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Golden Knights Players Explain Why They Are Dominant In Overtime

The 3-on-3 Golden Knights struck again on Sunday night winning their fifth game in overtime game of the season. They are undefeated in the 3-on-3 portion of overtime (lost in shootout to Toronto) and have an impressive 4-0 record in the extra frame at T-Mobile Arena.

It’s easier when there’s fewer of us. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Back when the Golden Knights were just 2-0 in OT, we pointed out individual defensive efforts, line changes, and pure scoring skill as the reasons why the Golden Knights were having success in overtime. Well, now that they’ve pushed the number to five out of five, we need to add a few more aspects of the game that are leading to this OT domination.

To do that, I asked just about every player and coach I could find the exact same question, “what are you guys doing in overtime that other teams are not?”

I think it’s puck possession. We are a really high puck possession team, guys like James Neal, Marchessault, guys like that who like to hold on to the puck, and we are also really good off the rush. We do 2-on-1’s a lot in practice so I guess that’s helpful. –Alex Tuch

We just play well defensively and limit their chances, and we get a chance we’ve got to move, and we do that we are successful. We have good offensive power and if we just take care of being above them, we’ll get rewarded. –Jonathan Marchessault

Usually, I don’t think we trade as many chances as we did tonight (vs. ARI). We try not to do that, but it seems like we are finding different ways to win every time in overtime. –Reilly Smith

I think we are smart. Things like that little play off the boards by Marchessault, he’s made plays like that that create odd-man rushes, same with Smith, Perry (Perron), and all those skill guys, we have forwards that do it all. We’re playing tight and trying to control the play, and honestly, I can’t say enough about the fans here. They give us so much energy and so much adrenaline that gives us an advantage over the other team. –Malcolm Subban

We got some good, skilled players and they’re quick players. I think when there’s open ice, we’re a pretty good team. It’s early, but so far we’ve been really good at it. -Gerard Gallant

Here’s are the skills/reasons we took out of all of that.

  • Puck possession
  • Scoring and defending 2-on-1’s
  • Skilled possession-minded forwards
  • Quick players that find open ice
  • Not trading chances
  • Home crowd

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“We’re Not Afraid To Lose In OT” – Golden Knights 3-0 Record Proves It

“In OT we just know that you have to take some risks to win the game, and that’s what we do.”  (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘playing with house money’ before.

Playing with house money refers to money that was given to you, easily obtained, or stumbled upon. In other words risking it as in a bet means you would have nothing to lose. -Urban Dictionary

At a surprising (6-1) record, and (3-0) in overtime, that’s exactly what the Golden Knights feel they are doing early in the season. The stress-free work environment of an expansion team with no expectations has players loose and taking risks to keep racking up W’s.

Yeah, obviously it’s a pressure thing. If you’re down one, you tend to pinch down more and go for those fifty-fifty pucks. You got to play smart but at the same time you can’t just back off. –Luca Sbisa

Sbisa’s role with the Golden Knights has grown into a top-line defenseman, on 5-on-5, 4-on-5 and 3-on-3. Gerard Gallant has deployed the Neal-Perron-Sbisa line to start each of the last two overtime periods, and Sbisa was on the ice for the OT goal against Buffalo. Is there a reason why the team is having early success in overtime?

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2-0 In 3-On-3; How and Why The Golden Knights Have Done Well

When it comes to the Golden Knights 5-1 start there’s really not much you can point at and say “well that makes sense,” but nothing’s been more surprising than the Golden Knights success in overtime thus far.

This 3-on-3 thing’s pretty easy. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

In six games the Golden Knights have been to overtime twice. They beat the Coyotes in Arizona in the second game of the year and then knocked off Buffalo Tuesday night late in the extra frame.

Normally, when it comes to three on three overtime, the team with the highest skilled skaters wins the day. The game in Arizona is debatable, but there’s no doubt the trio of Jack Eichel, Ryan O’Reilly, and Evander Kane out-skill anything Vegas can throw out there.

Yet, when it was all said and done, the Golden Knights were able to get the job done.

You look at our hockey team and people wonder if we are going to be as good in overtime because of the skill level, cause a lot of teams can put out some very talented players, but I think you look at our group, there’s guys with speed, guys with skill and that’s what’s impressive. I thought our guys have done a great job in overtime. They moved the puck and David Perron scored a beautiful goal. I just hope it keeps going. –Gerard Gallant

The two overtime periods were almost direct opposites of each other. In Arizona, the Coyotes controlled the puck for a majority of the period before a magical play by Perron opened the door for James Neal to get the goal. At home against Buffalo, the Golden Knights controlled the puck for most of the four minutes and finally scored on somewhat of a broken play.

The Golden Knights did do three things very well in both periods, which is ultimately why they found the game-winner in both.

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