Former NHL player, Finnish GM, and top rated water-skier Peter Ahola has been brought on as a European Scout to work with Vojtech Kucera.



Ahola played in the NHL for three years with the Kings, Penguins, Sharks, and Flames from 1991-94. He was most recently the GM of the Espoo Blues in the Finnish Liiga. Prior to that Ahola served as a European scout with the Maple Leafs from 2004-2006.

I’d tell you more about his team’s successes or failures in Finland, but Google’s ability to translate Finnish into English is spotty at best. One translated sentence featured this, “osapäätös liittyy loppuselvitystä.” There are just so many letters with dots above them. Moving on.

Ahola is the seventh person with the word scout listed in their title. Erin Ginnell. Scott Luce, Bruno Campese, David Conte, Mike Levine, and Kucera.

By the way, it’s pronounced Ah-who-la. Sound smart when you are talking to people about him. Ah-who-la.