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Watch The Actual NHL Lottery

The first NHL Draft Lottery including the Vegas Golden Knights went as poorly as possible for the NHL’s newest team.

The video below is the actual footage of the Lottery from the war room in Toronto where it went down. The league did once again use the 14 ball system yielding 1000 possible outcomes. Remember, the Golden Knights were assigned 103 of those 1000 possible combinations and none of them were selected in the three lotteries.

Bettman gives an extended explanation of how Vegas is integrated into the lottery. Still kind of surreal to hear him referencing Vegas as a part of the league and not dancing around it like he’s done for the past three years or so.

We have yet to locate the “random number look up chart” as referenced in the video. In 2015 and 2016 they released it so it should come out eventually. When we find it, we’ll post it. Apparently the Golden Knights were one number off of winning the 3rd pick. Hopefully we get to see the chart to see how close they were to first and second as well.

So, enjoy 14 minutes of lottery madness. Hopefully the next time Vegas is involved it doesn’t go this poorly.

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**If you watch this video and still think the lottery is rigged, you need to go get your head checked.**

McPhee’s Lottery Luck

This Saturday the Golden Knights will have a 10.3% chance to win the NHL Draft Lottery and be awarded the first selection in June’s Entry Draft. It’s the first time Vegas will participate in an NHL “competition” against the Original 30, and while we have no clue what kind luck the new franchise will have, we can only hope GM George McPhee’s luck carries over.

McPhee has been a general manger in the NHL for 17 years, six of which is Capitals missed the playoffs and were in the lottery.

YearFinish (to last)Lottery OddsPick NumberDraft Selection
19995th8.1%*7thKris Beech
200212th0%12thSteve Eminger
20043rd14.2%1stAlex Ovechkin
20064th10.7%4thNicklas Backstrom
20074th10.7%5thKarl Alzner
201414th0.5%13thJakub Vrana

*In 1999 the Thrashers joined the league. The Internet struggled back then, so finding exact odds was tough. If anyone finds them, let me know

Hopefully McPhee is partying like it’s 2004. With just a few percentage points more than the Golden Knights will have this year, McPhee hit the lottery and jumped up to get Ovi. 

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