(Photo Credit: Spittin’ Chiclets)

Yesterday, the boys at Spittin’ Chiclets released footage of their 19th edition of the Sandbagger Invitational from Granite Links golf course in Quincy, MA. The summer round of golf featured Vegas’ Jack Eichel and Calgary’s Noah Hanifin.

While the round of golf was recorded months ago, the fans got an exclusive look into a day at the course with the two current NHL’ers and SC stars Paul Bissonette, Ryan Whitney, and Rear Admiral. It’s incredibly entertaining but make sure to keep the kiddos away, there were more f-bombs on the course than a two-hour SinBin podcast.

From the first tee box, Eichel and Hanifin were struggling to keep up. The Chiclets pair took a two-hole lead after Eichel missed a crucial five-foot putt. It was around then that nips of Pink Whitney were passed around to all four golfers.

The greens are a little faster than I thought, huh? We’re at a public track. I didn’t know we were playing Augusta. – Jack Eichel

It wasn’t until the fourth hole that the tournament began to tighten, and it all began with a superb tee shot by the Golden Knights’ alternate captain.

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