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Tag: Peter Karmanos Podcast #18: Our Lunch And The New Timeline

We’ve got plenty of details directly pertaining to the expansion announcement. From our lunch with The Creator to the new expected date we’ll hear the good news to the Quebecor/Carolina saga. This one is chock full of real news. Hosted by Ken Boehlke.

  • The Creator offered up some pollen, we’re here to spread it.
  • As much as we can tell you about our super special lunch that we can’t stop talking about.
  • The new expansion timeline.
  • Quebecor turned down an offer of $500 million to purchase the Carolina Hurricanes.
  • Why the NHL cares more about Las Vegas than Quebec City or any other proposed expansion location.
  • Ken and Dana have a hard time conversing through text and Twitter.
  • Is Dana a jealous person?

And much more…

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Not Shopping Hurricanes To Vegas, Good News For Expansion

Logic has always been that Quebecor, the company behind the efforts to bring the National Hockey League back to Quebec, would be better off being the landing spot for a current franchise in need of a new home.

The league has no interest in leaving the Phoenix market no matter how many columns guaranteed the Coyotes were Vegas bound last Summer. They may move out of Glendale eventually but the moving vans are not headed to Vegas, they will probably head to downtown Phoenix where the team belongsThe Panthers are staying in Surprise, Florida until at least 2023 thanks to a Broward County $86 million financial package.

That brings us to the Carolina Hurricanes who are filling only 65% of the PNC Arena. The obvious reason is because the Hurricanes will once again not take part in the postseason…which doesn’t inspire the folks of Raleigh to attend… which sparks talk of relocation. To give this proper perspective the Columbus Blue Jackets are second from the bottom while filling only 77.7% of the Nationwide Arena.

Owner Peter Karmanos has talked about how stupid it would be to leave with ten years on their lease which really just runs through 2024. He receives 100% of all parking and concessions for all non-North Carolina State events and a discount on utilities.  The reality is that no matter how good of a deal Karmanos has he needs to either fill his arena or sell the team which he has been trying to do for some time.

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Canadian Rumor Mill Indicates Hurricanes Moving To Quebec, Announcement Coming April 7th

Remember that insurance plan we discussed earlier in the week? Yeah, the one in which we get denied an expansion team and end up with the Carolina Hurricanes relocating to Las Vegas. Well it looks like that may have to be thrown out the window as soon as this time next week.

According to multiple radio hosts in Quebec City, an April 7th press conference scheduled out in front of the Videotron Center (the new arena in Quebec) will bring the announcement that the Canes are moving to Quebec City to become the Nordiques.

Peter Karmanos as minority partner, would settle soon in Quebec and give rebirth to the Nordiques. –Carl Dombroski,

The reports were almost immediately denied by officials with Quebecor, the potential expansion ownership group. However, they really have no choice but do deny even if a deal is done.

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Hurricanes Offer Vegas Interesting Fallback Plan

It seems like we’ve all come to the conclusion the league will expand and Las Vegas will be the recipient of a shiny new NHL franchise, the league’s 31st. But, that Gary Bettman is a tricky little (mean word of your choice) and as long as there has been an announcement there’s always the chance he and the league pull the plug on The Creator.

Our favorite Wyshynski, Greg Wyshynski, laid out a pretty nice backup plan if indeed the expansion rug is indeed pulled out from under Las Vegas.

It would even out the conferences at 15 and 15. It would give Vegas a team that’s closer to contention than an expansion draft would provide. And it would potentially take a team that’s losing money with ownership looking to get out to a city where revenues could be more consistent and new ownership. It does make a little sense. -Greg Wyshynski, Puck Daddy

In fact, it would actually get The Creator a team at a discounted rate, and if you aren’t buying the loose expansion draft rumors, Las Vegas could actually get a team closer to contending quicker via this route.

I’ll still argue that an expansion team has a much better chance at succeeding in the long term in the valley, but if the options are the Hurricanes or no one, I’m pretty sure we’re all on the same page with that answer.

We seem to have come far enough that expansion seems like almost an inevitability, but it’s always great to have a fail safe, and Peter Karmanos and the dumpster fire he created in Carolina might just be the perfect safety net.

We should note late last night Deputy Commish Bill Daly said there’s “no chance” the Hurricanes move to Quebec. But, that’s pretty much what he has to say, so we aren’t reading too deeply into it.

Carolina Hurricanes Need To Move, But Not Here

I long for the days when I can just second guess The Creator’s General Manager or when I can play Head Coach and suggest line changes. That would be easy. Instead, we have been forced to play a year long game of charades where Las Vegas has been left to guess the body language of the NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, mostly because we know about as much after a Bettman press conference as we did before it started. Until Gary learns how to use his words we are left to speculate.

This brings me to latest rumblings that the Carolina Hurricanes are moving to Las Vegas in time for next season. The news is coming just days before the NHL’s Executive Committee are to meet at a not so “secret” meeting in New York. A meeting that Hurricane owner, Peter Karmanos, will attend. It’s not inconceivable that this could happen considering how many hurdles this wave of expansion presents over the last wave additions in 2000. Not inconceivable but about as likely the Arizona Coyotes making Southern Nevada home next season, another hot rumor that was just that.

Inevitably the Hurricanes move has to happen if things don’t change quickly, but why wouldn’t they move them to Quebec who financially needs a team who are closer to winning more than Las Vegas does. Our city is perfectly happy to go through the growing pains with our new team as long as we feel the goal of winning is the end game. Let’s be honest, we’d much rather create our own culture with our own team.

The Hurricanes will have to move and soon if they continue to fill only 61% of their building. Karmanos has already tried to sell off part of his team which no one wants anything to do with. That really tells you a lot about the state and perception of the organization. The Canes lost 1.3 million in the fiscal year ending last June. It’s easy to speculate that Karmanos would love the 17 million that an expansion team would bring to each NHL franchise, money the owners do not have to share with the players. With a debt to value ratio of only 53% it’s almost a necessity that Karmanos gets expansion money now and moves the team later.

I’ve seen nothing to change my mind that Las Vegas will get an expansion team and Quebec eventually gets the Hurricanes.

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