our goals here at is to be the voice of the valley when it comes to the NHL. In trying to do so we often have the opportunity to interact with some incredible people (and excellent writers) who are equally as passionate about hockey in Las Vegas as we are. Therefore, we wanted to give you, our readers, the opportunity to let your voice be heard via guest posts to the site.

Our next guest post comes from Stephen J Sochor.

The NHL All-Star Game takes place this weekend, and with it, another chance to get some updates from the NHL’s commissioner himself about the status of the expansion process. With two special sessions undertaken by the Executive Committee regarding Las Vegas and Quebec this month, there should be enough of a foundation for Gary to share with the public. He will most likely echo what has already been written about. In case of the off-chance there is big news I reached out the Nashville Predator’s play-by-play announcer Pete Weber on how Nashville got its start to see if we can come to any conclusions.

Nashville was given a conditional franchise in June of 1997 along with Atlanta, Minnesota, and Columbus. The plan was to have Nashville, along with Atlanta, join in 1999, with Minnesota and Columbus jumping in for the 2000-01 season. According to Weber, however, Nashville lobbied the league to come in a year earlier than scheduled.

“At the time, the plan was for the Predators to join the NHL the same year that the then-Tennessee Oilers were set to move to Nashville themselves.” – Pete Weber

This move to jump the gun was spear-headed by then owner Craig Leipold, and the NHL would grant such a request if they could sell 12,000 season tickets by March of 1998. The early entry was granted and they were able to become the first professional franchise in Nashville without any competition.

“In hindsight, Nashville would have liked to have had joined with the Titans at the same time because that first year for the Titans was when they went to the Super Bowl and that generated a lot of [interest]. It ended up favoring Nashville obviously because they did not have to share [an expansion draft].”

As we stand with the NHL in regards to Vegas, we know there has been no formal recommendation made to move to a vote on expansion. It would be highly suspect that one would occur if there was not enough support for at least one team to be accepted. To round out the next handful of months, there feels as though there are a few chances to get this process completed. It is most likely that in order to have the expansion situation ironed out, there has to be a ton of work behind the scenes with the owners, the league, and the players association being conducted. Intertwined with such back-room talks has to be the input of Bill Foley, and it would be easy to see that given the practice arena is all but ready to go (such an undertaking does not happen on a hunch, and was not part of any multi-structure financing package since T-Mobile Arena stands on its own financially).

Could Foley quietly be leading a charge to entering into a Nashville-esque entry? It’s not probable, but the signs are all there – the least of which is the deafening silence coming from the Foley camp. It’s said throughout sports that whenever it is the quietest, that is when most of the work is being done…and it’s been awful quiet for an awfully long time.

Back to Mr. Weber who had an interesting tidbit as we drew our conversation to a close,

“I think it will work in Las Vegas. I’ve always said that whatever of the pro leagues gets to Vegas first would have success.”

He likened the situation of Las Vegas to Portland, where a singular pro franchise was able to draw an uninterrupted market for full control. The big item on the table would be television distribution where he added that it would be quite a feat to launch a regional sports network (RSN) in short order, and that most likely Vegas would need to piggy-back off of an established RSN such as Fox Sports’ Arizona or West (Los Angeles).

Stephen J Sochor

If you are interested in contributing a guest post to, please email us at 

Guest Post: They Have Hockey In Vegas?

One of our goals here at is to be the voice of the valley when it comes to the NHL. In trying to do so we often have the opportunity to interact with some incredible people (and excellent writers) who are equally as passionate about hockey in Las Vegas as we are. Therefore, we wanted to give you, our readers, the opportunity to let your voice be heard via guest posts to the site.

Our first guest post comes from Ryan Sutliffe. Enjoy.

I grew up playing hockey in Las Vegas and was continuously met with comments from people that live in traditional hockey markets like, “they have ice in Vegas” or “don’t you guys all live in hotels?”

It’s no secret that Vegas isn’t exactly a hockey hotbed, however the tide has started to change. I was fortunate enough to play junior and college hockey after high school, and the number of Vegas kids making it in hockey has continued to grow. Yes, there has only been one NHL player from Las Vegas (no not Adam Zucker, but Jason Zucker), but the possibility of future Vegas players making it to the “show” is possible. Hockey has continued to grow since my playing days at the two Vegas hockey rinks, with the addition of the Las Vegas Storm junior hockey team and the success of UNLV hockey. The city of lights is also home to multiple former pro players who have helped out with youth hockey over the years. These players will undoubtedly continue to look to make an impact with the addition of professional hockey.

A National Hockey League team would be ideal to the growth of hockey in the desert. You can look at California as a model for what could happen if the creator was able to deliver a team to Vegas. According to USA hockey, “youth hockey in California has grown by 29.3 percent in the last 10 years.” Truthfully some of the growth in California can be attributed to people jumping on the bandwagon of the Kings and Ducks, after both of their respective cup runs, but this information can only be seen as positive for people living here.

When the NHL expands to a new city, they set up a network of youth hockey “roots” if you will. Understandably so, the league wants to do everything in their power to ensure that the team stays. What better way than getting the youth involved with a team, especially considering professional sports have yet to call the valley home. Plans for a new area have been established to house a practice facility for the NHL, and would allow more ice for youth hockey programs. Additionally, with the introduction of a team more youth players would have the desire to get started in hockey (alas Jr. Black Knights or Jr. Rat Pack whatever your going with.) I have personally seen the establishment of youth hockey arenas with ties to NHL parent clubs in California and Dallas, Texas. Also, if you believe that professional athletes are role models for younger people, what better athlete to have representing our city.

There are challenges with bringing a team here, but in terms of youth hockey and community growth a NHL team makes a lot of sense.

Ryan Sutliffe

If you are interested in contributing a guest post to, please email us at 

UFC Headquarters Breaks Ground, NHL Team Expected To Share Portion Of Facility

Remember a little while back when we told you that the UFC was ready to break ground on a rehabilitation center and that The Creator had already struck a deal with Dana White and his team to allow hockey players to utilize the facility? Of course you don’t, and that’s why we have BLUE TEXT to help jog your memory.

Welcome back from reading our other awesome article. Well, that very facility has officially broken ground right here in Vegas just off the 215 west of Jones Blvd.

The facility, the use of which is offered free of charge to UFC athletes, measures over 30,000 square feet over two floors and will contain an Octagon, a boxing ring, mat space, an indoor sprint track, Olympic lifting platforms and a media center. There are also consultation and treatment rooms, a physiotherapy and rehabilitation gym, as well as performance technology and sports science areas. – Thomas Gervasi,

Obviously we aren’t sure of the financials involved, but we have been assured that hockey players will be afforded the luxury of using this state of the art facility.

Plus, the building will sit just a few minutes from the NHL practice facility on Durango and Warm Springs so transportation between the two will be simple.

Lorenzo Fertitta, UFC CEO, expects construction to conclude in 15 months, meaning the company aims to move from its current location near Palace Station in February or March 2017 – Case Keefer, Las Vegas Sun

Convient. Just in time to be up, running, and a little broken in before the puck drops here in October of 2017.

It may seem a bit strange that the UFC would be willing to partner with the Vegas NHL team as they could be seen as competing organizations. However, there’s one thing the two groups have in common, and that’s a love for Las Vegas. Both have a burning desire to prove that this is a first class city in every way, and they would both love to see each other succeed to validate that fact.

That place is going to be absolutely gorgeous, and I’m pumped to know that our soon-to-be heroes will be able to heal their boo-boos at such a fantastic place.

Exclusive: Las Vegas Practice Facility Location, Clark County Backing Creator’s Bid

While the NHL waits, The Creator is making deals in preparation for Las Vegas’ first ever major professional sports franchise.

In a conversation with a high ranking official with Clark County, has learned the exact location of the practice facility that will be built for the NHL franchise. The approximately $15 million building will be located on Durango in between Warm Springs and the 215.

According to our source, the deal is completely done and construction will begin within days of an expansion announcement.

The facility will be 100% funded by Clark County money coming out of their “parks” budget. The team will then rent the space for about two hours per day which will offset nearly the entire cost of the building to the county.

Outside of those two hours dedicated to the Las Vegas Rat Pack NHL team, the ice will be available for youth and adult hockey teams and leagues.

There will be two full sized sheets of ice and two locker rooms.

Construction is expected to take about 18 months. NHL training camps typically open about 4 weeks before the season. In the case of the 2017-18 season, that’s 22 months from today, or more importantly 20 months from the date of the NHL All Star Game which appears to be the next legitimate chance at an announcement.

We’ve also learned that The Creator’s team has struck a tentative agreement with the UFC to use their rehab center, which is being built near the Strip. Dana White confirmed in an interview with the facility broke ground in June and we expect an partnership announcement between the two organizations to come shortly after the team is awarded.

Finally, our source indicated that multiple members inside the Clark County Commission have personally reached out to Gary Bettman concerning the practice facility. Their goal was to show the NHL that it’s not only The Creator and AEG who are preparing for a team, but the county is also on board and ready to dump millions of dollars into hockey (and youth hockey) in the valley.

All of this is incredibly important information as it proves that while things appear to be static on the outside, there are in fact many deals going on behind the scenes in order for a team to be ready to hit the ice in 22 months.

Plus, this is likely just the tip of the iceberg.

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