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GM For A Day: Jason’s 2021-22 Vegas Golden Knights

Welcome to GM For A Day, the second in a pair of articles in which the founders of take control of the Vegas Golden Knights and reshape the team in a way we each believe will bring the Stanley Cup to Las Vegas.

These articles are NOT meant to be taken as a prediction as to what we believe is going to happen this offseason. This is what we would do, not what we think the Golden Knights will do (that article is coming tomorrow).

Today, I (Jason) am on the hot seat. Let’s go.

Here we go…

*TRADE: Marc-Andre Fleury + 2022 3rd round pick to Toronto Maple Leafs for center Alex Kerfoot + 2022 2nd round pick and 2023 2nd round pick*

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

In a flat cap world, there’s no way I can continue to allocate $12M in goaltending. As general manager, I would entertain every inquiry coming in from opposing front offices. In the long run, the NHL is a cold, hard business and it wouldn’t be a secret that I’m looking to move a goaltender. I understand that it could hurt my negotiations but in the end I’m trying to move money and build some depth.

There are contending teams with issues in net and one that could use a steady tender like Fleury is the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs are loaded with talent but consistently underachieve in the playoffs. Adding a leader that just so happens to be the Vezina winner would be a big confidence boost for a franchise that hasn’t been to the Stanley Cup Finals since 1967.

To make it work I asked for center Alex Kerfoot ($3.5M x 2) to help my club down the middle. I considered asking for defenseman Morgan Reilly but he’s on an expiring contract with an AAV of $5M. At that rate, I would find a way to re-sign Alec Martinez. At a $3.5M AAV Kerfoot isn’t exactly cheap, but he’s only locked in for two more seasons. Personally, I don’t love the trade, but it was necessary. It gave me agita dealing Fleury over last season’s mismanagement. Finally fixing the roster to pay just one one starting goaltender allows for much-needed cap relief, a solid third line center and a future draft asset we can use as capital at the deadline.

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Looking Forward To Trade Deadline Targets

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

If you’ve listened to a Periscope or Podcast over the last month or so you’ve probably heard me reference VGK’s need to improve their bottom-six.

To this point, the Golden Knights have iced seven variations of 3rd and 4th lines and to this point the success has been limited, despite playing mostly poor competition.

LineTOIGGACorsi ForChance %
*All stats from

As you can see in the numbers, the 3rd line has had much more success than the 4th, but still not enough to feel like they can help carry Vegas to a Cup. Of the three different 4th line combos, the Golden Knights have allowed four goals while scoring just one. They’ve been out-shot and out-chanced significantly as well.

This is why rather than the Golden Knights attacking a high-priced superstar player at the deadline like they have in the past, I believe it would be in their best interest to add down the lineup and essentially rebuild the bottom-six.

We’re still a ways off from the deadline, which means more teams could find themselves as sellers come April 12th. However, I’ve started to compile a list of some of the players that may be good targets for Vegas to round out a roster that belongs in the Stanley Cup conversation.

Pavel Buchnevich
New York Rangers
Cap Hit: $3.25M (RFA at season’s end)

The Rangers are in a bit of a weird place. On one hand, they have declared they are rebuilding and even sent their fan base a letter stating such, while on the other they are going out and signing mega free agents like Artemi Panarin and extending guys like Chris Kreider and Jacob Trouba. Buchnevich has been a major part of the team for quite a while and is under RFA control at season’s end, but one has to wonder if they’d be willing to part ways for the right price.

In Panarin’s absence, Buchnevich has found himself shuffled around the lineup, even at one point playing on the Rangers’ 3rd line. The price would be significant, probably upwards of a 1st round pick, but the idea of placing him on the 3rd line next to Tuch and Glass is exciting. This would begin the process of moving players like Roy and Kolesar down the VGK lineup, bolstering both the 3rd and 4th lines.

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