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City National Arena/Practice Facility Update – August 2nd, 2017

City National Arena, the home of the Golden Knights practice rink and organizational offices is set to open later this month. Today, media were invited inside to take a look as the NHL rink begins the process of being flooded.

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Practice Facility To Be Named City National Arena

UPDATE: The Golden Knights made this official at 9:19 AM on Monday, July 24th.

We are thrilled to partner with City National Bank on this endeavor, as City National shares in our vision of growing the sport of hockey in Southern Nevada and has a strong commitment to the community. City National Arena will provide best-in-class amenities and programs for all skill levels and experience, regardless of age or gender. We look forward to officially opening our doors later this summer. –The Creator

ORIGINAL STORY (from 7/18/17) – We already knew the Vegas Golden Knights would be playing their home games at T-Mobile Arena, we now know the name of the $25 million building in Downtown Summerlin where they will be practicing. has learned the Golden Knights practice facility is set to be renamed City National Arena in the near future.

A post on social media appeared today confirming the new title sponsor.

City National is a bank with four locations in the valley. Their headquarters are in Los Angeles and are a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada.

City National Arena in Downtown Summerlin is set to open in late August and will be the home of the first Golden Knights training camp. There will be two full size sheets of ice, the entire Golden Knights staff offices, a workout center, and a second story restaurant overlooking the rinks.

The Golden Knights would not confirm the name.

Drone Footage Of Practice Facility

The Practice Facility in Downtown Summerlin is continuing it’s almost ridiculous pace and now appears as if it might actually be operational ahead of schedule.

Friend of the site and Las Vegas sports broadcasting legend Ron Futrell and his team at Avisight sent the drone up over the facility and came back with some pretty sweet images.

If you missed my exclusive (at the time) (now they seem to be letting all the other media folks in, another in the long line of people copying us months later and then saying on TV they were first, so then people actually think they were first, which they weren’t, obviously. Sorry. It bugs me.) tour of the practice facility, it’s here.

This is the first we’ve seen it with the final roofing structure beginning to take shape. The plan still is to have the place open, at least a portion of it, in mid August in time for the rookie training camp.

I’d expect it to be skate-able for the public in October or so, and the restaurant will likely be my go-to spot for pizza and Foley Pinot Noir in early 2017.

Practice Facility Tour Pictures

The Vegas Golden Knights Practice Facility in Downtown Summerlin just across from Red Rock Casino is set to open in the middle of August. Senior VP and facility project manager Murray Craven took me through the site on February 23rd. Here are all of the pictures.

First Floor Blueprint (click the images below to zoom in)


Second Floor Blueprint (click the images below to zoom in)

Finished product drawing

Team entrance, looking into players lounge

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Practice Facility Construction Pictures – January 31, 2016

The only enemy of the Golden Knights is time. They have 136 days to prepare for the Expansion Draft, 142 to the Entry Draft, and something like 250 days from Opening Night.

But there’s one clock that feels like it’s ticking just a bit faster than the rest. It’s the one in Downtown Summerlin where the practice facility, and the eventual home of just about everything but games, is being built in a hurry. The facility broke ground in October with a drop dead opening date of late August to be ready for the team’s first training camp.

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about the speed in which they planned to put up what’s going to be an absolutely gorgeous 120,000 square foot hockey wonderland. But after my trip out there yesterday, I’m convinced Murray Craven and his round the clock construction team will have this baby up in no time.

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Practice Facility Construction Pictures – December 20th, 2016

Had a chance to stop by the Practice Facility in Downtown Summerlin and was pleased to see the progress is coming along quite rapidly. From the pictures below you can see a few walls are up, a lot of the interior skeleton is in, and there are constructions workers all over the place.

The plan is still to have the facility operational by training camp of next season which is around late August. Construction crews are working double shifts to try and make it happen, and if you compare what it looks like now to what it did a month ago, envisioning the final product in eight months isn’t too difficult.

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Aerial Footage Of Practice Facility Construction

The practice facility set to become the new every day home of the Las Vegas franchise officially broke ground on October 5th and the expected completion date is sometime in August.

Located in Downtown Summerlin the facility will have all team offices, two full size sheets of ice, a team store, and a restaurant that overlooks the entire thing. Vegas Helicam has been documenting the progress of the facility using some sweet technology in which they fly a drone over the site and capture slow motion videos and high resolution pictures.

In the video below you can see the layout of the sheets of ice and you can really get a feel for the sheer magnitude of the facility. Pretty cool stuff.

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Team Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony For Practice Facility

There’s nothing we love more than a good photo op! And that’s exactly what we got at the official groundbreaking ceremony for the brand new NHL practice facility being built in Downtown Summerlin right across the street from the Red Rock Casino.

Look at the shovels! The smiles! The use of exclamation points in this article thus far!img_4047

Can you tell we hate these types of things yet?

Alright, enough sarcasm for one post, let’s go back over how amazing this practice facility is going to be for the Las Vegas community, cause that’s no joke. The building will house two full size sheets of ice which will be used in-season by the Something Knights for just a few hours during the day. The rest of the time the rinks will be open for community use.

It’ll also have a fully functional restaurant overlooking the ice where fans will have the opportunity to dine during practice. The facility will house the entire organizations offices and will serve as the team’s official home when they aren’t playing games at T-Mobile Arena.

Senior VP, Murray Craven, the guy in charge, says the project should take around 42 weeks with construction crews working day and night to assure it will get done by training camp in September of next year.

Ok, now some pictures! (And more exclamation points!)

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Practice Facility In Summerlin Breaking Ground Next Week

After finally shoring up all the legal mumbo jumbo, the NHL Practice Facility slated to be built in Downtown Summerlin East of Pavilion Center Drive and South of Griffith Peak Drive will break ground officially on October 5th.

There will be a ceremony, open to the public, at 1:30 PM and will be attended by The Creator, practice facility guru Murray Craven, Steve Sisolak and Susan Brager from Clark County, and Kevin Orrock from the Howard Hughes Corp.

If you decide to head out there next Wednesday, you can expect a few speeches, a nice little shovel in the ground photo op (my favorite), and some very generic speeches about the importance of the facility to the community. It’s gonna be electric.

Nonetheless, it’s great to see construction of this thing finally getting underway. Craven mentioned earlier that the process is expected to take about 42 weeks, which would put the estimated completion date in late July to early August. That would give them plenty of time to be ready for training camp next season.

This is of course, if there are no debilitating hiccups in the next 10 months. The facility is set to have two sheets of ice, offices for the entire staff, and a restaurant which will be open to the public. Knowing how The Creator does things, it’s going to be the best practice facility in the NHL the moment it opens, there’s no doubt about that.

So, we’ll see ya on October 5th, bring your shovels. (Don’t really bring shovels, you’ll look weird.)

Growing The Game Takes Rinks, And Lots Of Em

According to USA Hockey there are over 500,000 youth hockey players across the country. It’s a figure that’s never been bigger. In Nevada, there are just about 1,200 skaters, a figure that needs to be higher. The Northeast, Midwest, and Great Lakes lead the US with a total 300,000+ U18 players in those regions. The cost to play hockey is one of the largest issues, one USA Hockey has worked hard with youth leagues across the nation to bring the price down.

Unfortunately, Las Vegas doesn’t have the luxury of backyard rinks, or pond hockey. We’re left with only a few real rinks, or street hockey. Nevada will ultimately have to adapt and aid the hockey explosion that will happen.

In 1993 the Anaheim Ducks played their first NHL game. Wait, sorry the “Mighty” Ducks. Just like here, at the beginning, the doubters came out of the woodwork. In the early years the Ducks practice facility was built just for them. Over time it became a place for youth/adult games, and where NHL players connected with Orange County hockey fans. That one facility turned into seven beautiful ice surfaces known as The Rinks. The seven complexes are sponsored and designed by the Ducks organization. Anaheim also partnered with 11 other local rinks. Altogether, there are 28 rinks from LA to San Diego.

In 2008 the Ducks created the Anaheim Ducks High School League with one high school. Now, 48 schools compete in the ADHSHL. The wildly successful league even urged northern rival LA Kings to create a high school league of their own in 2015. The best part about both leagues, is the financial support they get from the Ducks and Kings. Making hockey affordable for Southern Californian families. Something that must to happen here if the game is to grow at the speed we would like it to.

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